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  1. how exciting and good luck with ya quit!!! I quit 5 weeks ago!
  2. ive used the withdrawal method of 15 years we have 2 kids 13,7 both planned never had an accident , I went on the mini pill 6 months ago not for birth control but pms problems , we r still using withdrawal for us we know it works , my boobs have not grown I bloody wish they would then I wouldn't need augmentation lol , the first week I was crazy but everything been fine since, im getting implanon put in on Friday im hoping to rid myself of aunty flow ive had enough of her lol
  3. if you looked up the projection of those implants maybe you could adjust rice ricers to show the projection , when I was making the sizers I was unhappy with the projection I thought they stuck out too far so the next time I made them flatter
  4. rice sizers are a bit of fun to play with ,still hard to imagine what the real thing would look like once under your skin
  5. I agree it would be great it look at something like that for ourselves in our own free time
  6. ive had migraine with aura forever, I hardly get them now except when I have problems with my lower back , some food triggers of mine are sesame seeds and oil, coconut cream n milk , legumes , yoghurt, also certain smells like incense sticks ,paints ,poisons, sorry im not much help on the relief side of things currently when they flare up just using voltaren gel and a heat pack, for me if I can fix my back pain that rids me of my migraine
  7. sounds like digestive problems maybe ibs or something hopefully you find the answers you need xxxx
  8. Hi my son is 7 he weighs 19kg is also short , is also a picky eater drives me stupid I'm not worried about him being under weight even though I do load him full , of carbs to try get him to put weight on he is otherwise healthy n happy,i don't worry bout him being underweight as I've been underweight my whole life weighing 47kg even after having 3 kids sorry im not much help
  9. Their site says they are Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons , sounds interesting they also do a 9 night stay including breast augmentation for $7 880
  10. hi everyone first time poster long time stalker of this forum , been looking into breast augmentation and all the different surgeons and prices in qld and nsw and came across CosMediTour offering breast augmentation for 6,880 on the gold coast also offering 9 nights accommodation and breast aug for 7,880 with a plastic surgeon , this sounds really good to me does anybody have an opinion of this organisation? unfortunately their site doesn't mention names of these surgeons
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