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    25th September 2014
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    165cm, 55kg, deflated 12C after breastfeeding

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  1. Hi Blissful, Im having a BL with implants in September. Im an empty C cup after BF 3 kiddies too. Happy to have a look for you. Will fr you now.....
  2. TCJ22

    Which Doc?

    Thanks Cheerios. That's good to know. How did you op go? Are you happy with your results?
  3. TCJ22

    Scarring after BL

    Me too toasty18? I'm having BL and BA in September.
  4. Mich007 my BL is only adding on about $2k to the price of my BA. And less if I get Medicare approved. To have a BL alone you will be looking at paying $10-$15K and a BA alone will be $10-$15K (depending where you go of course). By combining the two procedures you only pay once for the hospital, anaethetist, etc and the surgeons fee goes up slightly due to the extra time/work on their behalf. Just something to think about
  5. Agree with the others. If you do a combined BL and BA it is not a great deal more $$ than just a straight BA...especially if you qualify for medicare rebate for the BL. If you do a BA alone, you might require a lift in a year or so and will be looking at paying the full amount again as well as another GA, downtime, recovery etc. Worth considering...
  6. I am very similar stats to both of you. I am a 10/12c cup now but deflated from breastfeeding. My first consult said I didn't need a BL and that he would do implants above the muscle as under muscle risks getting the 'snoopy effect' over time. I went away and thought about this but decided I didn't think I would be happy and was worried the extra weight would just weigh them down even more. A lot of surgeons (on real self) say that with implants you don't get any real lift....expect the end result to be what you have got, only bigger. For me, this wasn't what I wanted. I went for a second opinion and he agreed that I didn't technically 'need' a breast lift but given the end result I was after (higher, rounder, firmer....but not too much bigger) then he advises a lift with small implants. So this is what I am doing. What size are you starting with? I am a small C cup and wanting to be a big C cup and no bigger than a small D. I am thinking of around 280cc (although my PS wants me to go bigger) TBC. I hope this has helped. I actually posted some pics on realself on the 'ask a doctor' section and got the feedback of about 10 different plastic surgeons from around the world. Was a really great way to get some free advice and helped me to make my decision. I hope this has helped. Feel free to send a FR...both of you.
  7. I have sent you a fr convinced. Hope that is ok. I'm booked in for a BA and BL in September and would love to see your pics.
  8. Hi Mari. Cannot see your pics. Might need to check your settings. I am a deflated c cup after breast feeding. Borderline lift but I'm going ahead with a lift because I really want them higher and perkier...not so much bigger. However that being said I am getting implants because I really want them hard and round and firm etc and I need to fill out the skin that is there. Will only be going small implants so as to not increase the size too much. It does get confusing with all the conflicting advice. What sort of result are you after?
  9. Great to read your story boobwish. I have sent you a fr if that is ok? Love to see your pics.
  10. How long did it take for approval? That sucks that it is only 1 breast. Im hoping to get approval for mine before my surgery. Not so sure I can afford it without it. But I was borderline so im not sure what my chances are.......
  11. I cant see your post op photos either......
  12. Have sent a fr. I'm also wanting smaller implants as I'm starting at a c cup and having a small lift too.
  13. I have sent you a friend request misslittle. I'm new on here and haven't posted any pics or anything yet but also have a tentative surgery booked for September so might be good to swap notes on things. Having a second opinion on Monday. Very interested to see what this guy says. Will let you know...
  14. Hi guys. I am in the same situation so thought I would jump on board. I have breastfed three children and I am a very empty 12C. (55kg and 165cm) I don't particularly want go a whole lot bigger but would love them higher and harder(and truth be known I like the round, fakish look) I want to swap my pancakes for rocks!! I went for a recent consult for a breast lift and implants only to be told I don't need the lift. My surgeon recommended round over the muscle (about 200 - 250cc) He said this would provide a bit of a lift and I have enough tissue to have them over. I am worried that the extra weight will just make them sag more. Has anyone had this done? Im going for a second opinion on Monday. Will keep you posted.
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