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    Dr Mark Moore
  1. Hi Yvette, No, doc didn't end up doing MR, was discussed but once he got in there he said it was only minimal and not bad enough to warrant him doing it considering the extra pain I would have been in because of it.
  2. OMG ladies, I'm 6 weeks post op and I feel huge! Swelling seems to be worse now especially at night, anyone else experiencing this?
  3. Fantastic to hear you are going well mum of 4. I'm 1 week post op today and saw the doc, had my tape replaced and all looks great so far.
  4. Hi All, I'm now day 4 Post Op. Dr Moore is an amazing surgeon and my anaethiasts Dr Cheng was brilliant, both very calming people. Had no pain when I woke up, I don't even remember being put to sleep, all I remember is hoping on the bed in theatre. Was able to come home yesterday once my belly drains were removed, very happy with my results so far. Love that my belly and boobs are in proportion with my size and OMG I look like I've had a BA.
  5. Hope all goes well Pinkgelati, I'm only one day behind you. I'm heading under at 10:30 after an 7am admission. Speedy recovery xxx
  6. Joadster I'm the same I have 6 days to go and I have hired an dual motor recliner so I can sleep in it, a walker, raised toilet with arm rests and a shower stool. Whatever makes it easier during recover I'm up for. I'm also doing everything this weekend to "flush" the bowel..lol
  7. Hi all, does anyone know of any Facebook groups like this in Australia?
  8. OMG ..... 10 Days to go... Feeling very nervous now!!!
  9. Hi Kas77, Was the body suite useful? I have been given my binder by Dr Moore's rooms and I bought the Anna Zipper Post Op Bra from Statina. Not sure if I need anything else or not now..lol Thanks so much for posting the pics, it's really nice to finally see his work.
  10. Hi girls, I'm booked in for 11th June at Calvary with Dr Mark Moore. I'm really nervous now, I have been given my binder and ordered my post op bra. I just waist it would hurry up just so it's over and done with. I'm also having a breast reduction/lift at the same time. Can't wait to see the perky/flat me, it been a very long time.
  11. Hi there MumOf4Princesses, I'm in Adelaide aswell and booked in for TT with MR and BL/R with Dr Mark Moore.. I had my pre op appointment yesterday and got my binder, ordered my post op bran and have now started ordering creams ect for post op.. I am SOOOOO nervous now that it's actually happening (Paid for and all). When is your surgery?
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