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  1. Hi ladies. I'm no stranger to having work done overseas, I just had my two year anniversary with my boobs! (Thailand, March 2015) I am looking into traveling to the Phillipines next year for Rhinoplasty and possible chin augmentation. I am very new to this, I have noticed there isn't as much information on the net or even this forum in regards to surgery in the Phillipines as opposed to Thailand. I want to be so sure before I book anything so I know I will be confident in my surgeon. The quotes I have received are from two surgeons. Dr Raynald Torres and Dr Angela Hernandez. Has anyone had surgery with either of these surgeons or know of another one I should contact? Thank you
  2. Hmm I didn't get any and had no sickness what so ever! I did get some nasty sunburn on day one though!!
  3. I'm a dr b girl too. Super happy with my results. I'm 8 weeks post op.
  4. I'm also interested in purchasing either of those products Minx! Where do you buy them from?
  5. It was my one negative too. My nipples normally are never overly sensitive, only when I'm about to get my period each month. It was horrible but one day they just stopped being sensitive. You will get there
  6. Mine have only just started to feel normal again. They were so sensitive for about 4 weeks. Not fun!!!
  7. Exactly how I feel Caterpillar!! Hmmm Thank you Donatella, I may have to get in contact with fair work and clarify this mention. "Attending medical appointments and elective surgery Medical appointments and elective surgeries that are pre-arranged can only be covered by sick leave if an employee is not able to work because of a personal illness or injury. It will depend on each individual circumstance." I think this is regards to my situation? Aspiretoinspire- no, although I feel like joining one will be beneficial for times like this. Luckily I work with some wonderful young girls, they are furious for me that I have no choice but to work so they will be doing most of the lifting where they can for me. That's what I thought too. It almost makes me want to return to work for two days and tell them I have gastro I then use my sick pay!! Be sneaky back to them lol. I hate being so quiet and shy to be confrontational. I will do my best and ask for those agreements. Thanks so much everyone xx
  8. Thanks for all you help girls. I have taken work off (using holiday pay) until Wednesday where I will go back. Hopefully I can minimalist lifting. I did get into contact with Dr Boonchai and he said 5-10kgs should be okay to lift. I really wish I knew where to look for info about why I cannot claim sick pay for this circumstance?
  9. Thanks for your advice. I thought this too. But our centre policy states this: "Light duties as part of a staff members rehabilitation are unable to be provided at the centre, as the centre has a duty of care to all children to ensure all staff are physically fit and are able to respond to each child. When a staff member is able to provide written confirmation from their medical practitioner that they are fit to undertake all duties in a childcare centre, they are able to return to the workplace." My boss said I can't state anything like that because what if I child is heavier than that. It's just a bit ridiculous. I'm really frustrated and confused as to why I cannot use my sick pay?? Where could I find this information?
  10. Hi girls. I went back to work Monday (child care) and I am full time in the Nursery (6weeks-2years) My boss suggested that she would put me on a floating staff roster to ensure I'm not tempted to lift children in the nursery, I thought great! So all week that's what has happened, rather than being in my room unable to lift I have been popping into all the rooms to help during lunch breaks. Yesterday, I was told by my boss that the staff sickness policy had been changed and that there is no more "light duties" at work. I have to be fully capable to care for the children to be counted towards adult to child staff ratios. Eg, if a child trips and needs a bandaid and I refuse to pick and lift them up the parent could sue. Which I understand. Unfortunately for me, I was now classed as being illegal to work without a medical clearance stating that I am fit to work and return to normal duties. (Including lifting children) I am only 4 weeks post op tomorrow. I was really hoping on giving myself another 2 weeks of light work which would mean I didn't lift anything heavy for the 6 out of the 6-8 week recommendation I was given by my surgeon. I have 20 holiday hours left to my name and apparently I cannot use sick pay for this. I had no other choice but to go to my gp who gave me a clearance and I'm returning next Wednesday. Will I be okay lifting 10kg babies. We are a 16 place nursery with 4 staff. So the other girls I work with will be helping too. Could I do some serious damage lifting so soon? I'm really upset but I need an income I really have no other option. Any advice would be appreciated xx
  11. I flew with Singapore Airlines and I could not fault anything (besides the 8 hrs of flying) Everything was so much nicer compared to other flights we had used before. The airline crew are presented so well and are super lovely. The meals weren't too bad either and their in flight entertainment was amazing. Definitely will be flying again with them that is for sure.
  12. Good luck today Hayley !!!! Xx
  13. Loz i got sized when i got home. I did that so i could buy and wear a nice comfy wireless bra for work. I was sized as an 8dd or a 10d which is the sister size. Im going to go back in a week or 2 cause ill be able to wear wired bras soon. Of course i know they will keep changing i may get bigger or smaller.
