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    BA / Starting with barely A cup, hoping for C-D. anatomicals under the muscle possibly 360ccs
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    Dr Rodney Cooter 19th June 2014
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    167cm / 52kg / Barely A cup

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  1. I didn't feel normal until about 5-6 weeks. The first week was hard, I couldn't sit up by myself and couldn't lift my arms. I had a job interview 9 days post op and it took me so long to do my hair, it was absolute torture haha (got the job so it was worth it!) baring in mind I couldn't take the endone so it was solely panadol as my pain relief!! By 3-4 weeks it wasn't obvious that i was awkward but I still couldn't do things like vacuum/mop the floors at work (they need a good scrub) til about 6 weeks. I would allow atleast 3 weeks if your having unders for resuming regular activities. My friend had overs and was out shopping the next day!
  2. Definitely not too big! I'm similar stats, 53kg 167cm and I got 330cc mod plus unders as was totally flat and that's the most that would fit!! I didn't want big fake looking boobs but I didn't mind if people did a double take thinking they looked too good to be real which is exactly what I get! They are easy enough to hide but also big enough to wear all the clothes I never could! Definitely go with the 330's, garuntee you'll still get boob greed haha!
  3. Sorry to hear your not happy it's a horrible feeling when you had been looking forward to this whole experience for so long. I would speak to my surgeon like the other girls said. I think the longer you leave it the harder it will be on you because you already have that negativity with them. Goodluck hun xoxox sending FR
  4. Wow everyone has got so much happening! Losing track of everything lol. My cat is fine, for those of you who saw that post lol, $400 later, she is resting up a sprain not a break in her leg (phew) Question tho girls, Can anyone else feel their implant? My left boob right on the edge at the top near my under arm I can kinda feel like a little bubble. It's squishy and I think it's the implant cos it kinda feels plasticy (wow that probably makes no sense) I can kind of feel it in my right (I think) aswell, not as much tho.. I see my PS next week but just wondering if it's anything to worry about?
  5. Love that dress it's gorgeous! Have had such a crappy crappy day. Couldn't find my cat at all today and she's usually more like a dog and doesn't leave the back yard so it was very strange when she missed break fast this morning. Anywho she appeared about 4.30 this arvo and is limping pretty bad on her back legs. I had to take her to the emergency vet and she peed herself in the car in her cage from stress :( she's currently getting xrays to assess the damage I am waiting to hear how she is. Hope everyone else has had a much better day than me.
  6. Hi Hun, I was told between 320-360ccs. My stats are in my signature. I got 330cc in the end as I had very little breast tissue to begin with and that is the biggest that would Fit. I will be 3 weeks post op tomorrow and am yet to be sized but I did try on 2 C cup bras a couple of days ago and both were too small so I'm thinking I will end up with a D. Feel free to send me a FR for pics
  7. I saw your original post Mollyjo but it has now disappeared :/
  8. I finally grew a pair and uploaded photos! The sad little befores and some post op pics of my new assets! Feel free to have a looksie if we are friends (or send me a FR anyone I'm not friends with yet)
  9. Hi girls! Sorry iv been MIA. Started my new job Monday so been very busy. Between that and trying to figure this new site out and catch up of what iv missed it's been hard! Lol. I can't possibly remember everything I caught up on but glad everyone is doing well. I have been doing great. Iv been side sleeping on and off since 5 days post op. Had minimal swelling in general the whole time. Am V happy with my boobs. Sometimes I wish they were bigger but I went the biggest that would fit in my little boob I had and I'm quickly reminded how big and amazing they actually are when I take my bra off and look in the mirror!! Having alot of trouble with the site. I can't seem to see anyone's profiles or anything it's weird even people I'm friends with. :/
  10. 2.15pm Vivian! Not as early as I'd like but I guess Atleast it's tomorrow!! Worst part is I have a job interview tomorrow and have to go feeling icky cos I don't get my tape off til afterwards! I mean, iv been baby wiping, flannel washing and using more deodorant than necessary but I still feel Icky. Hubby assures me I don't smell so that's a plus lol.
  11. I know your pain with your pooch! I am totally besotted with my girl she is my best friend and comes to work with me every day, I don't have kids yet but I treat her as a daughter lol. I had to get mum to hold her while I sat down and protected my boobs with a pillow and mum put her on my lap (she's a 3kg toy poodle so not big) and she calmed down straight away and has been fantastic ever since, she's very smart and definitely knows something is wrong with me so has been so gentle. My big boy (British bulldog) is the most mellow dog you've ever met (I have to drag him out of bed most days otherwise he wont even get out of bed all day lol) so he has been fine.
  12. No worries at all hun, you will get happier and happier as the days go by. Will send you a FR. The girls on this forum are a god send!! Yayyy nataliiee so glad to hear your happy! I would take the endone if you can but make sure you eat plenty when taking it cos its so strong it may irritate your tummy. If you find you can't stomach it tho you will survive just on Panadol. I only took endone for the first 24hours and after throwing up for the 4th time I gave up! Just rest as much as you can and you will feel much better in no time
  13. Missy, I balled my eyes out cos I didn't think mine were big enough when I woke up from anaesthetic. I asked how many ccs I got (was going to be between 320-360 depending what fitted best) and when the nurse said 330 I was soon upset. Partially because I told my surgeon I wanted to be between a c-D but when I woke up I just wanted them to be a D (bit late once surgery was done lol) my doc said he thought 360 would give me a C (not sure if he was trying to play them down a bit so I didn't get my hopes up cos all the girls iv compared to with similar stats have ended up with a D or even Dd with this size implant) and because I had practically nothing to start with our was happy just to have some! So I freaked out thinking that 330 would only give me a B. And they looked small too. I'm now in a post op bra size C that I can hardly breath in lol. They have defiantly slowly gotten bigger. I'm only 7 days post op so I'm still praying for a D! My bestie sae them day of the op and then came again to see me on day 4 and said they already looked bigger. Try not to stress. It will happen
  14. Yay Mollyjo well done! So glad to hear your happy! Good luck tomorrow Nataliiee, Nadine and bigboobies. Your dreams are about to come true! Can't wait to follow your progress! 2 more sleeps til I can shower girls! Just FYI lol
  15. Nataliiee, the pain is very manageable. And it is amazing how much better you feel every day after you wake up. I took endone for the first 2 days but after it made me throw up for the 4th time I decided it wasn't worth it. So just normal panadol from there on. I have had no pain in my breasts at all (I can still feel them so not cos they are numb) the first couple of days skin felt tight and I got short of breath a couple of times if I tried talking to much (I do talk ALOT tho lol) my only pain has been under my arms where my ribs are. The muscle under there restricted my arm movements for 3 days (couldn't lift them hardly at all not even to scratch my face) but that was my only problem obviously cos I had unders. I did need help getting up for the first 3 days aswell, and if someone is there to help you I advise you to take that help because the less u use your muscles (aside from light moving and stretching) the quicker you will heal. Day 4 I could manage on my own-slowly tho. I only had day surgery and was there for 4 and a half hours in total. I was given a script to pick up on my way home so mum ran in and grabbed that for me.
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