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  1. Lol I posted the same question before my surgery. I never ended up quitting. I had a smoke at 7 am the day of surgery and on the car ride home. I wasn't strong enough to quit and the dead line only made it worse. I was however honest with the Drs on the day and according to my gp I healed super quick. I'm not promoting smoking as I'm sure it's best not to, just telling u my experience.
  2. I never said he did. I was saying moving the jaw forward wouldn't necessarily ruin his bite as they angle it.
  3. I think caterpillars right. It looks to be more of a jaw thing. I don't have an overbite but my bottom jaw needs to be brought forward to correct my open bite. So it dosent create an underbite, wedge shape pieces will be cut out of the jaw from each side. This will also bring my chin forward and improve my profile but because I have an extremely small chin I also need an implant. U have a good size chin and I don't think an implant will give you the profile your after. Either way a consult with a surgeon would help you decide.
  4. Zara111


    Yea I like the sound of that a lot better. I was never really comfortable with having an implant in my face but I had never herd of sliding genioplasty until you mentioned it. Thanks, I will defiantly have to look into it.
  5. Zara111


    Hi caterpillar, My surgeon said I'll need to get an implant put in my chin at the same time as I also have a really small (almost non existant) chin. I don't really like the idea but I have a shocking profile. Maybe worth looking into sliding genioplasty instead? The long slow process starts next week with getting my wisdom teeth taken out before they put the braces on. OUCH!
  6. I can feel the incisions stretching 6 months post op with pull ups but everything else has been fine since 6 weeks. Listen to ur body and stop when it dosent feel right.
  7. Zara111


    I'm having double jaw surgery next year to correct an open bite and it's not costing me anything. Have you considered the public waiting list? That's what I'm doing. My surgeon won't be doing the actual operation but he will be there overlooking it. Cheaper than going overseas. I also need braces and every orthodontist that I have been to so far (trying to find one that can fix it without an operation) have offered payment plans.
  8. Thank yous so much for all your input. I'm going to try all the things mentioned above. It's heartbreaking to see an otherwise happy and outgoing little girl so terrified in her own home. Vlinder, she is right handed. Does this make a difference?
  9. I know this is really off topic but I don't know where else to get help. Everyone in my world is very close minded and I feel all you girls are very realistic. So my daughter who is now 9 years old has just disclosed to me that she constantly feels as though there is someone standing behind her in our house and it really scares her. She also hears footsteps at night along with cracking of ankles that goes with it. She's a very smart and mature girl but all my kids are really sensitive so it doesn't really surprise me that she may be "open" to sensing things around her. The thing is I've felt the exact same way since I was about 12 (the feeling not the footsteps). She came to me tonight in scared sh**less in tears because she couldn't stand the feeling any more and I really don't know what to do. She says it been happinging for years in the day and at night and she can't handle it any longer. I really have no idea what to do in this situation. Has anyone else had something like this happen or are we just looney?
  10. What's sideboob? I always thought it was just seeing the side of your boob when you wear something reveling.
  11. I felt exactly the same way as you when I first got mine done. I also got 330s and was really disappointed at the size. 1 week post op I was still fitting into my old bras ( just a little better than before). 6 weeks post op I was a DD and now 4 months post op I'm busting out of them. You will Change so much over the next few months. It really is way to early to tell what there going to end up like.
  12. Wow wow wow! I got mine yesterday and I LOVE this thing! I was a little red last night but woke up this morning and couldn't believe what I saw. My skin looks so nice and my forehead is a a lot smoother. It also got rid of some of the tiny blackheads on my nose. I used it on the back of my hands aswell and what a difference it made. If this is only the traing disk results I can't wait to see what the next ones will do.
  13. Hi misslittle, are you getting noticeable results? I am about to purchase one of these but I tend to buy a lot of things that don't do what they say there going to do so I would love to hear if your happy with it now that you've had it for a while. Also I've heard different opinions about spray tanning after using it. How long do you wait after using it before tanning?
  14. Hi emmas, I had my op on a Saturday and a got a call on Sunday to see how everything was going. I also had a 1 week and 6 week check up with them and I'm booked in for a 6 month one.
  15. Hi mona88, I'm 6 weeks post op with similar stats. I got 330s and I love them but I do wish I had of gone that little bit bigger. You've chosen a great size and I think you'll be wrapped with them!
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