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    Sydney NSW
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    BA Dual placement. 450cc XHP Brazilian Furries. I was an A Cup and am now looking to be a D (TBC).
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    Dr Rastogi 20/06/14
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  1. Glad you (and hubby) are happy CONGRATULATIONS on your beautiful new Brazilian twins.
  2. I've just been wearing singlets Vivian but tried a crop today and it was fine...so Lorna Jane it is for now and my new sexy Calvin Klein bra shall have to wait Lilly your pics are great. Loving your new girls - they look so natural. Congratulations!
  3. Thank god for google...I too had no idea this was a thing. I hope it goes away really soon and that you're not in too much pain.
  4. congratulations lovely. So happy for you and hope you recover well. We got the same implants...with the exception of a few cc Love the Brazilians!!!
  5. I have Brazilian Furry (polyurethane coated) implants and was told not to massage them at all to ensure they adhere properly.
  6. Hi all, just catching up on all the action after a lovely mini break in the Barossa...such a chatty bunch. Love it Iwantbigboobiess - my skin still feels really tight too. Particularly in the centre like yours. My boobs feel like they are sitting in my armpits and I get a chaffing sensation when my arms rub up against my side boob. My Mum, who has had her implants for 30 years, told me this is normal and will ease off soon. I bought 2 soft bras as I am allowed to wear from 3 weeks post op. What a disaster that turned out to be - I am so not ready to be wearing any kind of bra. I ended up with red welts where the bra was irritating my skin. Because Brazilian implants are so hard initially they don't mold into anything yet so it's like trying to put hard rocks in a bra. Fail Re: scars, my surgeon said vitamin e oil twice a day and nothing else. Seem the jury is out on that one with lots of different opinions. I'm just going to follow his orders at this stage and see how it goes. Apparently it takes a scar 100 days to heal.
  7. I've added you Lindat - feel free to check out pics. Will add 3 week pics tomorrow I hope.
  8. Found you girls!!! Thanks Lilly for helping me to get back to the June Boobies forum. Hope you are all doing really well. Just playing catch up now xx
  9. So great to hear about your journey! I was thinking about you three girls and felt bad that the site was down and you wouldn't be able to share your experiences and get our virtual support So glad all went well...your hubby sounds awesome too!!!!
  10. Yaaaaaaaaaay! We're back. Missed you girls and this forum so much. Hope everyone is recovering well and loving new boobies. So glad to be back in touch with you all xx
  11. My pleasure lovely. It's going to be fine....just remember they do these ops all the time and you're in good hands with a surgeon with a good reputation. I was given my script at time of consult but I think most surgeons will give you medication at the hospital or they will give you a script so you can pick up meds on your way home. I was was not told to use a nice pack but I had drains so maybe that's why. I think ice packs are optional but some surgeons discourage use as your boobs are numb so you can't feel if the ice is burning. From memory Kaaycee had an ice burn so she's probably more of an expert on this matter
  12. Good morning! Your day is here. Just relax and enjoy. All I needed on my morning of surgery was a pair of cotton undies, a zip up top, singlet and comfy pair of pants ( I wore gym leggings) Post op I had water, medication and lip balm next to the bed ready and waiting. That's pretty much it. You'll be able to walk and move more than you think so you really don't need to over prepare things. the one thing I will say is that every day gets much easier. I had a bit of a freak out at day 2 that my boobs were massive cones and that I had gone too big. Of course the swelling goes down a lot and very quickly and this morning I looked at my boobs and have to say that I am now a bit in love with them. So, just remember you are doing this for you to make you even more beautiful (if that's possible) and to feel as good on the outside as you do within. Enjoy the GA...such a relaxing sleep it is and waking up is better than Christmas morning. Big love xx
  13. I am so excited for you girls with upcoming surgeries! You have all been such an amazing support to us earlier June girls and now it is finally your turn! Enjoy the ride - not long until you have the boobs you've been dreaming of
  14. *Mollyjo* even! Stupid spellcheck Sorry!
  15. I just had a look at your pics Millyjo and your boobs already look beautiful. So it sounds like they are just going to be a slightly bigger version of beautiful than what you already have! You go girl...you trust your surgeon and you are going to look great.
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