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    BA, 370cc anatomical, dual plane
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    Dr Tony Connell 24th June 2014
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    175cm/58kg/32b (barely)

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  1. Hello ladies Glad to hear you're all going well! Ljack- Goodluck tomorrow! Will be thinking of you! I need to make another follow up, it's been 9 weeks now! My right boob is still significantly small than my left! I'm starting to worry a little! Hope you're all having a great weekens
  2. Def recommend tony connell. I've worked with all of them and he is by far the best. Tony did mine 6 weeks ago and i couldn't be happier. My gf had hers done by Ed, and I really don't like them personally and now 5yrs on she is not that happy. Mark is quite Good also.
  3. Just put some pics up. I forgot to ask- is anyone's boobs still different sizes?? my right boobie is still a tad higher!! And it looks much smaller than my left!
  4. Hi ladies Boo wish- thanks for the info on the wire free bras! I'll have to go and check out those brands! I bought one from target today- it felt comfy for the brief time I tried it on. It is just a full support wire free- comes in all the daggy cream, white, black colours. I cannot wait to go bra shopping!!!! Kaycee- hope the renos are going well! I'm watching the block at the moment and it's making me want to build our house now!!! I've never been patient! Boobwish- I'm not sure what u mean about your scars. I'll put a pic up now of mine. They look pretty good! Are the girls who were numb underneath still numb? I'm still numb!!! I hope the sensation returns! Ok I'm off to post some pics!
  5. Hi everyone! Wow so much has been happening on here! I've been so busy with work this week! I'm going to get fitted for bras tomorrow! So excited!! I cannot believe 6 weeks is over almost!! I need to start exercising too! Next week I'm going to go for a run! I'm feeling so feral besides having nice boobs! I'm going to read all the posts again And catchup!! Have a goid weekend!
  6. Hey ladies Wow everyone has been busy! Viv happy birthday for tomorrow! Glad everybody is doing well! My right boob is looking so much smart than my Left! And it's sitting slightly higher! I only just realised today! I hope it drops soon! I'm paranoid all of a sudden! I'll get and post pics soon. Work has been so busy! I found my wedding dress on the weekend! Tried on so many and for a few of them I actually regretted getting boobs! But finally found one that accommodates my new editions! I'll have to re read the last few replies! I'm a bit behind!
  7. Hi ladies Oh my goodness! I really need to start exercising!! I tried on a few dresses on the weekend and just felt to feral! I'm starting to get jiggling bits! And it didn't help that I felt pretty pale!! I think I'm going to start doing Jacobs ladder (a stair case that has 330 stairs) to tone up before I try anymore dresses on! I've also been a bit slack with my tiny tea! My skin is starting to get really dry and irritated, I've had to use a little moisturiser even though I'm not meant to start til this weekend. Congrats Lilly and kaycee on the house! That is very exciting! I hope all is going well.
  8. Boobwish- I got a light padded bra from target and my ps said that I could wear that instead of the post op for a few hours if I really need to.. You might be able to get away with that? There's a few cotton wire free padded bras at target so maybe check that out? I'm off to try wedding dresses today and I'm paranoid the assistant is going to see the tape on my boobies haha. I couldn't wait any longer to try them on! It's going to look so different now I actually have boobies to fill out the dresses!, Hope everyone has a good weekend!
  9. Welcome back Jaycee and mollyjo!! Hope you girls are well! I slept a little on my side last night. It felt pretty good! I'm still scared my implants will move so only slept on my side a little haha! Hope everyone is well!
  10. Isn't that radial scoring? Or is this something different?
  11. Iwantbigboobies- I tried to reply to your email but this bloody site is playing up? Not sure if you got it? It wouldn't let me reply underneath your email. Let me know if you got it or not!
  12. Generally the skin the surgeon takes off weighs around 900g-1.2kg on the larger scale. So if you loose around 7kg it"ll be Closer to your goal weight. I think loosing 9kg in a month is highly unlikely even if you exercise your butt off. You could ask your surgeon to move the surgery back a few weeks- we have patients cancel all the time- it shouldn't cost you anymore..
  13. Fantastic news about your post op nataliiee! My incisions have been itchy and sore all day! And I think my bra is kinda rubbing my boobs- I feel like I've sunburnt my chest! I had to put a chicken fillet into my bra last night coz the cotton touching my skin was irritating! It's so weird! I might try and sleep on my back normally tonight. Nadine- enjoy shopping in Sydney! I'm there next week for work and going wedding dress shopping with my sis!! Cannot wait to finally try on gowns without looking like a surf board!!!!
  14. Goodluck Rosie!! I have similar stats to you and I got 370cc, sooooo happy with them!! Wishing you a speedy recovery!!
  15. Hi Teresa Good on you for booking the procedure. It's really normal to have anxiety before the op. I know everyone is always a little nervous. I'm actually an operating theatre nurse so see loads of patients daily. You will definitely not wake up during the op. This is something I even worried about having a procedure last week. You are connected up to all these monitors that the anaesthetist uses to gauge how deep you are. You won't dies you are in the best plae possible if something does happen, I don't meant to scare you, but being in a hospital is your safest place! With the blood clots- you will be given compression stocking, a calf stimulator which will gently massage your legs during the op, and sometimes afterwards too. They will probably give you a cleaner injection to think your blood also. The surgeon will inject loads of local anaesthetic after he closes your wound so you should feel numb for a few hours. Just make sure you stay ontop of your pain post op. It's always easier to stabilise pain when it's just coming on, than waiting for a pain score of 7-10/10. I hope that puts your mind at ease a little. Feel free to speak to the anaesthetist or surgeon before you go in, they can give you a little relaxant before you go to sleep if you get anxiety. I'm sure it will all be fine for you
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