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    Breast implants
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    Dr Maria Popa
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    172cm / 64kg /pre op 10c
  1. Hi girls! I had my BA around two months ago. I'm looking at starting some scar treatment, their not bad, just a bit red. Who can tell me the best one to use!? Before I rush out tomorrow and buy some! Thankyou x
  2. I had my surgery last Friday and I was so so terrified the week before I considered cancelling it. It was so simple - I'd do it again tomorrow if I had to! It easy for others to say 'you will be fine, there's nothing to worry about' .. But when it's you going for that op it's a totally different story! But in all seriousness - the moment you wake up and it's all over , it's the best feeling in the world! I tried to turn my nervous energy into excitement! I'm thrilled now! X x
  3. Hi girls! im a week PO tomorrow, and I have a birthday party this weekend! would it be okay to apply some tan just on the top part of my boobs etc or is it too risky!? Thankyou =)
  4. When is it safe to to some light lower body exercise at the gym? Maybe just the cross trainer or something? Thankyou x
  5. Hi girls! i had my BA on Friday June 20. i haven't had any pain meds, it's been a breeze!! I just really want the swelling to go down, cause they look like cones at the minute!!! How long does it usually take? Xx
  6. My surgery is Friday and the only thing I'm freaking out about is going under!! Once I wake up I'll be so relieved!! I'm convinced I won't wake up haha!
  7. Awesome!! How r u going with your recovery?
  8. I'm around the same height at 172 cm! So I'm not short! I'm about an 8 to 10 in clothes x
  9. Thankyou!! This makes me feel better! I'm sure I'm making the right decision! I just didn't want to spend 10k and wish I was a tad bigger!!
  10. Thanks for your reply well I have been to see her twice! I had a 250cc in one side and a 350 in the other. We decided to go in the middle at 300cc. I was happy at the consult, but after reading into it so much, I'm worried I will have the dreaded 'boob greed' haha!! I don't want huge looking boobs, as I went into this only wanting to enhance what I have! I need to stop going on google I think!!
  11. I have my BA booked on June 20.. my ps and I decided on 300 cc implants. My bra size now is 10c, but I'm worried that their not going to be big enough!! i have been reading up on it so much, and everyone says go a bit bigger.. i would ideally love to be a full D cup has anyone got any advice for me with similar stats!?! its starting to do my head in!! x
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