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    BL and BA.
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    Dr Boonchai. 22.12.14.
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    163cm. 50kg. 10-12B pre op, post op 10D
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  1. I booked directly with Dr. Boochai when he worked in Phuket. (I had my surgery over three years ago) He is now in Bangkok. It was very easy to book yourself. His staff are great at helping you. Good luck. Ps. At the time Somnio and Lotus were quite good, l am not sure of their reputations now. A woman runs tour groups for Dr Boonchai patients as well. @mumO5
  2. Agree Don. I think when your skin is crap you feel like crap and that certainly doesn’t help with depression either.
  3. I have been on this drug twice. Sure there are side effects but all manageable so l was lucky. It was the only thing that worked for me. My son was on it as as well with no issues. Like any drugs there are always going to be risks. Interesting read, thanks for sharing.
  4. I had mine checked pre- implant for piece of mind (mammogram) then l have them checked every two years. I worry with implants that l might miss something so it’s worth it and fully covered.
  5. I am a Dr B girl all the way! Look at the surgeons reviews, that is the most important thing. Cost shouldn’t be a factor. Good luck ?
  6. ? He was happy enough with the old ones, l wasn’t! It took him a while to get used to my “stress balls” lol
  7. @Sf72 happy for you to see pics. I only have my old ones in my gallery though, l don’t tend to take any now. They are much the same just not as high and more natural. At the time l was 163cm and 49kg (way to small for me) Now l sit at around 52kg.
  8. Google Dr Boonchai. He works in Bangkok. I had a BL and BA with him nearly three years ago. Not sure about just a lift though but l am sure you can get an opinion. Good luck!
  9. I went dual plane mod plus profile 300CC. Most people think they are natural, only the odd person at the beach may pick up on it and ask cos they are not sure. That's want l wanted at the time. Next time l will definitely go bigger but not crazy big. They end up being smaller then the sizers you try on anyway- thank god l listened to hubby and didn't go any smaller!
  10. 40- took ten years to talk hubby into it! ?
  11. I have only just seen this-fantastic news! Hope the morning sickness settles soon. Xx
  12. Gabby1


    Good luck, hopefully it will all settle down soon. X
  13. I still sleep in mine 2 1/2 years post op, clio and jockey are my favourites. I usually get them from Big W but l think other stores sell them. ?
  14. I tend to bruise a lot with fillers, does anyone have any advice or 'magic tricks' to minimise this or cover it up? Make up barely does the job. I am due for my next round of fillers but l am dreading it! TIA, Gabby x
  15. Carmex! I have tried everything and that is the best by far!
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