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    Looking to get a BA in thialand around October 2014!

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  1. $394us, worked out being approx $450au i got the lowest cover for ba and bl xx
  2. I have gps, I leave Friday, surgery monday. Hopefully I wont need to claim!
  3. Im wondering this too! I have had a catheda before in another operation on my stomach, had it for a day or so. Was so good not having to get up to go to the toilet but getting it removed was pretty uncomfortable but I had no problem going to the toilet afterwards, I felt when I needed to go just like normal once it was out. Hope this helps! xx
  4. Hi thanks for your review! Im having surgery with dr piyapas 13th october, so nervous! Glad to hear everything went so well for you second time round. Good luck for the rest of your recovery! xx
  5. Im getting a ba and bl by dr piyapas 13th oct, ill hopefully post my experience afterwards so excited haven't heard anything bad about him yet! xx
  6. Lilalovsu


    I just purchased gps too, lots about them on this forum, I feel its worth it just for piece of mind xx
  7. I have the same issue, thai dollars are getting more expensive, my op is in oct, probably going to transfer money a week or so before, I have read that travelex online is one of the cheaper ways to exchange money rather than at the airport/through the bank because there is no commission. You just order it online and pay bpay and pick it up at the airport im getting ba and bl with dr piyapas although ive already paid half deposit so only have to pay 120,000 + extras when I get there. Hope this helps xx
  8. Im currently a 12 a/b hoping to become a full c/small d. Im assuming my surgeon will tell me the correct cc to get me there but im thinking around the 400 mark because im 5'9". But seriously have no idea! Haha what are you other girlies hoping to get? xx
  9. Hey! Im booked in with Dr Piyapas at bangkok hospital phuket. Consult 12th and surgery 13th october for BA and donut lift! Im so excited! Going with my boyfriend, staying at the kee resort for first 2 nights then staying at sea pearl villas resort post op excited to share the journey with you girls!
  10. Hi, just sent you a friend request. I'm booked with dr piyapas oct14 for BA and donut lift. Super excited/scared! Not sure what size to go etc. but I'm sure he will recommend me a size! Just wondering how you went with your tuberous breasts? He said I had grade 2 ptosis but I think I have tuberous breasts. I'll ask him when I get there but yeah just wondering if he explained it to you or you knew you had them already? Thanks :)

  11. Hi :) just sent fr, hoping to get a ba in October! Not sure if I have tuberous breasts or not... xx

  12. Hi I just sent a fr. Definately not a guy. Hopefully getting my boobs done in October! xx

  13. Hi girls, just found this post, I'm new to the forum. Just had my evaluation back from dr piyapas, I need a round block lift with my augmentation. Just wondering how you are all going and what lift you had to get? Thanks
  14. Hi, I just received my evaluation from dr piyapas today, he has recommended I get a round block lift with my BA. Just wondering how your procedure went? If you decided to go with the lift or not? Thanks
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