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  1. I had Dr Harwood too.. Nothing is too much trouble for him. he is an amazing surgeon and his boobs are spectacular. i love my results and my recovery was painless and speedy
  2. I am 11 months post op and at the begging felt they were too high but now they are totally soft and I love the position.. They do fluff and soften eventually!
  3. I went XHP 485cc went from a a/b to an e/f depending on the bra i was 56kg and am 174 cm tall
  4. My incisions where a bit purple when healing but not from the marker just healing colour they then became slightly darker and then they faded to clear.. I can hardly see them now HTH
  5. Each to their own but I would go with your gut feeling ... If you feel worried and scared follow your instincts
  6. Hi lovely!!! I guess is a non so discussed thing on here as most people leaves a few months after their Ba! I lost some weight too! Loving my girls tho!!
  7. He is absolutely brillant! I have yet to see a set of boobs done by he that don't look perfect! He truly is very good at what he does..I like also that he is meticulous for example cleans up the market before you wake up! He is not cagey ever even if you like me you ask the most detailed questions ( such as what is the drugs you use when putting people to sleep?what's the amount) And if you need him no matter how Ming after surgery he will see you in a heartbeat even if just to put your mind at ease. I am 10months po I think and called for a question and a piece of mine and he had me in the following day. Good luck with him I hope you like him!! If you want to see photos send me a fr
  8. For me is only when I bend forward like to touch my toes and flop my arms if I am only bent a bit I can't feel it. Definitely no re fat injections for me!! My surgeon says it doesn't go away but the reason i didn't notice before was swelling and thoughtless of the implant
  9. It went well He explained to me that is Normal that the implant has some ripples with gravity and it is usual to feel them what's important is when you are upright you don t feel or see them. He was surprised I didn't notice beforE AS I had guessed is dual plane meaning the lower part of the breast is only covered by skin and I have thin skin so no bettering that unless I replace with smooth implants ( increasing all the other chances of something going wrong) or fat inject my skin.. I wouldn't do that! He says it won't get any worst but it won't better either.
  10. I have furries too! As I said it is not there when upright on not much when bent and only in the lower outer part... Perhaps as I have dual plane that's where they are outside the muscle and so is inevitable? Dr Harwood has already replied and will see me tomorrow !
  11. Hi ladies sorry I haven t been on for a while! Life kind of took over!! While showering today I was leaning forward and when I washed the lower outr part of my breasts I coukd feel Little ripples?! Not when I stand just when I am leaning forward.. Do any of you experience this? I have dual plane! Thank you!!!
  12. Send a FR if you like I have before photos In my gallery
  13. I went 485 XHP feomvery saggy small boobs No stretch or sag here at all they are as perky as when they were about to explode with milk!and for a while they felt that hard too!! Now getting softer hit no sag
  14. Hi thinking cat and welcome! I am from Europe too! I had my BA 7 months ago in Brisbane. I have to say the prices in Thailand were very alluring but for me it was important to have someone close by in case of any complication AND I had recommendations from friends for that surgeon so that's hoe I made my decision. It is totally personal tho! 10-15 years is what they say but they could easily last a lifetime! I have a friend that had hers done 25 years ago! Still looking great and had children and breastfed too.. Sagging - don t think you should worry much about that implants are lighter then breast tissue so the chances are less! You can get a natural look many here did and look great! In terms of CC is totally personal as we have different breast measurements!! Good luck!
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