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  1. My friend had rhinoplasty surgery with Dr Montien last week. You can see her photos here
  2. Dr Montien doesn't do cheek implants but Dr Nond does. He charges 70,000THB with Silicone implant or 140,000THB with custom made PMMA implants using rapid prototyping. http://www.customized.co.th/
  3. There is good information about purchasing compression garments here http://forum.topdocs.asia/t/compression-garments/148/2 Apparently you can buy garments at the hospital but the problem is they might not have your size so the surgeons recommend buying them online prior to travel.
  4. I've heard great things about Dr Boonchai for breast surgery. There is a private group with his patients who refer to him as the boob god. He also does endoscopic breast augmentation. You can see some of his work and have an online consultation with him free on the link http://topdocs.asia/doctor/dr-boonchai-taweerattanasil/overview
  5. Have you considered Dr Boonchai? He is a well-known surgeon for this procedure. I've seen some good results for breast reduction by him. You can contact him directly for an online consultation free. http://topdocs.asia/doctor/dr-boonchai-taweerattanasil/prices
  6. So, sorry to hear about your terrible experience. May I ask the name of the surgeon?
  7. Have you considered Dr Nond for endoscopic brow lift? I had a video consultation with him just recently. He has developed a non invasive technique that is far superior than most other surgeons and gives a very natural look. You can have a consultation with him online free http://topdocs.asia/doctor/dr-nond-rojvachiranonda/about
  8. My aunty just had a tummy tuck with Dr Komwit in Bangkok. You can see her photos http://topdocs.asia/doctor/dr-komwit-kaewchaijaroenkit/overview
  9. So sorry to hear you had such a traumatic experience. It's really disappointing to hear that the surgeon did not address the infection when you were in Thailand. The doctor should of treated the infection the moment it was discovered. This lack of regard for your safety is atrocious. I would write a review about him to warn others about this surgeon so that they don't end up in the same situation. http://topdocs.asia/doctor/dr-rungkit-tanjapatkul/reviews
  10. Hi Peppy, You have a few different options to protect yourself and get peace of mind. 1. There are 2 insurance companies offering complications insurance specifically for medical tourists. One is called Global Protective Solutions and the other is Bordercross. https://hybrid.sevencorners.com/insurance/bordercross/HGPTSSN https://www.globalprotectivesolutions.com/enroll/individual_1.php 2. Some hospitals provide a guarantee but they have terms & conditions that you have to adhere to and it generally doesn't cover things like capsular contracture as it's an expected complication. From what I understand It mostly only covers negligence. 3. Some agencies also offer a fly back cover for a premium price. 4. NIB Options also offers some kind of cover. Just know that a normal travel insurance company won't cover anything.
  11. Don't use any company. Research the best surgeons for mummy makeover and book directly.
  12. For my first procedure I ended up booking with Dr Nond at Bumrungrad International Hospital. But for my second procedure (rhinoplasty) I booked directly with Dr Montien at Samitvej. From my experiences the service, efficiency and level of care was far better at Bumrungrad Hospital. However there is nothing wrong with Samitvej. Smiley girl I disagree GHT told you bullshit. There is a big difference between the 2 hospitals especially in regards to the nurses English. I'm curious as to why you are so negative towards them. I don't really give a ***** but if you think about it they connected with you with the surgeon who is considered the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Thailand. However to me the most important decision though is the experience of the doctor who is performing the surgery. For someone who has never travelled to Thailand then I would say have the procedure at Bumrungrad. But if you have travelled before and are fairly independent then Samitvej is great. I have an expat friend who lives in Bangkok and she said Samitvej is where all the expats go. She explained Bumrungrad is more of an international hospital. In 2014 when I contacted GHT I spoke with Cassandra who said she shut down GHT. I wouldn't believe the hoo haa from people who previously worked for that company for obvious reasons. In general my impression is that all agents are unscrupulous. The fact is that they are acting as a middle man and consulting based on the doctor they have personal experience with or refer you to the hospital that gives them the highest commission. This is clearly unethical. Destination Beauty, International Rejuvenation, Cosmeditour, Restored Beauty Getaways, Destination Beauty. They are all the same. They promote packages and Group Tours only. As patients we should be more concerned about the doctor who is performing the surgery. But it's so difficult to get access to that information. I spent 6 months trying to find out who was the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Thailand. If I could see reviews or talk to someone who had an experience it would of made my decision so much easier. I kind of feel like you are been used MizCoco as a pawn for the unscrupolous agents to protect their businesses.
  13. Hi Agree with SmilyGirl to consult with Dr Nond. I had a consultation with him and found him very professional and highly experienced. I met with him at the university where he is the head of the craniofacial unit helping children with deformities. He was the first surgeon in Thailand to introduce endoscopic technique. Unfortunately he was going away to attend a conference when I wanted to have surgery so he referred me to his colleague Dr Seree who I very pleased with. http://www.topdocsthailand.com/doctor/dr-nond-rojvachiranonda/
  14. I would have to say I was the ultimate "nervous nelly" about the prospect of travelling overseas for surgery. I feel grateful to all the people who have shared their experiences as I would never have gone ahead if it wasn't for this forum so I thought I should pay it forward. The most important decision for me was trying to find the best doctor in Bangkok who specialised in the procedures I wanted. I emailed so many doctors and consulted with three doctors whilst I was there before deciding on Dr Seree. I'm so gad that I finally made the plunge to do it when all my friends and family warned me against going overseas. Good luck to all those people who are embarking on their journey. You won't regret it.
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