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    planning on BA and tummy tuck
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    Dr Chan 1 Sept 2014 BA 435cc smooth round dual plane crease incision
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    5'2/ 55kgs atm but losing after baby weight/and 10B defated after breastfeeding boobs
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    stay at home mum of 3 beautiful kids

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  1. hi hun its such a hard choice to make. Its one we all racked our brains and stressed over. Id say that was the hardest part of my BA, chosing a size. It all comes down to what you have to start with and what ur BWD is plays a big part. I have 435cc and measured a 10E a few weeks ago. Im 5'2 and have a large BWD of 15/16 cant remember which now. My gf had 400 cc and hers are Massive compared to mine even though she is 5'11. Its such a hard thing for us to judge so i think findingng a surgeon who you feel completely comfortable with and can trust is the first step and then def take in their recomendations as they do it day in day out. I hope this helped at least a little. x
  2. hi guys been ages since ive been on here. Retard me forgot my password and as i have the attention span of a 5 yr old hytped on red cordial i couldnt figure out how to change it and then got distracted when i eventually tried haha how are all my beautiful September ladies going? And how are all of you in general lol everyone ready for summer with their awesome new twins?
  3. awesome news hun. I told my kids about my op too ( daughter 9 son 6 and daughter 2) I explained that in my case my breasts were damaged ( i didn't say it was from them lol) and that it would make me happy to have them back to what they were before. ( i used this way of explaining it to try avoid body image issues too) They really surprised me. My eldest was so supportive and counted down with me. And helped with housework and the 2 yr old. My son was happy for me and counted down coz he was getting a week of lunch order sandwiches pmsl and my 2 yr old just laughed and said boobies haha
  4. Hi guys, My gf has just told me she is unhappy with her vagina after giving birth to her last child and wanted to look into surgery. I told her I would ask on here to get a bit of info for her to start with. Can anyone tell me what the surgery involves and what other surgeries are around for that area? She has said its both the appearance and that it has lost its ummm tightness lol thanks in advance people. x
  5. Ljack

    Tiny tea.

    Ally theres always hope haha. I have been slack with my tiny tea lately too, but just started it up again yesterday properly, I am just solo tired so quickly since my op. GP said its the after effects of GA and can take up to a few months to get over. Sooo I'm hoping the tea can help flush it all out and give me back my energy, Just had my second cup for the day and getting ready to walk the kiddies to the local pool and go for a swim.
  6. sorry to hear this Whitey. Def speak to ur surgeon and see what he thinks. Might be a stupid suggestion but can u try silitape on the scars? I have been using on my scars and find they are staying flat. also i use bio oil. xx Good luck and keep us informed.
  7. Sniff it doesn't make u creepy. lol I agree we are zoo lucky to have this forum and support of such amazing girls and guys to listen and advise us on our journey. I can imagine how hard it would have been to go thru it with the stigma that was attached to it years ago. We really are lucky these days.
  8. ive not heard of it either chick. sounds great tho.
  9. ice packs, heat pack, button up/zip up tops, arnica pills, and pillows for a pillow fort.
  10. Noone can make the decision for u hun. I agree with Molly tho, trust is the foundation for a solid relationship, without it there will always be problems. Perhaps seek councilling together to address the issues and work on them from there? good luck chick hope it works out for u.
  11. how exciting hun. It will be boobie day before u know it.
  12. thanks plusthree xx Urs are fantastic too we are lucky girls aren't we
  13. Thanks whitey awesome. Ur a legend Hun.
  14. I have seen Van Beems work and all I can say is wow fantastic.
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