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    Breast Augmentation with Dr Moradi
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    Dr Moradi on the 24th of July!!!!
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    64kgs 170cm tall and a very sad 12A :(

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  1. Im about 167cm and went from an A cup and am now a DD and they are not big at all. No one has even noticed lol and all my clothes still fit. I wish I had of been able to get waaaayyyyyy bigger but my ps gave me as big as practical for my frame and without increasing my chances of complications.
  2. I smoked up to 30 a day right up until surgery im sure you wilk be fine
  3. Sorry for another question ladies lol but I have no one else to ask. Today I went to try and find a wire free bra. Now before my BA I was a 12A and although I have not been sized yet im pretty sure im a D or DD now. I dont understand though ... when I was looking through the bra's I noticed that the cup sizes where differant when looking at a 12D compared to a 14D?! I thought that the number was for around your rib cage? Why are the sizes differant in the cups? I ended up getting the 12D but it feels tight and I have to have it on the loosest clip? I know I haven't put on any weight. Im so
  4. Thanks everyone Going to go to my GP to have them check it out. I think it is a stitch inside the scar hitting something. I have a stitch just poking out under my left one I want checked also as it now seems to have a little yellow around it. Looks like a litte pimple. So gross. Lol
  5. Thanks for the replies ladies. I have found the source of the pain in my right breast. Its coming from a pea sized lump in my scar. I have a few of these lumps in both scars but just this one is hurting. Hurts to cough or put weight on my arm to get up. The pain comes and go's and has been like this for a week or so now. Im thinking it a stitch or something. I just noticed this after changing my tape
  6. Is it normal to still feel this sore 4 weeks post op? Both my breasts are still very tender but more so the right. It almost feels like when you first fall pregnant or that time of the month is on its way just with more pain. I have a pain in the right one on the underside of my breast that feels bruised to touch. Just wondering when they are going to start feeling normal. Both are still firmly in place but softer to touch. Cant squish them yet. No way in hell they are moving anywhere lol
  7. Okay thanks for your replies ladies Will keep them away until the 3 month mark. Definitely not worth the risk. I didnt know it was so risky to have it off for a few hours thats why I asked.
  8. Instructions**** Stupid phone lol
  9. Hey ladies I will be going out this weekend and only be 3 weeks 2 days post op and I was wondering if you think it would be okay to not wear my post op bra for a few hours while im out. I was going to buy one of those complete comfort bra's this week to wear on the night. Its so hard finding something to wear that covers the post op bra but still shows off my new girls lol. In my post op instrustions it says I have to wear the bra for 4 weeks
  10. Hey summer I think im going to be a DD. I got 425cc round high profile under the muscle. The pain is completely bearable dont stress hun just take your meds.
  11. Woohoo congrats ness. Rest up n hope you feel better soon
  12. I have to wear mine 24/7 for 6 weeks unless showering obviously lol and am allowed to take it off every 3 days to wash it. Today is that day! Yahooooooooo! Boobie selfies to come some time later today lol
  13. Hahaha yes I have to keep reminding myself that I am still in a post op bra that has NO padding or anything and that I cannot move them and push them up right now lol oh I cannot wait to go bra shopping! I could work small miracles with A cups who knows what I can do with these bad boys lol
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