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  1. Oh ok, I guess I'll just wait it out I shouldn't complain, I would rather it be numb than painful haha
  2. Yes I have one numb nipple too DanniP! Haha oh god I really hope it doesn't take that long to come back :/
  3. Hey ladies, I'm 4 weeks post op tomorrow and I find that the underside of my boobs are still completely numb? They get the feeling of being itchy but I can't feel it if I touch/gently scratch the area. Has anyone else had this or do you know how long roughly it will be until I regain feeling? I did expect numbness I'm just wondering how long it took others to regain sensation. Thanks!
  4. Thanks so much everyone! Just woke up on day 2 and I'm a bit sore, I kept sliding down my pillows last night and I woke up at about 2:30am and needed to take some more painkillers. Has anyone else felt a stinging feeling near the side of their incision before? I'm hoping it's just from using my arms too much, and nothing serious! xx
  5. Hey I didn't get rib or back pain but I have started to get a bit of stinging near the incision on my left boob, I think I've just been using my arms too much so I'm going to try stop that haha are your implants quite big? That might be what is causing the pain? x
  6. No worries at all, I hope it helps others in their journey to new boobies
  7. Hi ladies, This post is basically going to be about my experience with Dr Tim Hewitt and St John of God hospital Subiaco so it might be a little bit long winded as I don't want to forget any details that someone else might find helpful like I did when I was reading this forum for research before my op. Also I'm still pretty well drugged up so I apologise for any spelling mistakes or if it doesn't make sense in parts Consultation - My first consultation was with a nurse at Absolute Cosmetics, she was very nice, polite and quietly spoken although she didn't really have a lot of information to tell me. The nurse basically just explained the procedure to me and Dr Glenn Murrays preferences when it comes to the breast implants and techniques he uses. I was pretty underwhelmed at this consultation and I left hopeful that Dr Hewitt would be more informative. So I went in and met Dr Hewitt and he was quite nice, friendly and professional. The first thing he did was ask why I was interested in a BA and what size I was hoping to be post op. After that he measured me up and we talked about my asymmetry and if I wanted that fixed if possible we talked about cutting out a 'melon slice' of skin just above my left nipple to bring it up closer the the level of my right and we spoke about CC's originally deciding on Silimed 330cc right and 385cc left. I left his office feeling excited and well informed, both he and his practice manager were both very informative and were quite happy to answer all my questions even via email after my consult. It didn't take me long to decide to go with Dr Hewitt. Pre Op Consult - My pre op consult with Dr Hewitt consisted of me telling him I was worried I was going to be too small and that I wanted to go for a full D instead of a C like I had originally said, he understood and re-measured me then we sat and spoke about the different options with the implants, wether to go with Silimed still but in a bigger size or to go with Mentor implants in a bigger size. In the end he suggested that I have either 375cc or 400cc round moderate Mentor implants, under the muscle with a crease incision. He told me that that size would definitely take me to a D, and that he was happy to do either size but we would speak more about it on the day. I left feeling confident that I would be happy with my results and excited for surgery. During this day and Surgery day my anaesthetist called me to tell me that I was to fast from 7am on wednesday morning and only a little bit of water up until 9am. Surgery Day - I woke up feeling quite confident and not nervous which wasn't expected, I had my breakfast and showered using the antibacterial wash then made sure I had packed everything for my overnight stay. Then we headed off to the hospital. I arrived at 10:45am ready to check in at 11am, all of the admission staff at St John of God were quite nice and friendly. There was a bit of waiting and going from one waiting room to another. I arrived in pre med at about 12pm (surgery was at 1:30pm) where I changed into my gown and stockings. My anaesthetist visited me and he marked out two places on my left arm where he may have used for my IV and he put some numbing cream on the areas for me (as I'm a sook when it comes to needles) and said he would see me in theatre. I had DR Knuckey, he is very nice and funny. I took my pre meds and actually dozed off while waiting to go into theatre. It was a pretty busy day for theatre and I didn't go into surgery until about 3pm, I was wheeled into the theatre holding room and had my