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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr Tang TCI 20th June 2014
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    162cm 54kg Pre-surgery 10B now 10DD
  1. So glad this week's girls are all doing well. Good luck to today's and the rest of the weeks girls to come. I'm 6 days post op today and was nervous about having to drive my son to Pre-school but managed fine. I thought it would be the gear stick that would hurt but it was more turning the steering wheel. My righty is much tighter than lefty and is sitting slightly higher plus a bit more sore so I'm trying to rest it and use my left arm when I can. Might actually get around to posting some pics soon. Feel very happy and excited for all of us June girls!
  2. I was getting regular migraines with visual disturbances and finally went off the pill and had a mirena put in. It's fantastic, I don't get migraines or a period now
  3. Congratulations Mollyjo! So glad you're happy and it went so well!
  4. All the very best of luck girls!!! I remember the days leading up to mine I was so nervous and started questioning whether I was doing the right thing but I'm so glad I did and I'm sure you will be too. I wore trackies and just a zip up jacket. I personally found the first 24 hours to be the most difficult and definitely needed someone with me. Doing anything at all with my arms hurt and I needed help getting in and out of bed. My husband would sit in front of me and I would push my feet against him until I was pushed back enough in a comfortable position. I went to the Cosmetic Institute and they don't advise using ice because of the risk of ice burn from being numb and also something to do with not wanting blood flow to be restricted to the area. After 24 hours though my swelling is what was causing a lot of discomfort so I used ice and it was awesome. I just kept it covered and had my hand on top so I could feel how cold it was on my numb parts. Didn't need it after that. You girls seem to be really well prepared and you'll do great! I was glad I'd set up my bed and pj's all ready to get into. Just rest as much as possible those first few days. Even if you feel fine you wouldn't want any pulling on stitches or anything. Oh and also, I would be pretty uncomfortable sleeping upright if I didn't have my neck pillow and also having pillows under my knees makes it comfy for my back. My husband is back at work today and my kids are exhausting me but it's definitely manageable. Will be thinking of you
  5. Hi MrsH. I'm so sorry you were on the receiving end of such a nasty comment. Citygal is obviously a complete nutter and doesn't deserve a moment more of your thoughts. I just checked out your photo and to me it seems obvious that your pec muscles are extremely tight and with time and gentle stretching plus massage you'll drop and fluff beautifully. You have a killer figure and you're going to look amazing! xx
  6. I just re - read tori and you're getting them out tomorrow. Must get hubby to bring the laptop to me, would be easier than reading on my little phone. By the way I think my husband is really enjoying being Mr nurse, it's very sweet. I'm very independent and hate asking for help so I think he likes being needed. Must be hard seeing your partner in pain too.
  7. Oh toozie that's no good. I guess we can expect a bit of a roller coaster as far as recovery and pain goes. I have to say I noticed you were on a great high after surgery and I was definitely the opposite. I woke in a world of pain and it's only started easing a little since I started using the ice last night. It's so good. Ice ice baby!! Tori I kind of wish I had some drains in because a lot of the pain seems to be from the swelling. You must be getting them out soon? Hope that is a breeze for you. Thanks everyone for all your kind words. It's so nice to be going through this together.
  8. Thanks kaaycee! Will do lol. Hope you're having a nice time relaxing. I was just super close to vomiting and got up and walked around and feel better now. Must not sit on my fat ass all day!!!
  9. Hi girls! Sorry it's taken me so long to get back on here. The endone has made me really out of it. It all went well yesterday and the nurse said I was snoring so I'm glad I gave them something to laugh about! Felt every bump on the hour drive home and was a bit grumpy (poor hubby). My pillow forte in bed as well as my neck pillow are working for me and I've spent all day here except for toilet trips. Felt quite nauseous earlier but bit better now. In a bit of pain and so swollen. The nurse said that they don't recommend using ice but didn't give a reason why so I think I'll use some soon since lots of girls seem to get relief from it. Haven't looked at the boobs yet, maybe tomorrow and I'll take photos. So glad the other girls are having great recoveries!
  10. Omg Toozie!! How exciting!!! Are we friends? Not sure so will send a FR. Didn't see your comments while I was typing my essay. Yes Vodaphone. We didn't need that extra stress did we? All the best of luck! See you on the other side xx
  11. Hi Tori! It's my turn today and I'm also getting 330cc put in but I'm the opposite haha and don't want to be too big! I'm starting a very small B and hoping not to be bigger than a D. I've read other girls getting smaller implants and ending up a D so I'm sure your boobs will be beautiful. Congratulations to you and the other girls that have joined the new boobie club this week. I'm up early having a coffee before my fasting time starts at 6am (love my coffee lol). Had a minor freak out yesterday. My phone wouldn't let me make or receive calls and I was waiting for my admission time so checked my emails and the cosmetic institute had emailed saying my admission time was 6am. I was like WTF!!! It's over an hours drive away and I have to get my son looked after by a friend (on her birthday) so I thought I can't drop him off to the poor girl at 4.30am. Anyway, after an hour or so my phone started working, I called the institute and it turned out that it was a typo and 6am is my fasting time, my admission time is 12. Phew! Have had a couple of nervous moments and sleepless nights this week questioning myself whether I'm doing the right thing. Have been so busy with so much on my mind and racing to get everything prepared that it's made me a little anxious which is weird as I'm usually cool, calm and collected. Feeling better this morning though and mind over matter hey so I'm going to switch to excited mode. For the girls recovering I hope you have a pain free day today. Toozie are you with me today?? Good luck honey xx
  12. Congratulations newbie88!! Looking great already. Hoping you have a smooth recovery from here!
  13. Hello June girls! I've been soooo busy lately and by the time I get to catch up on this thread it's usually late at night and I can hardly string a sentence together, let alone keep up and reply to all of the chatting going on I'm so glad everyone seems to be having a great recovery besides the soreness etc that's to be expected. So sorry you've had a rough time pug, hope it's all one the mend now. Good luck Lilly!! My BA is on Friday and I'm slightly freaking out because it's my daughters birthday tomorrow and between that, work and the fact that I'm totally unorganised with my post op preparations, I'm running around like crazy trying to get everything done. Will get there at the last minute I'm sure! I finally had my consultation with Dr Tang on Saturday which was great and put my mind at ease over a couple of things. He suggested moderate profile because apparently I have a broad chest but I was so happy because that's what I was hoping for anyway and didn't even have to tell him. I'm a little nervous about the size as it's a bigger number than what I had in mind but he thinks a smaller size won't fit me as well so I'm getting 330cc. I'm currently a deflated B cup (getting close to an A) so I'm really hoping this won't make me any more than a D because I want a natural look. Fingers crossed!!
  14. No wonder you're thrilled, you look fantastic! I'm having my done by Dr Tang this month so thanks for sharing, makes me feel less nervous! Sending a FR xx
  15. Congratulations to all the girls that have new boobs this week! I've been super busy so haven't been able to be on as much as I'd like. So glad you girls seem to be having such an excellent recovery. Hoping all of us 'Junies' will be the same. Have an awesome long weekend everyone!! And hope you all stay well!!!
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