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    Planning to get Breast Augmentation to increase breast size.
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    Dr Huy Tang and 4th of July
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    168cm, 50kgs
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  1. Hi Abake/Amy, I'm glad it helped Definitely buy a zip up or button up top because you cannot lift or put pressure on your arms after the surgery. I was thinking it should be fine to wear a loose top as well, but my friends told me not to. And I'm so glad I listened. Also, the nurses will help you put on your clothes
  2. Hi Polly08, It really comes down to your body and how well you react to it. It was suggested that I could drive again after 1 week. But I didn't feel like I was able to comfortably drive after 2 weeks. But since you're just sitting in the plane, it shouldn't be too bad. Just make sure you have someone to take care of you. My recovery literally progresses day by day, and by day 2 I felt completely fine to get out of bed and do light activities. The needle process was the inner arm, but they sorta talk to you and there's another person holding your other arm, so you can just pay attention to them and you won't really notice it going in The staff were great after the post op. They did call and book me in for post op checks like they said. I also read that review, but I highly think it was someone that just made it up. Cos if you read the TCI reply, you would see that the person didn't follow up with the bad review. Dr Tang is great, he was so helpful throughout the entire process. When I went to my post check up, I had a concern with my healing process and the nurse immediately offered for me to talk to Dr Tang (if he was available) and he was. He told me exactly how much more he wanted my boobs to drop and how the incisions were healing at a good rate. TCI is strongly enthusiastic about their customer service and strives to make your experience very easy. I honestly felt so great after having my boobs done there. The surgery is 6000, the consultation is 150, post op bra is 65, and you needed less than $50 for the medication after the surgery. you will need someone to get you the meds before they discharge you. So make sure you've got someone with you I never asked them about yearly checkups. But they offer check ups at 1 week, 1 month, 6 months and a year. From what I remember, they said I was welcomed to come back and ask them anything if I was concerned. You're very welcome Hun! Sorry, I don't take pictures cos of personal reasons. But there is heaps on their site if you're interested in looking
  3. Yep, so basically the lines that were drawn were to show where the curve of your boobs and the bottom part was where the incision will be.
  4. Sorry I don't know, but when I booked for mine. It was around the beginning of April and there wasn't a vacancy until July.
  5. this might be slightly off topic, but i'm very disappointed in lorna janes returns policy. i purchased a sports bra there and was not allowed to be given a refund, only exchanges.. i know it is clearly stated in the receipt, but no one would really be aware of this until they have already purchased the garment. the thing that made me more annoyed was their sport bras aren't cheap. it was $60, and i didn't want anything in their store, so I ended up getting store credit, which i probably won't end up using.. it is pretty limited as well after i did some research, i noticed that i would prefer the sport bras with the clasp at the back, they only had one which was recently released and is only available in one colour.. moreover, i also heard the two staffs saying how store credits will no longer be available after wednesday and it will be only be exchanges. just letting everyone know, in case you might be thinking of shopping around for sport bras at LJs
  6. Hi everyone, I know there has been many Dr Tang stories on this forum but I felt like I should also share my experience from start to finish. Generally because I notice the experiences are similar, however, some people dealt with the post op differently than others. Pre-Consultation About a week before my consultation, I received an email in regards of my surgery and the details that I should follow. There was an attachment of the do's and dont's before and after the surgery. I found it very helpful because it was divided across the days and weeks so I know exactly what to do every step of the way. On the day prior to the consultation, I received an email to remind me of my consultation. Consultation (10 days before the op) When I arrived at TCI for the consultation there were two lovely consultants who told me to fill out a form and take a seat. There was a short wait until I got into the room with Dr Tang (and my mother who I brought along with me). He shook my hand and introduced himself to me and we all sat down at the table. He first started off by asking me what I wanted. I answered him by suggesting a particular cup size (C to D) and he went in depth with what will be happening in the consultation. He did a few measurements and wrote them down, then he got me to wear a post op bra. Once I've worn the bra, he gave me these silicone shaped boobs where i put them inside to find my desired size. We tried size-by-size until he told me the max he would do for me due the measurements he has taken earlier. I was happy with the size I've gotten as well. After that, he went through the procedures of what will be happening for the operation. He was very in depth of everything from where the incision will be and the dangers of other areas. He also went in depth of the difficulties that occur and made sure I was completely aware with everything. Through his explanation, he continuously asked me if I had any questions and explained in greater detail of anything that may have confused me. Overall, the consultation was about 40-50 minutes. I barely had questions because I have other friends who have gotten it done by him so I already had my questions answered by them. Pre-Admission The day before my surgery, I received a call around 3pm to tell me about my admission time and my fasting time. They also told me what I should wear, which was a loose zip-up or button up top and loose pants. They also sent me an email with what they already told me on the phone. Operation Day My admission time was 12, so I arrived there around 11:40. Everything was quite on time (only a few minutes wait after the admission time, which didn't bother me because I knew I was there early anyways). All I had on my was my phone and glasses case. I was told to go into a room to change into my gown, put my hair in a hair net (it's a good idea to tie up your hair to make this stage easier), a disposable g-string (you can wear your own), I had a warm blanket (literally warm) and a bag to put my clothes/belongings in. After that, Dr Tang came in, asked me how I was feeling and took photos of me. We moved into a different room where there was a tv and a couch for me to sit on. He asked me to stand up and he draw lines around my chest area for the surgery. He also explained what the lines were for and he wrote my size on the top/middle of my chest. He once again clarified with what will be happening and told me to take a seat. Not long after there was a nurse that came in and asked me general questions. After a few minutes, the anaesthetist came and also answer similar general questions. Soon after that, the same nurse that asked me questions, came in and led me to my operation room where I laid down and heard some music. From what I remember, there was the nurse on my right side and the anaesthetist on my left side. He injected a needle and told me it may just sting a little bit (but it didn't sting at all for me). And not long after, I fell asleep. When I woke up, I sort of forgot what happened. I just remember shivering because I felt very cold. Then I realised that my op was finished. I saw the nurse and she told me to just rest abit longer. Dr Tang came by to check up on me and asked me how I was feeling. Tbh, I didn't feel much pain at all and the boobs didn't feel heavy on me or anything like that. The only thing I felt was me shivering alot but there was the warm blanket there so that definitely helped. After a short while, the nurse helped put my clothes back on and I was guided to sit at the recliner chair where there was biscuits, a lollypop and water for me. I had the lollypop and drank the water. The nurse there was very nice. I was still thirsty and she was happy to grab me another cup of water. I called my bf to get my meds and about 10 minutes he came in and saw me at the recovery room. We both sat there for a while. The nurse was praising me for how well I was handling everything. I honestly felt very fine and I couldn't believe it myself. She gave my boyfriend instructions of what I should and shouldn't be doing and how he should help with basic activities, such as, getting in and out the bed. She also went through the medications and how I should intake them. My boyfriend and I both thought she was very wonderful and friendly. I asked her if I could leave but she told me I should just stay abit longer to see how I feel. After about 10 minutes she told me stand up and asked me to walk up and down the section. She directed my boyfriend to where he will pick me up and she also gave me the warm blanket and told me it is to be thrown out after 10 hours. That warm blanket was awesome, it stayed warm for so long. Post-Op Check Up After 1 Week Prior to the check up, I received a phone call to confirm or advise TCI whether I can or cannot make it to the appointment. When I went to TCI, I was told there will be a short wait because they're running just abit behind schedule, which is fine because I don't really mind waiting for a little bit. A nurse came up and called out my name and I followed her into a room. She took pictures of me and then asked me to lay down on a bed where she changed my dressing and advised me how my healing is going. My left side was healing slightly slower and she told my right side has closed up nicely. The reason behind this is because one side of my boobs did have a little bit more volume than the other. She told me about the stratamed gel product and showed me how to massage my boobs. This exercise is to be done three times a day for 60 to 90 seconds. She also then booked me in for my 3 week post-op check up and asked me what time would suit me. She was also very nice. I'm very glad I've gotten my boobs done at TCI. I couldn't have asked for a better surgeon and the nurses/consultants are all very informative. p.s. sorry for such the long post, I didn't expect it to be this long but when I started typing I couldn't stop being in depth with every step of my procedure. Feel free to ask me anything, I will try my best to help you!
  7. Hi everyone! Just an update of what I've decided after I went bra shopping today. I have decided to get three of the complete comfort bras from BNT. Thank you so much to all those that suggested it, the workers there were so lovely and helpful! I decided to not get any sports bras because I realised they are actually very difficult to put on and the band around the chest made it difficult for me to put my hands in, but it did sit well when I placed it on. Thank you everyone and I hope this helps others who are planning to find bras. <3
  8. Thank you everyone for your advice and guidance. I will be sure to check out BNT tomorrow and I will let you guys know what I end up getting. So far I'm thinking of getting two of complete comfort bra and two sports bras from nike or something. I think that will do me well for now and I will gradually purchase other bras and sizes when my boobs become more settled. But once again, thank you everyone so much! <3
  9. Hi everyone! I was curious as to how everyone knows their bra fitting measurements after getting their BA. Growing up, I never really had any boobs so I just wore 10As, but since I've gotten my boobs done.. I was wondering where I should go to get my boobs properly fitted for bras. Because after 1 week post op, I am able to change into a bra that has no underwires and I really want to make sure that I'm wearing the right cup. Please give me recommendations!! Greatly appreciated <3
  10. Hey, I got my breast augmentation done on Friday the 4th of July and received a call on the 5th of July to check up how I was going after 24 hours. On top of that, my post op 1 week check up was also booked in for the 11th of July (which is 1 week after my op). Their service was exceptional and I feel so relieved that I trusted them throughout every step of the way because they clearly value the importance of customer service. The were great from day one and continually provide support after your op, which I found really grateful of!
  11. hey bruettie! sending you a FR. I'm with Dr Tang on the 4th of July!! Have you had your consult yet?
  12. Dr Tang, 4th of July! So excited
  13. Hey, I was just wondering how your recovery is going? I am booked for a BA in early July with Dr Tang and I was planning to go back to work like 2.5 weeks after... Not sure if it's a good idea, but I couldn't take too much off work. Are you able to do your usual routines yet? Also sent you a FR. Thank you, xx
  14. Hey, that's fine :). I'm booked with him on the 4th, so just a week before yours! :)

  15. Hi.. I just sent you a Friend request... Hope that is ok... I"m booked in with Dr. Tang for 11 th July

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