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    Consultation booked with Dr. Rastogi, thinking of a consultation with Dr. Miroshnik.
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    Height 5'6, 60 kg, currently 12a

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  1. Because i have larger implants and they need to be placed in the correct spot first time (brazilians cant just be pushed in and poked around because they stick like velcro and hence why you need a talented surgeon for them), I have a 6-7cm scar they are barely noticeable, very neat and they sit in the crease of my breast. It really depends on the surgeon with the lady you spoke with. i cant feel the implant at the top because they are under the muscle there, i used to be able to feel the sides a little but now that they have softened and settled I cant (I am a year post op next mth). Brazilians dont drop as they stay in the same place, but because they are placed half under the muscle they do sort of fluff when the muscle relaxes and give more lower pole fullness.. When I first had my surgery my implants were very firm, now nearly a year on they are very soft (the will never be as soft as other implants though) but brazilians can take 12-18mths to fully soften.

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