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    Consultation booked with Dr. Rastogi, thinking of a consultation with Dr. Miroshnik.
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    Height 5'6, 60 kg, currently 12a

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  1. Hi Sami.j I feel for you, I hope everything goes well for you, definitely get the lump removed, I had two lumps removed and both begnign from same boob. Ask your breast surgeon to try remove the lump through an incision around the areola. One of mine was removed this way but the other has left a scar across my boob as the surgeon was unable to remove it any other way. Congrats on your BA...
  2. That sounds awesome...
  3. That is great news :) I can imagine the scars wouldn't leave you with a nice feeling but I guess the price of health can't always end exactly how we want. And on the positive I'm so happy that everything's clear and you are free to get your new boobs when u want too! I was lucky under GA I didn't have any side effects so glad I didn't wake in tears, might have disappointed the surgeon lol. So glad you have had good news!! Thanks for letting me know xoxo

  4. Thank you Glass girl that does help. Hope you get great results with Dr. Nettle.
  5. I hope you get amazing results, i would love to follow your progress so may I send a Fr request. All the best for a speedy recovery.
  6. Hi Southern girl, I ended up having a double lumpectomy on right boob, under GA. One incision was around areola and other across my boob. Bit disappointed about position of scar, also it feels lumpy. On the upside the results are clear, so can have boogies anytime and have to do another mammogram in 2 years. Great news. On the down side the GA made me cry lol. I recovered quickly though. So for anyone going for a GA i can recommend that from experience when you go under make sure you think of something positive cos how you feel when you go under determines how you wake up lol.

  7. Thank you to all you girls, your words and thoughts were comforting. I ended up having a double lumpectomy under a GA. The results have come back all clear. Unfortunately I have an unsightly scar across my breast, hopefully it will fade in time. So i am now able to go ahead with a BA and the doctor told me just to do a mammogram in 2 years.
  8. Hi Girls, I have recently made a decision to have a consult with both Dr. Rastogi and Dr. Miroshnik, after being given the all clear after a negative mammogram and double lumpectomy. I am interested in surgery experiences and pics of before and afters. Thanks heaps...
  9. I am sorry to read your news of your delay. I am sure you will be ok, better to listen to the advice of the doctors and hopefully everything will be alright on Wednesday. Sending you positive thoughts and wishes. I recently had a double lumpectomy, my results came back clear, I was terrified at the time but I focused on the positive. Wishing you all the best for Wednesday, keep us updated.
  10. Sure :) sorry for late reply :) xx

  11. Hey Hun we are both in July would love to follow your progress :)

  12. Thank you Minnie :)

  13. Hi, may I send a Fr request please

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