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  1. I could never cut out sugar as i am a chocoholic and loveeee my sweets! but.. but i did stop adding salt to my meals (i used to put it on everything) and lost 4 kilos in about 2 weeks. I think it has something to do with water retention or something?
  2. Accepted thanks for the message :)

  3. Hi :) I have sent you a FR as we have similar stats :)

  4. Hi :) we have similar stats so i have sent you a FR :) xx

  5. Yeah i thought that might be the case.. i would just like to save money on accommodation and think id feel much better being at home instead of at a hotel. Not sure what to do....
  6. I know they advise 48 hours for flying, but what about driving? My partner and I are driving up and would like to head back home as soon as possible. The drive will be about 9 hours
  7. My boyfriend was the exact same! Was all for it at first telling me to definitely do it and now that the planning has started i have asked him again if hes sure (considering its alot of money) and now hes just like 'its your body its up to you' but i need him to be excited for it for me to be excited otherwise i start wondering if it is a good idea or not, and that maybe we should spend the money on something else. He also keeps telling me that he hates the 'big fake perfectly round look' and after showing him photos of girls with all different sizes he doesnt want me to go bigger than like 300cc
  8. Also Christie one of the sides of my rib cage also sticks out further than the other, did Dr Val say that would be very noticeable after surgery or only slightly?
  9. This post is seriously making me want to cancel my consult and surgery, i would be devastated if this happened to me..
  10. Hi ladies, Iv been hearing about this TCI private facebook page and i have tried to search it but can only find their normal facebook page (im assuming theres another one as that one isnt very private) Can someone please help me out with finding this page as im having my BA there in August and am really enjoying hearing good stories from other girls who have been there (they are calming my nerves haha) Thanks xx
  11. Thanks everyone! You've all made me feel much better about my decision
  12. and ill be almost 20 by the time i get them done
  13. My boobs grew to what they are now very early (about 13 years old) but havnt grown at all since, i know they wont grow anymore either because both my mum & sister are the same size as me (although my mum has had hers done). and yeah im aware i will need to get them done again eventually
  14. Opinions please! Is 19 too young for breast augmentation? Has anyone had them done at around 19 and regretted it? I was completely certain about getting them done untill my best friend said she thinks im to young now im second guessing myself....
  15. I am getting the crease incision but i am a bit worried about how they will heal all my scars have healed really well except for one scar turned into a hypertophic scar. that might be because of the type of procedure it was but im not sure..
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