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  1. 11 days until I leave my babies and hubby for boobs!!

  2. I am going with Dr V in September, it can't come soon enough! It's nice to know everyone is happy and I am yet to find a bad review.
  3. Hi Lizsmith! I am booked in for the 6th! 80 days (I think) to go! Yay! Are you going via a company?
  4. Hi DaisyDuke! I am terribly sorry about my late reply, I don't check this forum much! I am on realself more. Oh see I live in FNQ I couldn't go and see them so I requested info before booking. I have paid for flights since then no communication has ben made with me. When is your surgery?
  5. I am booked in for the 6th of September 2014. I am going to Phuket (PIAC) and with Dr Veerawat. 34A cup now.. I have breastfed 3 babies. I have booked trough Somnio Medical International and I am so freaking excited!!
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