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  1. Green juices! They work wonders honestly! I have a very weak immune system and since having a green juice everyday I haven't been sick all winter! And maybe an immune system booster as well just ask your local chemist. Good luck
  2. Hey lil_hilz, I had an ultra sound last week and it's just a build up of fluid they said it's pretty common and because it had only been 2 weeks since surgery that your body could absorb it itself but it's been a month tomorrow and it's still there's so I'll have to go back to the GP and look at getting it drained. Annoying but has to be done! How are you going with piac?
  3. Sorry to hear this! I hope you can sort out what it is soon! You need to keep on top of PIAC I found a lump last week under my breast and it took them a good few days to reply! Let us know what they say
  4. Thanks for your replies Just had an unltra sound and it's fluid collection. I'm just under 3 weeks post op so hopefully the surgeon will say to just leave it and see if it resolved itself. Everything has been smooth sailing until now but it's good to know it's only fluid!
  5. So I had BA through PIAC 2 weeks ago and so far have been happy with my results. Last night I discovered a lump under my right implant it's not painful and it's not hard looks like it may just be fluid, I emailed PIAC straight away who have only just replied advising I need to go and get scans to detect fluid collection and if this is the case have it drained. Has anyone else had this same problem before?? It's a bit worrying..
  6. Hey scoopie, Ahh so you have a fair bit of time over there by the sounds of it.. Is the 7 days in patong before your surgery? If I had that much time I would go back to phi phi that place is amazing! It's for everything you want shopping, good resturants and bars I went these for a couple of nights before surgery and didn't want to leave! Karon beach is only about 10 minutes from patong, it is a lot quieter and had a few beach front resturants etc but we spent so much time in our resort we didn't do too much exploring around Karon itself. Where are you staying in patong?
  7. Hi Mari, I can't ell with the BL side of things but I just had a BA with Dr V 2 weeks ago and am very happy with the results so far! He is a great surgeon all the work I have seen from him has been amazing. Send me a FR if you like I have a few pics up
  8. No worries gabby1! Nice, we stayed at Karon beach also at a great resort called horizon beach resort it was amazing! Staff were so accommodating and the hotel was just overall very relaxing!
  9. Hey scoopie, Yep I went with dr V, he did an awesome job pretty damn happy with them so far! Recovery has actually been so good I prepared myself for the worst and if I knew it was this easy I would have done it years ago! Although I think going over makes a huge difference. I see you want to stay at a few different places, do you know roughly what areas you want to stay? My friend and I stayed at a place called horizon beach resort on Karon beach it was amazing! The staff were so lovely and accommodating and the pricing was great. We gr buffer breaky and dinner every night (was sick of it by the end) but such value for money and very relaxing!
  10. Thanks! yeah I'm pretty damn happy with them so far and they just keep changing everyday! I don't feel like they are very big but when I tried my clothes on earlier today... Wow. I think I may need a new wardrobe haha! But I totally agree it's the best decision I have made for a while and money well spent. I will keep popping photos up as they progress you do they same they look awesome
  11. Hey, Yep pics are working now! Yours look great! What size did you get? And are they round or tear drop?
  12. Hi Gabby, There isn't really a great deal of accomodation options that I saw around the hospital area they do allow you to rent a bed and he can stay in the room with you? How long did they say your stay would be for your surgeries?
  13. Hi boomerang, I also just recently had surgery with dr V and got Tear drop 445cc over the muscle which is the complete opposite to what I had in mind but similar to tayden he did make a good point whilst explaining everything to me. I was a bit hesitant about tear drop as I had my heart set on round but I'm pretty happy with the results so far and it's only been 10 days. Send me a FR if you like I put some photos up tonight
  14. Hey scoopie, I just had surgery 10 days ago at piac and they were pretty good! My cousin also had BA on the same day with dr Boonchai and absolutely loves here already so you are in great hands! How exciting for you!
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