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    Hoping to return to BFing size of a full 10c
    At the moment I am liking 245/260 rice sizers
    I went a very natural look
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    Consult with Dr Miroshnik in Mar 15
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  1. One of the reasons I am waiting to get BA done until post Sept is I want to do my first full marathon. Dr M advised no running first 6 weeks and after that wear two bras, and only light work to start.
  2. I'd so recommend laser! It's sometimes as cheap as $9 a go, and even if you don't keep up with appts, an initial go will last 4-5 weeks.
  3. I HATE the Kardashians, but fair dues to her for having the courage to do this in the open gaze of such public scrutiny. I imagine the breast surgery was very recent, but I have no idea how implants settle in a male body, they look 'ok' to me, but not natural obviously.
  4. Only your surgeon can tell you that based on your frame and breast width. I am 170cm, 58kg and was recommended only 245cc as I have a very bony chest, I went to 32c/d when BFing. Others with same measurements as me have successfully gotten 400cc. Good luck with your consults.
  5. And check out laser at LCA, they work wonders, if you get it done even once it will last two weeks.
  6. I have also donated to Uplift, and that's only the A cups I don't fill anymore and various maternity / BFing gear. You used to have to post a parcel but they now have collection points at different places.
  7. I hope they will develop perfectly for you in the coming weeks. I'm also going with Dr M and before my consult was totally resigned to the idea he would know exactly the best size for me. I told him the look I wanted (natural, more in proportion with my body), and he made two suggestions, a 245cc and 295 (I think)cc, as I have a super bony chest. He said anything bigger and they will look 'done' which I want to avoid at all costs. He also said he would ever more to 245, but on the day will be trying the bigger one too. I think when in the hands of someone as experienced as he is it is ok to leave the final decision in their hands.
  8. Is that you in the profile pic? They look fabulously in proportion to your body.
  9. I'm so worried about this, I've been recommended 245cc as my chest is so bony, he reckons 290 would be pushing it on my frame if I don't want it to be obvious they are 'done'. I've not even set the date yet and the anticipation of the greed is there!
  10. Definitely not, I'd love to have your bum and legs!
  11. I am seeing him tomorrow, the only consult I have booked!
  12. Won't he be able to tell by copping a feel anyway? I am still pre op so have no idea but I would have thought at this stage they'd still feel different. I'd go the dim lights too though if it is just the scars you're concerned with. Hopefully he is tactful and will love being the first to unwrap that present !
  13. That's rubbish that you came all this way and to great expense. Is it their policy that final decision is made only in face to face consult? So unfair if you aren't entitled to compensation.
  14. I've been going to LCA for a few years now, stopped whilst pregnant, after a year of treatment. I had very dark thick hair on legs, waiting to wax was a pain. Absolutely the best money I have spent. I now don't get irritated in salt water like I used to, so can enjoy the beach. I had about ten sessions to be completely hair free, but I do occasional top ups now.
  15. Can I add you as a friend, would love to see photos. Dr T is my second choice after Dr M.
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