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    Breast implants
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    Dr szalay 21 may 2014
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    5"4 54kg. Pre op 10A post op 10DD
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  1. Yer I was told 3 weeks and I can start doing light exercise again.... Buuuut I was at the gym after 4 days
  2. My nipples lost sensation for about 2 weeks after surgery but they still went hard and soft when they were supposed to, it's now 4 months post op and my nipples can still be painful when I touch or squeeze them but I have feeling again so that's ok....
  3. Well I think it takes about 100-200cc for a cup size. But in saying that I was an A cup and went 330 and I'm now a DD lol but if you have quiet a lot of skin and stretchiness in your boobs then why not go that little bit extra, fill them out lol I went the max size I could go pretty much.it just depends on what you want. Mine turned out pretty much the same size as what they looked like trying the implants on in the docs room. He did tell me that they would possibly be Alittle smaller but I don't reckon there was any difference in the end.
  4. You don't look like you are to uneven. Are you having another consult with him at all? Really just make sure that those ccs are what you want. At first I was told by a different doctor that he would use 2 different sizes because one breast was bigger than the other so when I went back into dr szalay I asked him what he thought, he gave me 2 different sizes to try on but said I have a 50/50 chance that going same size will give me uneven breasts or going 2 different sizes will still give me uneven breasts. So when I tried the two different sizes on I reckon that I could tell the difference so I went the same size and it worked out great
  5. Do I need to FR to see pics? I'm 2 days post op lol
  6. Hi tayo83, I go in for my surgery with dr szalay tomorrow, I'm getting abit nervous about twilight surgery, but glad to hear you didn't feel a thing what size were you pre op and post op?
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