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  1. I'm 30th nov with Boonchai at PIAC ☺️ Getting excited now!
  2. Rachael what did you end up getting? hope you are doing well
  3. YAY let me know how you go! so exciting
  4. Rachael_xo I literally just did the same thing freaking out and thinking I shouldn't be going Veerawat and should have picked boonchai and now he's not available please let me know how you go!!! I'm booked 2nd dec! Xx
  5. Hey rubie I'm looking at getting a crown while over there and possibly wisdom teeth pulled aswel just wondering if you remember what your dentists name was
  6. Elegies & Emma! When are you booked in getting so excited now can't believe I'm finally going!!
  7. I just asked and he's fully booked so I guess I will be going with Veerawat after all I just hope I can get rounds and they are amazing haha! What did you get dee envy?!
  8. Hey girls I'm booked in with Dr Veerawat for the 2nd Dec and I'm starting to have second thoughts as I really have my heart set on getting round and I know he loves teardrop I'm just wondering if anyone else was in this same position and how he was? I'm thinking I want dr Boonchai who I was tossing up with 7 months ago hahaha or maybe I'm just getting scared of the whole thing HELP!
  9. Hey!! That sucks how come you got denied or is he just not available I was considering going with boonchai but I ended up booked with dr veerawat he is very popular and has a lot of experience
  10. Congratulations dells so good to hear another great story reassuring me dr v was the right guy for the job haha
  11. Hi girls thank you so much for this thread has been a blessing I am in the stages of booking I have reserved 2nd dec with dr veerawat! I would love to add some off you to see before and after pics! I'm 21 b cup wanting a d!
  12. Hi girls!! I am also new to the forum I have been in contact with dr Veerawat and dr boonchai I'm having a hard time deciding probably going to go with dr Veerawat but I'd love to hear your stories and pictures good luck!!!
  13. Hi girls!! I have sent my pictures and he has confirmed my preferred date 29th Nov I am just about to pay my deposit and starting to freak out! Just wanting to here anything anyone has to say about him and if they have before and after pictures I would love to see them! I am 21 from Sydney currently a b and wanting a d
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