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  1. We have some amazing calibre of surgeons in Perth you are very lucky to be here. I had mine through Tony Connell and was extremely happy with the entire process. It's a personal choice, I'd book a couple of appointments and go from there!
  2. I had assymetry prior to BA which was in my opinion slight but ended up being bigger than I realised, I got 295cc and 325cc respectively. They are smack bang on size now, one nipple is slightly lower than the other though.
  3. So interesting, whilst TC uses anatomicals mostly he does and will use rounds.
  4. Did you end up emailing Tony about it? Depends on what you were wanting to do with a barbell but yes that is fairly light go with what feels right and reasonable in your recovery. I took it a little slower than his list as that felt right for me! How did you get on with your surgery Honeybee?
  5. I had the Amoena bra mentioned above and it was only firm-ish for the first 3 days before the swelling eased enough that it was really comfortable. As to size, you could be any size really, I have 295cc and Measure a 10D
  6. Well they look fantastic and are already getting a great shape to them, I wouldn't anticipate that a quick dropping will result in problems later!
  7. I think by 1 week it was much more comfortable and by 2-3 weeks I didn't have morning boob anymore. Sleeping as upright as possible helped, I kept onto of pain relief before bed and had some as soon as I woke too. I was just using nurofen though no endo.
  8. Usplusthree


    I have 295 and 325 cc and very happy with them, in some ways they look smaller since D&F and in others bigger. It's weird.
  9. I went anatomicals moderate profile. I had VERY little breast tissue around my entire breast, not just upper pole and my surgeon felt that anatomical would provide the best outcome for me. He deals mostly with anatomicals but does put rounds in where he feels it more appropriate.
  10. Hi Hey there, send me a FR if you have not already. I had very deflated A cup breasts after breastfeeding my 3 babes. I am a very small frame and wanted a natural looking C-ish cup to suit my frame. Tony used the anatomical implants on me, 295 and 325cc to correct my asymmetry. I'm very happy, measuring a 10D now. I had anatomicals used for my surgery. He does use rounds as well as anatomicals so if he has suggested one over the other for you I would trust that this is to achieve what you are wanting as a result. this was something I asked at my consult as I didn't want him to be recommending an implant to me based on that being the only one he uses.
  11. Ofcourse! Hope you go well today! How exciting!
  12. I think the way he has gone about it is VERY unprofessional, asking for a selfie?!?!?! WTF!
  13. hey there - I've accepted your friend request. Check out mine, I was 54kg, 165cm height and an A cup (I think I had 85ml breast tissue in one side and 110ml on the other). I got 295cc and 325cc to even out the asymmetry and have an awesome 10D now, I think they look like a 12C cup. Responded above love, what was the vectra imaging like? Tony tends to work off what looks correct anatomically. You may measure bigger with implants of that size but LOOK like a C cup. Hope you went well today Louboobs!
  14. If you have correctly communicated to him what you want to end up with, and you have communicated with him and worked to this final 335 size with the full projection then I would have confidence in it. I am a post op patient of his and extremely happy. I trust his opinion and felt confident that he had exactly the same thoughts as I did for what I wanted to end up with. If you are both on the same page then it will be fine, but if you have not communicated with him properly then I'd request another consult with him to ease your concerns.
  15. Yes! Morning boob is a THING! Stay as upright as you can for a while, it does help!
  16. I didn't do much with mine for the first 6 weeks, then I increased the amount I did and how much access I let my husband have. Massaging is different to what a sexual encounter will involve so I'd go with what you feel comfortable and ready for.
  17. Her surgery can't have been much more than 8 weeks ago - she looks fantastic for so close after such a huge surgery. I thought they looked great!
  18. Hope you were all good and went in today without issue!
  19. You had 300cc put into each breast and you think it looks the same as before?! I'd say you need to look at your before photos hun. I have 295 and 325cc implants on my frame and only had an a cup to begin with, I've gone up to a 10D and love them! I'm a slight figure and didn't want too bg!
  20. Hey there, I lost feeling in both of my nipples for the first 2 weeks, then week 3-4 was excruciating nerve regeneration and since then its been a loss of feeling but I have sensation. It's a weird feeling I must say. I'm now 9 months post op and I don't know maybe this will be it or maybe I'll get more down the track.
  21. I think it comes down to pain threshold but also placement, under muscle has nothing to do with the skin and everything to do with the muscle having been cut and placed over an implant and therefore stretched.
  22. Most surgeons I phoned did the procedure in day surgery and you go home that day, I wanted to stay overnight so sought out a surgeon that had this as well as a surgeon who had an awesome reputation, obviously!
  23. If you get a medicare item number for something, which if something goes wrong you would I *think* medicare cover 75% of the scheduled fee for the doctor and anaesthetist and private would cover the relevant hospital fees and the other 25%. I think that's how it works. I'm still rather confused on it all myself. We have private for many reasons so it was just a perk with the procedure.
  24. I suggest you call and ask your surgeons office directly. I was nervous about a range of meds and vitamins given the comments on here but when I spoke with the surgeons office they only wanted me to avoid fish oil as this thins the blood. Everything else was fine at the levels you take them.
  25. I know some one who saw Dr Kailis years ago, she's extremely happy with them and thought the entire process was very cruisy. I do know that he has a reputation for putting larger implants in, if that's what you are after then I would definitely seek a consult with him!
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