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    Dr Tang TCI 20th June 2014
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    162cm 54kg Pre-surgery 10B now 10DD
  1. Yeah thats one thing i dont have to worry about at this stage - the school mums. lol i have noticed ALOT of women on here being concerned about how much time they take off so the other school mums wouldnt figure out its for a boob job. Isnt it crazy? People spend to much time worrying about other peoples business. My son is going to a catholic school next year so im sure i will find out the bitchyness soon lol

  2. Yay out of the bra!! You must be so much more comfy. After getting your message I tightened mine again because it really wasn't doing much at all. 3 weeks off is great. Day by day is so much better so in 2 more weeks you'll feel fine I reckon. I don't mind most people knowing but I'd really prefer the school mums didn't find out because it just gives them another thing to gossip and be judgey about. My daughter is 14 so I was a young mum like you and really found a lot of the older mums a bit bitchy through the primary years. I don't get it!! Comes down to people's insecurities I suppose. Hope your swelling has come down a bit 😊

  3. ohh that's a good amount of time off. They tell me at 6 weeks u can pretty much start getting back to normal. I had been wearing my rice sizers to work lol. And if anyone suspects then let them talk I say. I wont deny it if anyone asks. I took 3 weeks off work. im full time as a superviser of a production section in a factory. Very physical, but I plan on trying to bludge for the first couple of weeks back lol. I only had 2 weeks in annual leave. I had my post op check today. And everything is good, Im officially out of the post op bra :) oh the joy! Although I cheated n took it off yesterday arvo and put the post op bra back on just for the check up lol

  4. So glad this week's girls are all doing well. Good luck to today's and the rest of the weeks girls to come. I'm 6 days post op today and was nervous about having to drive my son to Pre-school but managed fine. I thought it would be the gear stick that would hurt but it was more turning the steering wheel. My righty is much tighter than lefty and is sitting slightly higher plus a bit more sore so I'm trying to rest it and use my left arm when I can. Might actually get around to posting some pics soon. Feel very happy and excited for all of us June girls!
  5. I don't think you're supposed to but I've been very gently pressing the fluid downwards. I've taken 5 weeks off. I have regular participants so when I return I plan on doing very little myself and they should be fine with a lot of verbal cues. I also teach a mens core class and normally do push ups etc with them but that'll be a no go for ages I think. Hopefully my boobs aren't too obvious! Ive been wearing my most padded bras to classes for a while but I couldn't tell them what my surgery was for. Way too awkward! Are you at home with the kids full time or have you taken time off work?

  6. They would have been having a great old laugh for sure lol. Should've told them to take my tonsils out while I was under as well! I reckon you'll definitely be a juicy DD! A friend of mine got 500cc, she's very petite and went from an A to DD-E. Wow that's really interesting that your bra is tight because mine is really loose!! They put it on mega loose and I've tightened the straps a few times because it wasn't doing anything. Yours must be sooo tight if it's leaving marks across your boobs! Maybe the crop top I tried on would be better because it's definitely not as tight as your bra sounds. Seems like we both need something in the middle.

  7. hahaha that's hilarious! Your one they would have been talking about for that day lol. Yeah I got high profile. I was a little disappointed when I woke up. The swelling kinda hides them, and I reckon I look like a C cup right now. I hope when I D&F that they end up a juicy DD. And the bra! I nearly got changed into a crop last night but felt naughty. I don't want to do anything to jeopardize the outcome. And now today I think I might change after my shower. I figure, how can the fluid drain when the bra is so damn tight?! its holding it all up there me thinks lol. Because mine r sitting so high the bra leaves big marks across the top of my boob. How long did u take off work? I don't know much about pilates but I would imagine u would need a fair while?

