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    Consultation booked with Dr. Rastogi, thinking of a consultation with Dr. Miroshnik.
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    Height 5'6, 60 kg, currently 12a

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  1. Hi Sami.j I feel for you, I hope everything goes well for you, definitely get the lump removed, I had two lumps removed and both begnign from same boob. Ask your breast surgeon to try remove the lump through an incision around the areola. One of mine was removed this way but the other has left a scar across my boob as the surgeon was unable to remove it any other way. Congrats on your BA...
  2. That sounds awesome...
  3. Thank you Glass girl that does help. Hope you get great results with Dr. Nettle.
  4. I hope you get amazing results, i would love to follow your progress so may I send a Fr request. All the best for a speedy recovery.
  5. Thank you to all you girls, your words and thoughts were comforting. I ended up having a double lumpectomy under a GA. The results have come back all clear. Unfortunately I have an unsightly scar across my breast, hopefully it will fade in time. So i am now able to go ahead with a BA and the doctor told me just to do a mammogram in 2 years.
  6. Hi Girls, I have recently made a decision to have a consult with both Dr. Rastogi and Dr. Miroshnik, after being given the all clear after a negative mammogram and double lumpectomy. I am interested in surgery experiences and pics of before and afters. Thanks heaps...
  7. I am sorry to read your news of your delay. I am sure you will be ok, better to listen to the advice of the doctors and hopefully everything will be alright on Wednesday. Sending you positive thoughts and wishes. I recently had a double lumpectomy, my results came back clear, I was terrified at the time but I focused on the positive. Wishing you all the best for Wednesday, keep us updated.
  8. Do you know who your friend spoke to ? I think some surgeons are conservative. My advice would be that Dr. Val is not so conservative . My GF does look amazing , from memory she had Nagor round 450 cc, XHP. Under the muscle. She was a 12a pre op and a size 10 clothing. I think she is a DD/E now but still looks in proportion to the rest of her body. Great job. My preference at the moment is teardrop, TCI do more round implants I think than teardrop. Having said about my preference lol I haven't yet been to any consultations so I don't know which will suit or be suggested by a surgeon and I may postpone my BA until after another mammogram in 6 months Health comes first as I have two kids to consider. I am sure Dr. Val will advise you what is best for you. I think it's quite natural to panic and second guess yourself. Place your trust in your chosen surgeon that made you feel comfortable. There are a lot of great reviews on this forum of TCI. Maybe you could search in stories and exp girls experiences with Dr. Val. All the best.
  9. Awesome Hun, hope you recover quickly and love your new boobs
  10. I have been to Breast Screen Nsw twice now in last few weeks, both times the ladies were lovely, actually ok when I spoke to them about implants and mammograms. The Breast surgeon I spoke to today specializes in removing cancer from women's breasts, older gentleman, really communicative and friendly. He did say in his opinion that under the muscle was preferable especially easier for the mammogram and ultrasound to be able to detect changes to the breast tissue. I asked him about Dual plane placement and he spoke about that saying that it was an easier operation for the surgeon to implant and that it was also good placement for mammograms and ultrasounds to detect changes to the breast tissue. He didn't mention the over the muscle placement to me but the women from breast screen Nsw told me that with over the muscle placement ithere is a small risk that the implant could hide changes to breast tissue. The breast surgeon also spoke to me about what he does and the few plastic surgeons he works along side with that do breast reconstruction for women that undergo masectomy. I will try and remember to ask also when I see him again next Tuesday about mammograms altering the shape of implants within the first 12 months. Sorry to hear that your experience with breast screening staff was unpleasant. For me personally I was considering under the muscle and dual plane placement because there is a history of cancer in my family, my mother and grandmother. I am a 12a/aa cup so I really want a fuller breast.
  11. So here is an update...... A truly grueling 5 hours..... I Went in to the hospital breast screening department where I had a second mammogram which I have to say is painful as your boobs get squished and since I have hardly any it was extremely uncomfortable but the women who work there are lovely. They found calcification so I had to have an ultrasound and then I had to wait to speak to a breast surgeon. He was also very very lovely and knowledgable . He explained to me that the calcification was dispersed, not clumping together so his advice was for me to have another mammogram in 6 months time. He spoke to me about breast implants and placement of them and then explained that there is a lump in my breast so he sent me for an ultrasound biopsy , not a mammogram biopsy as my boobs are too small for that. I then had to have a 3rd mammogram and I have another appointment with him next Tuesday to get my results. The surgeon has said to me that if my results are ok then I can go ahead with implants. AIt was suggested to me that a mammogram can be performed after 6 months of placing in the implants so as the incision site has had time to heal. Question.... Can a mammogram alter the shape of the implants ??
  12. Hi, I have seen quite a few pics of before and after photos of women go from A to D, I guess it will depend on your waist and hips and all the measurements of your bust, chest wall, Bwd of current boobs. My girlfriend had A to DD/E with Dr. Val and she looks amazing. My BA is currently on hold cos had 2 mammograms, an ultra sound, Biopsy and another mammogram today. They found a lump so waiting for further results next week before I can hopefully proceed. I am sure all the girls on here will help you further. My girlfriend shared her pics with me and she looks amazing after 9 months. Hope this helps a little to put your mind at ease. All the best.
  13. How very exciting Hun, I wish you all the best for everything to go smoothly and a quick recovery
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