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  1. Don't bother "speaking to certain members". Bullies gather the herd and twist things to suit their purpose. There was nothing amiss with my original comment & things escalated from there. I will say the tone of this forum has slid noticeably since joining. It was about people posting about proper concerns & questions. Sharing experiences related to surgeries- not about their lives being in a rut. I'll be deleting my account once I'm home- I'm quite sure that will make many of those who accused me as being a troll or suspending negative comments with the purpose of upsetting people. I will say I've found the cliqueiness & endless false gushing about breasts and "boob greed" really offputting. Accept it or not, there is a strong precious princess mentality that didn't exist months ago. This forum generates some very unhealthy attitudes. There is more to life than diets, the gym, fake breasts, staying rake thin- and appearance in general. I won't be reading any more replies either so whatever you write- if it's to "get the final kick in" it won't be seen by me.
  2. Haha yeah, maybe do some research on ways to combat depression. The "I am grateful" method is actually a legitimate form of raising the mood. Focussing on the good, not the bad in one's life has a quantifiable affect on regulating the mood. Actually reflecting on what you have and why that makes you grategul is apparently being insulting? You chose to see it as an insult- your issue not mine. And I stand by everything I said, there was no advice wanted as there was no qu provided. It was just a recount of the day. It shouldn't have been posted in general discussion. There is a concerted push in high schools now to build up adolescents resilience to life's challenges as they're being too bubble wrapped & go to pieces at the most trivial challenges & failures. Learning to push through & tackle challenges is an important skill- the simple answer psychologists are now giving to combat this is "tough love". Hugging and nice words don't help a great deal in the long run. Teaching fortitude and a "just get on with it" attitude is what most elite schools are now integrating into their ideology. Weak, nasty comments like yours just show just how far they've got to go in changing mindsets.
  3. ^ You're a bully. That's not support, that's being an incindiary bully. Trying to carry on a polite convo after writing that like you've got class- you're the immature one.
  4. Don't call me a troll. There is nothing anonymous about making a catchup arrangement in Belmont- South of Perth- & naming your kids. Fricking ridiculous. As for you relating- EVERYONE goes through the blues phase. Imagine if everyone made a thread about it. Most people suck it up & ride it out- myself included. Hope you all feel wonderful being nasty as one united group- unbelievably shameful.
  5. Feel free to provide evidence. False accusations are a form of bullying. Go through my history & by all means let me know where I've done this. I'm curious to know where this occurred. Also using "us" is another form of ganging up. Speak for yourself, not others.
  6. You're a nurse & work in the industry so you'd have a good handle on what to expect. I sincerely hope you get the result you're after BUT I'm also slightly nervous for you regarding the long term effects after reading the surgeon's reply BUT it's your decision! Good luck chasing your dream, Don!
  7. No offense, but why are you using an online forum to have a private convo when you know each other in real life? Just phone each other.
  8. There is a YouTube clip of a woman demonstrating the softness of brazzies. They still looked a bit like stress balls in firmness- this was a 6 month paitent though so I expect more softening to come. Might be another point of reference for anyone interested in seeing the "movement" of them.
  9. You can phone or email surgeries and ask for an approx price. A friend of a friend who had a straightforward BA from Tony in January paid $14,000 that included surgeon's fee, hospital stay, anaesthetist fee and cost of implants (he uses allergan natrelle textured- or "gummies"). My understanding is that gummies are more expensive than other types and the preferred implant for reconstructive surgeries- and so I'm assuming they are more durable and last longer (happy to be corrected if anyone has more accurate info). As for the "cheaper over east" theory, when I received my original quote I contacted a surgeon in Sydney for a price comparison. Not only was his consult fee dearer, his estimate was exactly the same. Factoring in flights and accommodation etc- it was going to be a lot dearer. If I'm going to be blunt, this isn't like buying a handbag or new shoes. I was happy to pay for excellent results and not worry about having redo's or throwing good money after bad on botched work. I do understand that people have to work within their budgets though! The 'what have I done' feeling is largely due to the after effects of the general anaesthetic which makes you feel a bit down and miserable for a few days or even longer- it passes! The reduced mobility adds to the feeling- we're used to doing what we want when we want. Choose a great plastic surgeon and you'll never think along the lines of "butchered" believe me. I can only speak for the implants I had... yes, the breasts feel very heavy at the start. You feel the implant tip forward and strain the muscles when you lean forward. They feel firm like tennis balls initially. Once the muscles relax and the swelling subsides you stop being conscious of anything foreign being in there. The most challenging aspect of the process is losing strength in the chest muscles- and the feeling of them clenching around the implant when you do isolated exercises there.
  10. Possibly it's because most women review their implants very soon after surgery and my understanding is that brazzies remain hard/firm much longer than other types of implants. I doubt many women jump back online to report the changes so we are left with a distorted picture of the end result. I've read women on here anxious about their boobs still being hard after 4 weeks- so I can imagine that an implant that takes longer than most other types to soften would get a lot of nervous 'regretters' feedback.
  11. Different strokes for different folks I'm afraid. For me, painful morning boob lasted 2 weeks- I slept on the couch all that time. Slight tenderness as you described and residual swelling lasted months. You're not waiting for a stubbed toe to heal- as much as it gets downplayed sometimes, a BA is major surgery. In fact, you may have varying degrees of swelling, tightness and tenderness for months- not weeks. My ps explained that the muscles are responding in much the same way as a sprained ankle would. They're inflamed and need to adjust and heal up. Take it all in your stride and know that it's all very normal. I found the first 3 weeks the most daunting. You're through the worst of it!