circulation pads put on my legs and surgical hat, then Dr Hewitt came out and marked me up, he told me that he has decided on using 400cc on both sides and I was quite happy with that. A few minutes later I was wheeled into theatre and I slid onto the operating bed where I met the assisting nurses they were very nice and kept me occupied while Dr Knuckey put my IV in, Dr Hewitt and he were joking around together and that helped me feel more at ease. Recovery - Next thing you know I'm waking up in a room which turns out to be in the Day Surgery as all of the wards were full already, my chest felt VERY tight and it was a bit of a struggle to breathe at first but after I had some painkillers and a nap I felt fine for the rest of the night. It was hard to sleep with the circulation pads on my legs as they puff up like a blood pressure pad every few seconds. That was quite annoying. The nurse I had overnight was fantastic, she was so helpful and kind and didn't mind my lame drugged up jokes (haha). I just dozed all night really, the longest I slept was about an hour but that was just due to sleeping a bit upright and the pads on my legs. I had no pain at all until I had finished having a shower this morning and even then it was just a bit tender. Dr Hewitt came to see me just before my shower, he explained what he had done in surgery and that we had gone with the 400cc and he was extremely pleased with how they turned out and that he was glad we had decided to go with that size. He didn't end up doing the melon slice on my left nipple because he said that the asymmetry is less obvious at a larger size, and to be honest no boobs are 100% symmetrical are they? haha He said that my incisions looked great and I was doing well seeing as I had been up walking around during the night and morning. Then my Mum came to pick me up and I was discharged. Towards the end of the drive home (about an hour drive on the freeway) I started to get a little bit uncomfortable with bumps in the road and corners so I made sure when I got home that I took some painkillers, propped myself up in bed and had an hour or so nap. I woke up feeling a bit tender still so I've just had some toast and the rest of my medication then I decided I would write this novel I'm sorry it is so long but I didn't want to miss anything, if you have any questions feel free to FR or just ask. Once I figure out how to upload photos I will upload my pre op photos and the post op ones when I get a chance to take some. Thankyou for reading this far, I hope I could help if someone is reading this as research Thanks! xx
  8. Hi ladies! Surgery went well, I didn't freak out about the needle! YAY haha I haven't had a chance to look at the girls yet so I don't know what they're like, just firm at the moment. Thankyou so much again for all your positive vibes, they definitely helped! I'll post a bit more in the morning I think. Good night everyone xx
  9. Thankyou guys so much! You don't know how much it means to me that everyone is being so kind! I had a pretty good sleep last night, woke up not nervous or anything, about to have my breakfast then start fasting. I'll try to let you all know how I go as soon as I can
  10. Thankyou so much ladies, it helps to think that I'm not the only one who has felt nervous and what not. DanniP I bet I'll post tomorrow and say it was so easy! Haha I'll keep chanting that over and over until I go to sleep and wake up with new boobies x
  11. I have a few pillows ready and a doona if I need it, if I feel like I need the triangle pillow I will get one though, I've ready that it helps to settle back into sleeping on your belly when you're ready, as I'm mainly a belly sleeper
  12. Ah thankyou so much! I have a pillow fort set up at the moment and my mum will be on standby if I need anything else I think. I'm starting to get nervous now, all I can think about is the needles haha sad I know. Thankyou so much for all your info, I really appreciate it! I'll make sure to let you guys know how I go!
  13. Aw I'm sure I'll cry at some point haha I just get myself so worked up I'm at Subiaco, staying overnight
  14. Hey guys so my surgery is tomorrow, check in at 11am at SJOG and surgery is at 1pm. So this whole time I haven't felt nervous at all just a bit excited about it, until last night! I barely slept, I had fleeting thoughts of what am I doing, why am I doing this, this is crazy and I felt like my heart was racing the whole night and I'm feeling a bit nervous and jittery now. Once I woke up properly this morning I realised this is what I've wanted to do for a long time now and I am happy and comfortable with my decision but I can't stop thinking about having my anaesthesia needle being put in and it's freaking me out! Does anyone have any tips to help me calm down a bit? Haha anything is appreciated!! Sorry for the rant haha
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