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    Getting a BA this friday 420cc Anatomical from 10b -10d
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    Dr Tavakoli
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    10b - 10d
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  1. Hi Lauren, I got 380cc and the teardrop shape. I will post a pic soon. I was a 10b and I'm 170cm. I haven't been fitted yet but would say I'm a d or dd now. Good luck with your surgery. I'm sure you will have a good experience too.
  2. So for years now I have been seeing all my friends get their breasts done and loving them and I've always wanted them but never made the leap to actually go through with it until last Friday. I researched thoroughly and chose Tavakoli as his skills and precision stood out. I walked in for a consult and the people in the office were so lovely and non judgemental. I would call and ask lots of questions before the surgery and abby was only too happy to answer them. I didn't even go for the other consult which I had paid 300 for because the people at that office didn't get back to me after i sent
  3. I have bad anxiety and was really shaking and scared before my BA but the nurses held my hand and the people at the hospital were so nice, it made it a lot easier. Also I had all these terrible thoughts about getting it but now i wish id done it sooner and I only had only very mild pain the first night. You will be fine.
  4. Hi cloudbambi, I went anatomicals 380cc and am so happy and it's only been 3 days. I think either shape are good just depends what look you are after. I am going to get drains taken out today. I can't wait to go bra shopping but still have to wait awhile.
  5. Thanks. Yes I messaged him thanks and it's working now.
  6. ok thanks yeah nothing is coming out of one but the other one i am emptying every three hours. The one on the right just seems blocked or something. I will try and fix it.
  7. Yes exactly what happened with me. I am not in pain which I find amazing. I was such a chicken last night shaking before the operation and the nurse held my hand when I was on the operating table and dr tavakoli was very nice. I found his whole team including the nurses in his office were the best out of the other consults I went to. They really make you feel comfortable. They were only too pleased to answer all my questions and for me to go in there a couple of times before the operation. I felt they were not just after my money but all very caring. They kept me til 10pm at bondi junction ho
  8. I had a very non painful breast augmentation surgery with dr tavakoli yesterday but one of my drains is not working and his office is closed. Does anyone know what to do in this situation. Thanks
  9. I just had ba with tavakoli and I have to say he is amazing. I looked for 2 years for a good surgeon and am glad I picked him. I am feeling hardly and pain and I only just got it done at 2.30pm definitely an amazing surgeon. He dealt well with my nerves too
  10. I think he has retired now as i went in for a consult a couple of weeks ago and they put me in with another guy that i had never heard of.
  11. Does Anyone want an Appointment with Dr Miroshnik on Tuesday the 10th June at 10.30am as I can't make it. You can have it for 150 and it is usually 300. Thanks Emily
  12. I have booked consult with each of these doctors and want a natural looking d size breast. Does anyone know which doctor is best for this. Thanks
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