  8. I was getting regular migraines with visual disturbances and finally went off the pill and had a mirena put in. It's fantastic, I don't get migraines or a period now
  9. Congratulations Mollyjo! So glad you're happy and it went so well!
  10. Yep that was me! How embarrassing lol. I'm sure they would have been laughing through the whole surgery. Did you get high profile? They'll look awesome once they soften and drop a little. I got moderate profile and they really aren't sitting high at all at the moment so I'm hoping they'll just soften and kind of stay where they are. It's hard to tell what size they're going to be at the moment though isn't it? I wouldn't worry to much hun about the size yet, just give it time and see how you feel. In the end it's only a difference of 70cc and maybe wouldn't be that noticeable anyway. I've been using a hot water bottle for my back, can't wait til I can sleep lying down again although I'm a stomach sleeper and can't imagine doing that for a long time. I've been dying to get out of the bra too! Thought I'd swap to a crop top that wouldn't rub on the incisions last night but it was way too small. Definitely underestimated my size!

  11. All the very best of luck girls!!! I remember the days leading up to mine I was so nervous and started questioning whether I was doing the right thing but I'm so glad I did and I'm sure you will be too. I wore trackies and just a zip up jacket. I personally found the first 24 hours to be the most difficult and definitely needed someone with me. Doing anything at all with my arms hurt and I needed help getting in and out of bed. My husband would sit in front of me and I would push my feet against him until I was pushed back enough in a comfortable position. I went to the Cosmetic Institute and they don't advise using ice because of the risk of ice burn from being numb and also something to do with not wanting blood flow to be restricted to the area. After 24 hours though my swelling is what was causing a lot of discomfort so I used ice and it was awesome. I just kept it covered and had my hand on top so I could feel how cold it was on my numb parts. Didn't need it after that. You girls seem to be really well prepared and you'll do great! I was glad I'd set up my bed and pj's all ready to get into. Just rest as much as possible those first few days. Even if you feel fine you wouldn't want any pulling on stitches or anything. Oh and also, I would be pretty uncomfortable sleeping upright if I didn't have my neck pillow and also having pillows under my knees makes it comfy for my back. My husband is back at work today and my kids are exhausting me but it's definitely manageable. Will be thinking of you
  12. I was deciding between 450 & 520cc. But I freaked out right before the op & chose 450. I regret my decision. But like u said im happy to have more than what was there. I was admitted at 10.30 but waited at least an hour before the surgery. I think I may have been the brunette with the partner lol. I remember a blonde lady in black in the chair next to me. Were u snoring during your op or something? Yeah I have a 12month old and a 4yr old. I have just started lifting the baby, I try not to but u know how it is. But my partner has been home so it hasn't been too bad. My implants r still sitting incredibly high! they haven't seemed to change at all since day 1. Just less bruised. My back aches from being hunched over from the tight chest and my back from sleeping upright. Over-all not too bad considering what my chest has been through. I made my appointment for tomorrow as I didn't want to commit another weekend in Parramatta lol. I hope they tell me I can get outa this bra & into a crop!

  13. Hi MrsH. I'm so sorry you were on the receiving end of such a nasty comment. Citygal is obviously a complete nutter and doesn't deserve a moment more of your thoughts. I just checked out your photo and to me it seems obvious that your pec muscles are extremely tight and with time and gentle stretching plus massage you'll drop and fluff beautifully. You have a killer figure and you're going to look amazing! xx
  14. I hope the first part of that message came through, the computer is doing stupid things. It's in my visitor messages but not in our conversation. Weird!

  15. The main thing now is the fatigue in my chest muscles after doing simple things for a while. I'm right handed and I'm trying to use my left hand more when I remember because my right pec is noticeably tighter. I'm going back for the follow up consultation at 2.30 on Saturday. What size did you get? After I send this I'll check out your profile and will probably find out anyway lol. I got 330cc. Went from a small 10B and hoping to be a small D. Doctor Tang thought I should go bigger but I teach pilates and need to be able to lie on my stomach etc so I think I've made the right decision. Honestly I would have been happy with anything put in there to plump them up a bit because they were just deflated after breastfeeding. Has your swelling gone down a bit?

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