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    BA 26/5/14
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    Craig Rubenstein
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    52kg/153cm/pre op 12c hoping for DD

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  1. Can I ask why you are regretting your surgery as I am considering getting a tt?
  2. Just wondering on people's opinions with their experiences. I am deciding between tt or lipo. I am 55kg and 5 foot. My question is do you see as dramatic results with lipo then u would tt? Considering medicare dont pay for tt and i do not have phi lipo would prob be the cheaper option but i dont want to do it to save $ and not happy with result. Any recommendations ? I am based in Melbourne.
  3. She Science are amazing I got a voucher from my PS to get a bra there. They have bras from different brands. You have a chat about what ur looking for then they fit u and bring out all these bras to try on so u can see what you like best. You can even jog on a treadmill and they measure your bounce and can recommend a bra for you. Highly recommended. They also have an online store.
  4. I went with Craig Rubenstein cost me $14000 could not be happier with my result. Good Luck x
  5. Hi send u a fr request would love to see ur results I am considering revision as I want to go larger:-)
  6. Hi Kez I had my BA done by Craig and could not be happier. Considering getting a TT by Craig too. I don't have phi eithet. Just wondering on costs his quoted you?
  7. No mine do not sit high at all. I too was worried that they would be high but mine are just fine. When is ur survery booked for?
  8. Hi look at my pics I had mine done by Craig I was a small C. I had 400 put in and it has taken me o DD/E. However I am only 153cm tall and my BWD was 12.5. I would go with what he advises he truly knows his stuff. Could not be more then happier with my results.
  9. So happy with how they have turned out.
  10. Hi would love to see pics I got 400 wish I'd gone bigger!
  11. I too had mine done with Craig on May 26th and could not agree with you more!
  12. Hi I was a c now am a DD. I love them only wish I had gone bigger!
  13. I know how you feel I had my BA with Craig on the 26th May and could not be more happier with the end result and the service I was given!
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