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    Dr Rushapol Thailand BA December 3rd 2013. Dr Rushapol Thailand Rhinoplasty October 13th 2014.
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  1. Hmm- good point. He did say I had thick skin in the consult though so he did seem aware. You're defiantly right about getting a second opinion. Naw thanks Caterpillar!! Lets just hope the next one is the last one! xx
  2. I think I should definitely get a second opinion thank you so much for those names! I have seen a lot of success stories and horror stories. Half of me just wants to jump in and get it fixed. But the other half is thinking what if it makes it worse! I honestly think it's just down to chance and how your body heals. No amount of skills or research can predict!
  3. Thanks for that, I read that also and have heard other cases where they get it over and over again which is concerning. They said it can also be down to nutrition, how my body heals and even a injury while sleeping. You're right, my skin is super oily. So annoying! The hospital said I should use the same surgeon for revision because he knows best what was done. But I'm so worried. Fingers crossed after a revision it will come out as i wanted
  4. I had a lower done at PIAC by Dr Rushapol. Amazing results Super happy. Going back for uppers! In these photos I had a rhinoplasty and brow lift. They have a accurate quotes page on their website xx
  5. Hi everyone! I had a rhinoplasty reduction with Dr Rushapol in October 2014. Initially the results were okay. I was just concerned as it seemed like my nose projected far off my face but that has since gone down slightly. It has now developed scar tissue or pollybeak so I am planning to go back for revision. I had a review from the board at PIAC and they are going to cover 50% of the procedure cost. The said it wasn't surgical error as it developed over time. I have read a lot of reviews from Dr Rushapol and there are some terrible ones out there. I am hesitant to go back to him. Does anyone know who the best surgeon for revision rhinoplasty at PIAC is? I am now 10 months post opp. I have attached some pictures. My giant nose before. Immediately after. And now. Extremly hesitant to go back as I heard the scar tissue can reform into pollybeak. Does anyone have any useful information? Thanks guys! xx
  6. I woke up like I was getting a fright. I think I gasped! And then realised where I was and what had happen and was pretty calm. My eyes were blurry so I shut them and kept falling in and out of sleep. I was awake when they lifted me up and placed me in my room bed. None of the other girls I went with were awake for that. I fell back asleep as soon as I hit my bed and when I woke up I was really happy and every time a nurse came in I was like HIIIIIII! They gave me a huge bowl of spag bol which I did not want at all. Wasn't very hungry for a few days and was heaps bloated. Hard to move my arms and had to get a nurse to help me get to the bathroom to pee! The next day I thought I felt fine and got up to walk, felt REALLY dizzy and had to sit back down instantly else I would have fallen down. Another girl fell down so be careful when you think you feel ok. After that it was sweeeet. Was not bad at all. Totally worth it and would do it again. Rhino next week, will be interesting to see if it feels the same waking up a second time!
  7. Omg guys, so many of you are getting ripped off! I used this website and paid for my surgery before I went. It saved me about $500 compared to doing it through Westpack like they suggest. https://www.ozforex.com.au They have a option of putting it into their westpack or thai account. Choose the thai one and use this site. 100% safe. Really nice call centre people. I am really dumb with stuff like this, but my partner helped me find the best deal. Lots of good reviews, highly recomended. The only fee is $15 and the quote once you do a 'spot quote' is accurate. Once you lock it in, that's exactly what you pay Do a quote there and then do a quote on http://www.westpac.com.au/personal-banking/services/fx-calculator-rates/ with 'telegraphic transfer' as PIAC request to see the difference. So stoked
  8. Okay so if I have a wonky nose in the first few weeks I will try not to have a heart attack. XD Is it swollen to the point it looks funny? Or swollen to the point where it probably just looks the same size as it was pre op? Just trying to mentally prepare. I watched a open rhino on youtube. I dont know why.
  9. Whitey, how can you tell it's going to go down- is it different from the rest of the nose? Mine is in two weeks. Panicing.
  10. I will definatly be writing a recovery blog so other people can learn from my experience. Can't wait! From what I haev read the nose splint could be one or two weeks depending on what surgeon and what procedure and their personal prefrences. I have things planned from day 10 so fingers crossed I am up for it! Keep in touch xx
  11. Yup prices were very reasonble. Super clean, quick and professional. And really good at replying and answeing questions via email. http://www.phuketsmiledental.com/dental-clinic/clinic.php
  12. Hey guys, I had a BA last December and found recovery pretty easy. Not much pain, just a bit groggy for a few days and obviously had no arm strength. I am booked for a reduction rhinoplasty in 8 weeks and am starting to get nervous. Has anyone had both procedures and able to compare recovery? I have been sneeky and booked some low key activities starting from day 10. Was quite assumptive and hoping I feel up to it by then. i am also needing to get some dental (A crown replacement and three veneers) and wondering if anyone knew what day of recovery I would start to feel up to it. I understand it is different for everyone, just looking for some other peoples experiences. Getting excited and nervous eeep!
  13. Got my responce and booked for October. Do PIAC do computer imaging in the consolutation so you can see how it will look?
  14. Piac recommended dental 9 days after rhinoplasty but im hoping to sneak in after a week to make sure they have enough time to complete everything! Depends on recovery obviously and I wouldnt push it if I wasnt up to it. Are you having dental at the hospital? I found they're pretty expensive compared to smile studio phuket where im goin. Ive been waiting a week for Dr R to get back to me but its three months away so I might get pushed down the line since there are people going in a few weeks. Trying to wait patiently but too excited. They have secured my date, just waiting on recommendation and pricing eeek
  15. I am a qualified beauty therapist, it is hard to say from a photo but it does not sound like ingrown hairs if you can just pull them out easially. It just looks like a excess build up of oil and skin trapped in the pores. You can extract them and maintain it with a exfoliator. Depends if your skin is sensitive or can handle a scrub to depend on how rough you want the beads. I like those exfoliating gloves for my legs
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