  14. yay that came around quick!!!! You've got this girlfriend, it's all such an amazing experience! Just relax and think about how you will feel after its all finished. New boobies
  15. I slept upright with two big pillows for the first week and a bit but now I'm on my back flat with my normal two small pillows. I get soreness and stiffness when I wake regardless. I really miss sleeping on my tummy and sides, I'm scared side sleeping will push my implants too close in the middle of my chest which my dr said to avoid. Ahh!
  16. I was two weeks post op on Friday and they are much less torpedo like! I'm wearing basic crops at the moment with no compression or any padding and they are fine to wear out. Hang in there, luckily mine didn't last forever haha I mainly wore maxi dresses and loose dresses I bought at little markets etc. how is everything else going? I hate sleeping on my back but Dr Boonchai said not to push my implants together so I'm way too scared to start side sleeping again boo!
  17. Bought myself some Mac this weekend after seeing some of these posts. Loving it so far!!!
  18. I know that struggle haha. If anything I think it made the torpedo boobies look more pointy, I called it my madonna bra haha!
  19. Hey tbarbie! I had dr Boonchai strictly tell me to keep the big mumma bra on until my post op appt. he looked at my carefix Anna bra and said it was a bit small and he was right, I have worn it twice since my post op appt. i have been told to wear crops and sports bras, essentially anything without a wire is okay at this stage for me. I would call the hospital and check as sometimes too much compression right after surgery is not always the best thing to do. Good luck x
  20. Dr Boonchai looked at my carefix anna bra and said it was a bit too small, he didn't want me to have much compression. I find this bra is comfy for the first 2 minutes then my boobs ache and even the zip begins to unzip. I bought a sports bra with no wire at bras n things today which i will wear to work but i was wondering what others you girls bought post op? Im allowed sports bras, crops... pretty much just has to be little compression and no wires. He also stressed i cant push them together. Any help would be great, thanks xx
  21. It went super quick!! I kinda felt a bit rushed like an in out patient as he came in whilst the nurse took out the stitches and just looked and lightly touched them saying they looked fine and were healing well. He gave me a briefing about when I can exercise, swim, when to take the waterproof dressing off and how to massage. I didn't feel totally confident walking away as I brought a piece of paper with about 15 questions that I wanted to ask and I didn't have any answered, I don't know if he was behind in appts but I seemed rushed. One question I really needed an answer for was when I can drive again so once I was in the reception and I filled out the surgery I asked the nurse and just explained I forgot to ask dr Boonchai and if they knew when I could drive. They briskly walked me back to his office where I asked and he looked up from looking at his phone and said I can only do simple driving. That was pretty much it, I left hoping to not come across any complications and thank goodness for this forum because I know any questions I have can be answered here xx
  22. I thought the same Newster. Mod plus and moderate profile implants are wider based and are ideal for women with a wide chest or wide cleavage, they can be placed in to bring the cleavage together. Where as the high profile and extra high profile have a smaller width (base) but are taller when compared from a side on view. They are the same in ccs but there is more projection in high profile and extra high. That's why I couldn't go mod plus, my chest is small, for the look I needed high profile so I got the projection and the implants has space between each other. Sorry for the ramble hehe x
  23. Not everything!!! How embarrassing hehe! I just mean by they move your drip that's connected to the pole with wheels and hold your drains for you. Thinking back now I must have been pretty drugged up cause I dont remember much about the stay in hospital to be honest, it was all a bit of a blur! I have been massaging ever so slightly, all without thinking... When they get a bit sore and stiff I just can't help myself and I massage the tops a little. Ever since surgery I've been touching my boobs, just cause I can!! I think tomorrow which will be my first post op appointment I will be told and shown how to properly massage them which is exciting. I'll let you know if it hurts or not, hopefully it won't. My left one is dropping quicker than my right, they are not even a cm apart in height so I think I can only see the difference but that's expected as a am right handed so my right boob will take a little longer plus it's the boob with the larger implant! Xx
  24. Happyminty is your appointment tomorrow? Mine is at 8:30, are you around then!? My scars are so unbelievably itch it's driving me nuts, I've been taking off the waterproof dressings every second or third day to let them breathe a bit and I bought some at the chemist and put new ones on. I was naughty last night and left them off and just had the steri strips covering the stitches. Oopsies. X
  25. I'm probably going to order that bra too it has been mentioned a few times on this forum! Do you know what sizes it caters for? Dr Boonchai says I should be a DD so fingers crossed! I can't wait to be sized and to be able to wear nice lingerie, I'm the kind of girls who loves to wear matching sets and it used to be so depressing either not wearing the bra cause it doesn't fit right or just not buying it and buying the undies.
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