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  1. Hi Whitey Obviously I can only speak from my experience when I had my BA surgery 3 weeks ago....but I was told to just take my clothes that I wore to the hospital (with a change of underwear) as you would not be requiring anything else... Toiletries were all there and after your consult and you get changed into your hospital gown....that's what I stayed in until I left the next day! I did not feel up to reading or anything and just had my phone to let family know I was ok. I hope that helps and good luck with your surgeries
  2. Hi Rach I had my BL and BA almost 3 weeks ago and booked it all through Rachel at Bangkok Makeovers....I couldn't fault the service pre and post surgery and found the $300 fee well worth paying as it was all organized for me. There were 3 staff that were at our beck and call at the apartment....took me to the hospital, came into the consultation with me, stayed with me until it was time to go into surgery, ordered meals for me once I was out of hospital and back at the apartment, arranged any tours, booked hair / beauty appointments etc....and to top it off they were always happy to chat and I felt that they all genuinely were concerned how we were coping post op. I traveled alone so to have this kind of care made a huge difference to my experience! I also only paid 115,000THB compared to a quote I got from Dr Priyapas in Phuket who quoted 270,000THB...... I hope this helps in some way Molly
  3. Hi Gabby, happy to accept your FR...hasn't come through yet??
  4. Although I had my lift and BA with Dr Preeyaphas in Bangkok last week I have uploaded some before and after pics and happy for FR to share.😊
  5. Hi Mari...it is early days but I do have sensation in my left (which has always been sensitive) but my right is still a little numb....he thinks this should come back with time.
  6. Hi Kristie I really liked him and as each day goes by I am loving the new assets more...I will try to upload some photos while here in Bangkok, otherwise will do when I get home in the next couple of days.😊 Are you just having a BA?
  7. I just had a lift and BA with Dr Preeyaphas and am 5 days post op and would have to disagree with a couple of comments...I found him incredibly professional and particular with his work. I just had my follow up check up this morning and my measurements were great and nipples are now back in alignment. I found him straight to the point but also really cheeky and happy to laugh with me, so couldn't fault him! He now works privately for Bangkok Makeovers which moved to Theptarin Hospital as the other hospitals were raising their prices but the surgeons were still getting same fee, so this way they could keep the costs down - he does still apparently see his local existing patients at Bumrungrad too....however this is only what I have been told so is all I have to go on!!
  8. When I was researching surgeons and hospitals I really appreciated all the information that this forum offered to help with my decision...so now that I am 4 days post op I thought I would share my experience with others. I booked my breast Lift and BA through Bangkok Makeovers so that I had DR Preeyaphas as my preferred surgeon and can not fault the booking process, it was all taken care of for me and all I had to do was get myself to Bangkok. I arrived last Wednesday and was collected by a driver at the airport and taken to the apartment where I was shown around the area and briefed on the next days procedure. The next morning I was driven to Theptarin Hospital and had my consultation with Dr P, who was a lovely man and got right down to business discussing the procedure. He was very open to my questions and was happy to have a laugh with me. After we decided on 300cc mod plus I was sent off for bloods, chest X-ray etc to prep me for surgery.....it all happened so quickly that looking back it was very surreal! The last thing I remember in the OR was asking the nurse who was holding my hand to please look after me...she nodded and said of course and then I was out. Once back in my room the nurses were constantly checking on me all night, helping me to the loo, topping up my meds etc and I must admit it was a rough night. The next morning DR P came in to check me and change my dressings and seeing them for the first time freaked me out a bit as they appeared a lot bigger than I had really envisaged or wanted... But obviously they were swollen and it clearly takes time for the implants to settle. The past few days have certainly been an emotional roller coaster and I have at times regretted my decision on the size of the implants...but today they have dropped a little and have taken on a bit more shape and I can see that they will be fine in proportion with my body shape. My nipples are now back in alignment with where they are supposed to be and I am certainly perkier than I was! It has definitely been more painful and uncomfortable than I expected but has not been unbearable. I am back for my final check up in the morning then flying home on Wednesday, and I can honestly say overall it has been a good experience. Dr P was great, the Bangkok Makeovers team were very caring, efficient and helpful so I have no hesitation in recommending either of them. I hope this helps someone in their decision making. Molly 😊
  9. hi Hanniepie, I have just sent you a FR as I would love to see your results now that you are a couple of months on. Thanks
  10. Hi Jaddles i am 2 days post BL and BA and feeling emotional about my decision as I feel and look larger than I really wanted to go!! I know that they will settle down but can't get my head around it just yet. Do you mind if I send a FR to see your progress?
  11. I am 2 days post op from a BL and BA....I must say it has been more painful than I thought and my chest feels tight and heavy. I too have been questioning my decision as I feel much bigger than I wanted to go and I really hope they settle down. My emotions are a bit all over the place but I put this down to being in Thailand without my husband. Hopefully I start to feel more positive in the next day or so.
  12. Hi angel81 I am here in Bangkok now and going in for BL and BA tomorrow morning with Dr Preeyaphas so will let you know how I go. Another lady is here who had a BA with him 2 days ago and said he was great...haven't seen her results though to comment. Bangkok Makeovers have so far been fantastic, I was picked up from the airport and the apartments are nice, clean and staff are friendly and helpful. I will keep you posted over the next few days. i hope that helps😊
  13. Oh IKim...I got my days mixed up. Good luck!!! I am in Singapore waiting for connecting flight to Bangkok.... Can't wait either....hope all goes well πŸ‘πŸ‘™
  14. Last day of work today....leave for Bangkok early in the morning and feeling surprisingly calm!! Good luck for today Ikim....you are probably at the hospital by now. Yvettez...I hope everything went well for you yesterday. Look forward to hearing how it all went. See you soon!!! 😊
  15. This time next week i will hopefully be looking at a perkier set of boobies than right now!! Fly to Bangkok on Wed and then surgery Thursday with Dr Preeyaphas....very excited. Been shopping today for some PJ's (as i didnt have any haha πŸ˜‰) and the suitcase is out so all becoming very REAL. I will let you know how i go Kristie...
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