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  1. I got 500cc teardrops unded the muscle. They look very full and natural now
  2. I've just hit 6weeks post op and I'm slowly starting my weight training again, just with lighter weight. It doesn't hurt or anything, I actually feel better after a workout ! Lol
  3. Hey Hun! I had very deflated B cup after having babies AND weightless. I got 500cc anatomical moderate plus profile implants under the muscle to fill them back up to what they were pre babies. Add me if u want to see pics Good luck with ur boobie journey!
  4. Carb cycling is a good diet plan as well as it doesn't deprive ur body of the carbs it needs, just need to educate urself about it
  5. My hubby is a PT and a body builder, honestly there's no quick fix. It all depends on the individual as well. High carb, low protein works well if ur very deciplined but isn't a good option for long term either as u plateau very fast. HIIT cardio three times a week and low intensity on the other days will give u good results as well as weight training such as Tabata will speed up ur metabolism and help with the fat stores on ur body. Don't forget to drink lots of water! And the day BEFORE ur shoot increase ur salt intake slightly and a little less water to give u that flat tummy,toned look the day before. Hope that helps
  6. I was borderline (possibly more) and my surgeon was actually the one that chose not to do the lift, with my consent of course. I ended up with 500cc anatomical unders
  7. Hi ur height n weight are the same as mine, I was a 10b before BA thanks to having babies n fat loss, I asked to go up to an E cup and I ended up with 500cc anatomical mod+ profile unders I also went through the breast clinic for my surgery .. Hope that helps! X
  8. I lost almost 30kg before I got my implants. Before I lost my weight implants weren't even an option as I was a 14DD! I lost my boobs completely!
  9. I agree with whAt seiboob said, the more breast tissue u have before hand will make them look more natural. I'm only three weeks post op and they are sitting very naturally and I love them! I initially wanted the more fake look, but I'm so glad they turned out the way they did
  10. I'm 3weeks post op and I have a 14month old and a 2 1/2yr old, first week was pretty hard cleaning up after them and cuddling them but after that I've been 100% fine. After the first week u can pick them up as long as it's a slow and controlled move and it's not for very long.
  11. I did mine day 5 too. Yeah it was pretty easy, mind u my hair is fairly short lol
  12. I'm 3weeks now and walk every single day, I'm itching to get back into the gym too!! I think light ab work would be fine, just don't add any extra weight
  13. By the end of week one I was given the ok to sleep on my side I also walk everyday, getting out in the sun with my iPod makes me feel worlds better! Just don't let ur heart rate reach too far over 100bpm and u will be fine
  14. Aw it's horrible when u feel so miserable Hun but believe me it gets better! I'm 2weeks post op and they feel so natural to me now. Like I've always had them! It just takes time to adjust, u will start feeling much better soon
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