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    PIAC - Phuket
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    BA + BL one side
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    Dr Boonchai, 31st October 14
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    173cms, 65kgs, full C or D deepending on my weight and muscle
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    Gym, beach and spending time with my beautiful Hubby to be ♡

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  1. Yes first time! Oh thank you good to know hopefully will go down then, hard to know what feels normal or not haha! Thanks again ?
  2. so today I got my 1ml Princess Filler, I can feel some lumps within the lip with my tongue and finger, I'm only about 2 hours out so not sure if this will go down? Should I be doing anything to help this? Dr said to massage the lump to manipulate them, thoughts?
  3. Following for info on Sunny Coast! Any experience with Cottontree Injectables at all? Thanks!
  4. Hey Ashyb, im currently in thailand recovering from my BA And BL with dr boonchai (i only had a lift on one breast though) he is amazing and i can already tell the scars will be so good, ive had the stitches out of my normal ba breast and it looks good! his stitches are really neat, im only 1 week post op and they look good already. I haven't nothing bad to say of him after being released from the hospital i was able to go out to dinner that night.. i think i spent 1 whole day at the hotel so far.. not too much pain, the meds help but its pretty bearable. I ventured out everyday even if it was only for dinner, getting out and walking around truly does help so much the last 2 days ive been out most of the day walking around shopping! Hope this helps you
  5. Hey Elkette i started with a full c or small d cup but just not very nice at all, plus i had an asymmetric problem too,it took me a long time to decide if it was worth it or not but ao glad i did it...
  6. I got released on Saturday and went out for dinner that night, then on Sunday I went out to lunch and a walk around but felt like I over did it, so stayed at the hotel k day yesterday... going out today to watch the Melbourne Cup though and get my hair washed and straightened hopefully
  7. Ohh yes i remember seeing you there, i dont think we spoke though, i was with ny husband in an orange dress had my hair braided (which they took out for surgury anyway so was kinda pointless getting it done hahaha) i went with 450 overs high profile, i think i should have got the mod profile now thinking back but still happy so far i had a lift on my right side so its hard to see progress as yet until both sides are headed bit more, i go back on thursday for my post op i went out a bit yesterday but stayed at hotel today weather was horrible anyway! Hopefully its nicer tomorrow yeah im taking all the meds! Anti biotics, anti inflamortorys pain meds.. cant wait till their finished making me so bloated and yuk! Congrats on your new girls :-) xxx
  8. Elegies your diary is so good! Will be so helpful to others, makes me wish i had done one aswell! How are you recovering are you back at your hotel now? If you consult was on Friday i think i did see you, in the morning and your and your boyfriend both have tattoos? How are you feel today? I think im starting to get feeling back in parts of my boobs as im getting tingling feeling randomly that i havent felt before... hope your feeling better with your meds, i was feeling the same but a big meal definitely helps!
  9. Hey Elegies, im not sure, I don't think so? I went in Friday there was a few girls around in the room at the time I was there, have you had your surgery yet? you will have to let me know how it all goes! I had a follow up call from one of the nurses today to check in and see how I was doing it was so lovely! back on Thursday for a checkup!
  10. hey girlies! just thought id give you an update had my ba yesterday with Dr Boonchai so far so good very tight and sore but just had drains out getting ready to head back to hotel...any recovery tips? :)
  11. Oh how exciting! Ill definitely keep you updated where are you staying while your there? Will be good having someone to chat with whos going through the same thing! Not long to go now only 6 weeks! I know it was very rushed haha I was originally planning for feb but a family holiday in May made that too difficult! Sooo I get married on the 24th Oct then new boobs on the 31st haha October 2014 is one month ill never forget lol. Are you travelling with anyone? What are you planning to take over to help with the recovery? So far im taking zinc and vit c, have some comfy wirefree sports crops and some bio oil but that's it lol anything else ill need im sure ill be able to get there.. have you been the Thailand before this trip? xxx
  12. Hey Gabby! How exciting.. send through your fr for sure ill be happy to post throuhout my experience. . Yes not long to go I only booked last week so its all happening so fast but very exciting and cant wait!!
  13. Hey Dee Envy! Where did you stay when you were there? Thanks Good to hear that the recommendation price seems to stay the same too... Also for you and other girls, how long till you where up and about after surgery Thanks
  14. Hey Rubie Thanks for you response and the info! Hearing all these great results from Dr B is so comforting. Where did you stay when you went over? Thanks
  15. Hey ladies, Just wanted to check everyone's experiences when it comes to paying at PIAC. Did the cost vary from your original recommendation at all? If so how much? Also, what other extras did you have to pay for once you were there? Any other medications, surgical bras or anything like that? I have over allowed some money on my "boobs money" (not much) then I have my travel spending's separate. Just not sure how much extra I should have for any "just incase" or extra things you need to pay for once there associated with the surgery. Booked in for 31st October with Dr Boonchai, BL & BA Love to hear from you!
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