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  1. Thankyou and goodluck let me know how you go
  2. oh wow I'm so sorry about the lump! Thank god you've had the tests though and have found it. I'm sure it's nothing but your very Lucky regardless! And thanks heaps I'm just really nervous as I spoke to a girl who was also very flat chested and she was only allowed I think 260cc which will only give her a b cup. I would be so dissapointed if I couldn't go any bigger than that.
  3. Hey guys. Booked in for surgery July 3rd Wirh DR VAL at TCI!!! Very nervous and still don't know how ill go with sizing. Wondering if anyone who is around 53kg 163 cm tall and an A/AA cup size pre surgery could send me some before and after photos! Really worried my boobs are too small to go to the size I want. Which is a D. Any help would be amAzind guys
  4. just booked i with Dr. Val at TCI for july 3rd! Pooping my pants!
  5. Hi! I feel very similar! Looking at your height and weight we are very similar but having boobs I would be over the moon! I've always been sale conscious of having no boobs but have been in a relationship for 3 and a half years now so I just stopped thinking about he because he loves me either way. It wasn't until my best friend started talking about a boob job and saying I should come that I brought it up with him and he was also really excited. It is a little upsetting but they've fallen in love with you how you are so it doesn't change anything. At the end of the day you need to love yourself and your body. To be able to look in the mirror naked and smile would be a dream come true. So if you feel like that and aren't happy with your body now then go for it! I'm almost 98% positive just a bit scared of the surgery itself. Goodluck though! If I end up going through with it then anyone can!
  6. hi mind if i fr you? im hoping to book in for july
  7. Whwre did you go Molly? What cup size had you planned on?
  8. We are very similar! I'm seriously considering Dr Tang or Ali. I've heard Ali is very conservative. TCI costs $5990 plus $200 consult $50 meds and $75 post op bra. Which I think is an amazing price for in Aus. It's something that I really want and have for years but I wouldn't spend more than that I don't think. I have money saved but would like some left over. That's exciting you have a consult! I'm so keen for TCI to reply to my inquiry
  9. Thanks so much! I just keep getting worried i dont even have enough skin for an implant to fit! I have read that especially about Dr. Ali that she is very conservative which is what i want as i have a very small frame up top but still have a bum! Such a hard life long decision! How log did you research before you went ahead with it?
  10. That makes me feel so relieved! Really doesnt seem that bad at all! We have a very similar body type What cup size were you hoping for? Was TCI great and professional? Ive wanted to do this since i was 16 but i am just beyond nervous
  11. How long did it take for you to get an appointment with Dr. Tang? Goodluck how exciting
  12. Hi Guys, Im new on here but am finding so much information i struggled to find anywhere else! Just wondering if anyone has any advice on sizing. Ive been wanting boobs for years and am finally getting up the courage! Im 21 years old, about 163.5 cm tall, 53 kg and struggle to fill an A cup. Ideally id love to fill out a C with no padding or a small D. Has anyone got a similar body size? Also considering TCI in sydney after everything ive read on here but so unsure on what surgeon to go with! Any advice would be incredible
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