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    western australia
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    BA under boob mentor implant. And vaser liposculpting. 3babies have completely changed my body. 70 kg, 168cm, 14b.
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    dr pongsatorn at bangkok hosp on 16 july 2014
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    168 cm, 70kg. bra 14b
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    mental health professional
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    my 3 boys, thailand, footy,
  1. Hello yes I have used mac, easy to apply but don't need to apply til about a month before. If u apply too early, but u don't need money yet, u have to reapply anyway. I pay direct debit every pay, no dramas. Good luck!!
  2. hi, well if you got through the initial screening on questionnaire u should be ok...but its a risk y take with overseas surgery, so be prepared for both scenarios. Whilst I was there a girl had to be reviewed further by a cardiologist as they picked up cardiac problem so Dr jib wouldn't do the surgery until cardiologist cleared her. All happened on same day. Think of the physical check as a good opportunity to identify if u have any silent problems. I was worried too!! I'm an ex smoker of 25 yrs, drink alcohol, haven't exercised for years but I got thru it with flying colours. I had to have blood tests, xray, mammogram,ECG, exercise stress test. U don't have any outside stitches only a stitch holding yr drains in comes out next day. Recovery quicker than I expected. U have to do boob implant exercises to keep them soft.i wanted bigger than Dr jib ended up putting in, but glad I trusted his judgment because ultimately I wanted natural looking and that's what he's done. Only problem is....u want to show everyone!!!
  3. Maybe I can help! I had my surgery in phuket, but had been advised by a Perth surgeon I needed a lift too not just BA. Well that put me off because I didn't want the anchor scar. The doc I ended up choosing advised me he will can still do BA without lift but they wont be perky. Now I'm 6 wks post op and thrilled they,look completely natural intact u can't tell I've had surgery at all, except now I am a d cup instead of b. They prob sit lower that's all but my age, 45, would look weird having sticky out massive boobs. If u pm I can send u pics. Good luckx
  4. I my gosh on the downhill slide now yippeeee. Our last night thunder lightening rainpouring heavy it looks like wet season settling in, and it humid. Whole adventure worth every dollar. Can't wait to see your new babies!lol
  5. Hey girls my bandages off and I'm trying to get used to my new girls. Can't upload pics in this windows phone to the site, but if u send me yr email or fb me I can send u pics. They sit high still not dropped yet its day 6, my suture line sore,coz the bra sits right on it, and my support garment from the lipo sits under boobs too and in this heat it gets uncomfortable. Also have to stop myself from lifting things coz that hurts your muscles. I'm pretty impressed with the skill of these surgeons. My mums facelift is amazing too. X
  6. Hi Gker, I got a Qantas cashcard and coverted in oz to baht at 29.xx, so wen I got to pay for surgery I simply paid Qantas MasterCard in Thai baht. However my mum had Aussie dollar on credit card and paid at hospital, conversion was only 27. So it pays to have the baht already converted before u get to hospitals crappy rate, which makes a big difference when changing thousands of dollars.
  7. Lol hello luvlee that would be every hotel in phuket!! Be little morevspecific!?? And who is doing yr surgery??
  8. Hey, I'm only in day 5 of BA and my boobs feel like when you first get milk, burning, pains, hot etc so my doc says all normal, so prob yours will be ok too but being fobbed off by yr surgeon not good so maybe email them. Good luck I hope they ok, and keep up the massaging
  9. I'm staying at the grand mercure,its a,new 5star but its too expensive so I say just go for normal 3-4 star, ones in hills are lovely doesn't matter really coz hospital will pick up and drop u off each time. If yr hotel is near phuket town thenvatleast you will be closer to hospital. I will let u know how I go tomorrow girls if you want to know. If I could work out pics on this I could put some on maybe.x
  10. Hey u know wot, the pain is as u would expect. Its not intolerable. First 2 days I was on morphine then pethidine but I had Vaser lipo too which hurts abit. now day 4 just usual tabs they give you. Been out shopping. If u have ever had kids its no more painful in your boobs than when your milk comes in. I wanted 450cc but left it up to Dr to choose wotever looked natural for my frame. Wen I woke he said he only used 400s because 450s looked too fake on me. So I can tell u more tomorrow once bandages come off yay coz I haven't even seen them yet!!!
  11. Hey ladies thanks for talking with me its pretty lonely recovering now in hotel room not able to do much! What sizes are you girls getting? My boobies are still squashed to my chest. Feeling very sad about Malaysia airlines
  12. Oh ok the scaring sheets, I have bought my own from Perth chemist and I use them for scaring on my face from acne they are amazing and really do work. I haven't seen my boobs are wound yet so dunno if I will need them for this or not, but yes they are worth the money and u wash them and use again and again. You have picked one of the best surgeons here which is why pongsatorn and piyapas are so expensive. If I end up needing the gel sheets I'll feedback. U do need to buy surgical tape to hold the sheets on.xx
  13. Hi newbie, do you mean the silican gel implants? They are good as they place behind muscle so less chance rupture and still have mamagrams etc. The fly back cover was soo expensive I didn't get it. Destination beauty said not likely use. Basically if they mess up you can get yourself back here and they will fix if their fault. But up to you peace of mind. You will be blown away how good these,people are. Dr jib held my hand coz I was anxious in theatre. Would recommend him. Yes I have taken out normal travel insurance that's all but not said anything about surgery. Don't stress you will be in good hands. I'm in day 2 postop drains should come out today. Ask me anything in in hospital bored !!!
  14. Hello I just had BA and Vaser lipo by Dr pongsatorn (jib) last night. He is lovely kind man. The hospitsl i awesome and puts our hospitals to shame. Nursing care first rate, snd im a nurse in oz. Have all yr questiins ready to go. Bring sports bras or similar. You get collect and dropped. Im at grand mercure in patong is bit overated wish i stayed in the senses hotel on hill is gorgeous. Get a cashcard and put thai money in thai baht asvthe conversion rate in this hosp is only 27baht to $1. Anything else u need to know?? Xc
  15. Hi don't stress, I am this very minute lying in hospital at Bangkok hosp phuket. Phuket is safe, the Thai ppl are gorgeous,the military coup had made locals happier and safer, not how it is portrayed by Australia media at all. Facilities are better than any in oz and I'm a nurse!! The plastic surgeons are masters. I've just had BA and vaser around torso. U won't regret although be nice if someone accompanied you.
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