  12. Sorry, I may have worded the qu poorly. When I meant implant moving, I meant the entire breast. My breasts move naturally as they did before implants- not stay rigid and immobile when I lie down, lean over, swim, run etc. I'm not even aware there is an implant inside anymore the feel and behaviour of them are surprisingly natural. I'm just confused with all this talk of brazzies staying put & feeling hard. Ladies who have them seem to report different things. You seem very pleased with yours so that's what matters
  13. That's good to know. This particular member has had them a year & reports they don't shift at all & she regrets them for that reason. Just wondering, do they move without you having to manually do it? Stupid question I know- but other implants slide around -for want of a better word- naturally- with everyday movement. The same for brazzies?
  14. This is a chicken or the egg situation- do you find the best surgeon available, or choose one who offers the implant type you want? Like Mrs-B, getting hold of the top surgeon was what concerned me. I'd trust their choice & judgement. Turns out we have the same person and they use textured. The brazillians sound slightly hyped up to me. If they are so good, why don't all the top surgeons use them? I understand they look fabulous, but I did read another member saying she can't move hers together or up, they're cemented on. I couldn't feel comfortable with breasts that didn't shift. I'm also curious to know what happens once the material adhering them in place degrades & disappears over time?
  15. I was told nothing but walking for 6 weeks. Could return to the gym & do whatever I wanted after that. Walking is fine. My advice is just to ditch the vanity & not worry about a little weight gain. It's not that hard to get the weight off once you're cleared for exercise.
  16. Lindy, this is probably a bit late but reading through this entire thread, I'm not sure why a couple of members chose to nitpick you for providing your personal experience. All responses should be welcomed- whether gushing or disappointed. I found your reasons for disliking brazillians on your body perfectly logical. Those ladies passive aggressively "correcting" you for being honest, disappointed me. I agree with you, people can read all the reviews & make their own conclusions. No need to patronize members for honest responses. As for the remarks about you needing to do better research on the implants- I would've thought the surgeon would've explained all the pros & cons of the implant in the initial consult- mine did. They're meant to be the greatest learning resource in this entire process.
  17. Sloshing is normal- it's most likely fluid or air around the pocket. Are you behaving yourself and staying as immobile as possible? If you're lifting and using your chest area as per usual, you may be upsetting the healing process. Hope it resolves soon.
  18. That's pretty fecking lousy tbh. I would think a surgeon should assess from the original consult if a lift was needed or not. Hate to say this, but thus far, I'm not overly impressed with this surgeon. If it turns out you need a lift, he better offer you subsided rates. You're paying for another round of hospital and anaesthetist fees.
  19. Nope, sadly no curves! Instead of upper pole, I had what my ps accurately described as "ski jumps". Not only did I have zero upper pole, it scooped inward. I had a sad small b cup. I guess that's more than an A but not a whole lot! Perhaps you mightn't have the same experience as me... there is a super lovely member Southern girl who sounds similar to you. Maybe pop her an email and ask about firmness? She had gummies but a slightly smaller implant (290 I think?).
  20. That's so strange reading all the comments about them not feeling like real boobs. I have textured anatomical allergan natrelle XHP and HP respectively- gummies. They feel ridiculously real and look very natural. Obviously not from the start- they felt firm like tennis balls, but once the muscles relaxed they softened up a LOT. It's actually hard to believe I have anything foreign bulking up the ladies. I'm 5 months on so maybe that's why? Maybe it's the profile difference too, but I specified I wanted upper pole fullness and didn't even mind about increasing the size of my breasts- upper pole was all I wanted. My ps described the implants as being "tall" and therefore providing upper pole. Anyway, don't worry about the "feel" factor- I'd read they'd feel firm and not all that natural too- that hasn't been my experience of them.
  21. If you feel he takes more than he gives in the relationship and you don't feel appreciated or cherished, those are warning signs of worse things to come. I don't want to give any advice about 'stay or go' because ultimately it's your relationship and life. There's a lot to weigh up... do you have similar life goals? Is he overall a trustworthy, stable person who you feel safe and happy with? Does he make you feel happy and confident or unhappy and anxious? Feedback from strangers on forums is fine, but I feel this is a conversation you should have with close friends or family members who know your overall history together. To me, it sounds like you're worried he's leaching off you and isn't wholly committed??? 5 years is a long time together but it does sound a bit like the trust isn't there- never a good thing in a supposed life long commitment Good luck with your decision! xx
  22. He doesn't have a website- all word of mouth- he's that in demand. If you want to get a consult just phone his surgery and make an appointment. His surgery is in Rokeby Rd, Subiaco.
  23. Never heard of that surgeon. Tony Connell is considered the best in Perth. Perhaps look into him. Personally, I wouldn't touch a cosmetic surgeon but a lot women here have used them & are very pleased with the results.
  24. Hmm, if you suspect he may dodge fixing it, record the consult on your phone- or take pen & paper to take notes- just say you have a bad memory & need to keep track of what's said. Don't be awed by him because he's a surgeon- they're just people & they owe you a certain outcome- actually fixing the breasts- not "that'll do". Pre- write your qu's down if you need to & jot down the answers as you go. Good luck!
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