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  1. Hi Mandy025, I have similar stats to you, except I was a 10AA/A. I got 305cc round and they don't look big at all. I'm now about 6 months post op and they have settled alot compared to how they were right after the operation. I wish I could have gone bigger. When I tried on the sizers they looked massive - unlike now!! go the 325!
  2. When I tried on 280cc sizers I freaked out, thought they looked massive. Ended up going 305 and so glad I did, wish I could have gone bigger because they don't look like the sizers at all! They definitely smaller once in your body
  3. Hi, I went with Dr Harwood and I highly recommend him!! I paid 9750 which includes everything!
  4. Hi SubtleC I was a AA and got 305 HP Rounds you can add me for pics if you like xx
  5. Dee88

    ouchie :(

    Hi! In the first week morning boob was the worst and I had to take painkillers every night before bed. I thought I'd skip the painkillers one night because the pain wasnt too bad - woke up in excruciating pain. I found that rubbing arnica cream helped and also I used a heat pack after the first few days to help with the muscle soreness.
  6. Prior to my op I was always like I'd rather go smaller than bigger and was paranoid I had gone too big. Now I wish I went bigger!!!!!!!!!! it is never too big, yes I'm suffering a major case of boob greed
  7. I'm a Dr Harwood girl and I would recommend him to everyone. He was so caring and patient - each time I went in for a consult I was there for 1 hour plus, not to mention I could only make it to see him on Friday afternoons, which arent his consultation days, due to being a FIFO worker and he was more than accommodating. I am so happy with my results - would definitely go back to him!
  8. Congrats on booking! you must be so excited! i had a really good recovery - i'm a site engineer and took off two weeks. i was driving my manual car by day 5 although it was a bit hard putting the gear in reverse at times, so I probably should have waited until day 7 for that. by day 2 i was up and about going out for lunches, getting my hair dyed, but felt pretty tired and drowsy due to meds. on day 10 i flew to NZ and even went skiing - took it real easy though. still felt some discomfort and tightness in my chest and i found morning boob to be the worst early mornings but usually went away during the day. i think you will be fine, everyone is different and heals differently. as long as you know your limits you'll be fine i also took vit c tablets leading up to and after surgery as it helps with the healing process
  9. Hey i experienced this as well around the 2-3 month mark. it drove me crazy. i just kept applying sorbelene cream on it to relieve the itch. it eventually went away
  10. I personally think it looks great and gives you that really clean look. i thinkit looks quite natural and unless you're really up close to the person you're not gonna notice it being "unnatural" check out a few photos here http://www.amyjean.com.au/services/feather-touch-brow-tattoo
  11. Hey lovely, It's completely normal... I started feeling pretty depressed when I returned back to work after my surgery and it took me a couple weeks to get back into the swing of things. hope you feel better soon xx
  12. Hey I have a few friends that have gotten eyebrow tattooing done and it looks great! thinking of getting it done myself. Check out Sibina or Amy-Jean
  13. Dee88

    10E bras?

    Ahhh also having problems finding a bra that fits!!! I love the fine lines strapless bras, however the 10DD is too small for me and the band for the 12DD is a bit too big for me. Any recommendations as to where I can get good 10E sized strapless bras from?
  14. Hi Pollypocket! I definitely recommend you get the 350. they may seem massive at first but trust me, you will get used to them and wish you had gone bigger. I got 305 rounds and I am alot shorter than you. At first I thought they were massive but now I wish I had the option to go bigger I wouldnt put too much emphasis on what cup size you want. When I first went for my consult I was adamant I didnt want to go any larger than a C Cup. I am now a 10DD but I honestly don't feel it at all!! Goodluck with it all.
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