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  1. Hi @TheFox I did the online consult and was quoted the base rate for a revision which is $22,000 for Tav. Then with implant cost and everything it is total of $28,00. I dont have private health care. I don't mind paying for the hospital but $22,00 for a revision now days seem like a lot. Its sad because thats why people go overseas obviously. He said i just need a wider base implant and it would be a standard BA revision. I had B cups before my first BA so i had a lot of natural breast tissue. I wanted to go not to big but have a fuller look with my first BA but the surgeo
  2. @chinchilla i rang Mr today and guess what his price is now??!!! Its gone up to 24K for a revision.... no joke. From 18 months its gone up $8,000 ouch
  3. Thanks so much for the reply ladies Chinchilla, i might get a second quote and ask Dr also. Good idea. I was just so shocked as I have nothing wrong and he said it would be straight forward .... 28k is a lot of bags and shoes ? Wow so 16k for internal bra that’s what I want. i havnt got private health. im wondering if I’m just over thinking the whole boob thing and I should just be happy wih them. i guess instagram doesn’t help. Can I ask how much happier you are with the revision? Was it worth the recovery and money the second time around? id love to see
  4. Hi everyone, I had my breast augmentation done 4 years ago. I had small implants 255 and 225cc. I don’t have any complications. But I have a feeling the pocket was made a little to big. Or the implant width should have been wider. They are slightly different shapes and I want them to just sit there without a bra on. Perkier and less wobbly. I had an online consultation with Dr Tav and he quoted $22,000 but all up $28,000 with hospital, implants etc. If he could gaurentee they would look perfect and last forever it’s worth it as I love his work. But that quote just seems like so
  5. Hi! I don’t know if anyone follows this thread as it’s been a year. But I’m planning on having my breats redone in September or December with Dr Tav. I was hoping there are any Dr Tav ladies that wouldn’t mind sharing there pics? im looking to fill out my cleavage area and have them look perkier. I don’t want to big as I have 225cc now and I’m a D cup already... and I’m not sure if round or anatomical is what I’ll want xxx
  6. ow no! can someone please inbox me who the surgeon is? Thanks!
  7. Hi ALS, I was devastated for months after my op to. After the swelling went down is always disappointing. But try not to stare at them every day. Let them heal and keep wearing the post op bra day and night. I'm now super happy with my results but I probably hated them for 6 months. They have totally changed shape , they have gone closer together and now look so much better, because now I have so much more shape and outline of my breasts cos all the swelling has gone. I'm now 10 months and they are bigger than at 5 months. I almost think mine now look to big!! Leave it a year. That's wh
  8. Hi girls, I had my done with Dr P , I'm only 10 weeks but feel free to add me if you are interested. I wanted "perky but natural looking" and that's what I got
  9. Hi lil_hilz, I was trying to see a photo of what you are taking about but only saw photos of them looking amazing? Do you have new photos up? I'd like to know what you are talking about. Hope you are feeling better
  10. Hi bikini! I'm five weeks BA with Dr Piyapas. I had a really good recovery and experience with everything there. Feel free to FR me
  11. I had my BA with Piyapas last month. And I'm really happy I'm exactly 4 weeks and so far back at the gym and feeling amazing! My suggestion go at least 50cc larger than you think you want!!! They shrink haha
  12. Hi ladies! I'm just wondering if you have noticed much changes after the fourth week? Iv got mentor anatomicals and I'm just wondering if they will change much at all from now? They are pretty soft now , I can giggle them and squeeze them together. Thanks!!
  13. Hello!! Iv just got the one photo up But I went with Dr Piyapas. I'm extremely happy with how the consult went and I'm exactly 4 weeks today but I experienced no bruising and no pain. I didn't take any of the pain meds and he was great at answering my 100 qus I regret no going bigger and not having enough time to decide the implant size but I should have gone to a consult in Melb probably first Iv got 255cc anatomicals
  14. Please do!!! Let us know what happens As I have insurance with them to!!!
  15. Hey, I got 255cc and I'm a large C cup but I was a B to start off with... I had boob greed really really badly. I wish I had gone up a size to 300cc If you are going under the muscle remember that they will be smaller than you think And you will love the size they are when they are first done, then the swelling goes down. And they look a cup size smaller!!! I recommend asking if you could go up a size or not if you are wanting a full C and don't want to be disappointed? Or if you know you'll be happy with B then stay with the 220
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