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    Having a BA. Thought about it for years and finally taking the leap. Super excited (& nervous). Currently small B cup, wanting to go full C / small D.
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    Dr Kwok, 6/6/14
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    150 cm, 53 kg, 34B

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  1. Hi there, I'm happy to share my photos if you would like to send me a friend requst. V happy with Dr Kwok's work so far
  2. Hi there From memory TCI referred me yo the Facebook page for images. I am 4 days post op wot Dr Kwok and could not recommend him enough. I did 275cc behind the mmuscle, textured, round. Still quite swollen and a little tight but already I am so happy. The size looks exactly what I wanted (taking swelling into consideration). It really felt like such a breezy procedure from consult right through to now. I've been meaning to upload some pics, I'll do it today feel free to send me a friend request to view them :-)
  3. Hi Kaaycee, that's exactly how I feel too, just like a big gym sesh. Haven't had much pain at all, as soon as my painkillers start to wear off its about time to Tak e more anyway so am keeping them topped up! Not sleeping great as am so afraid of rolling over, I never sleep on my back, especially elevated. Glad you are happy w size. I'm a bit worried mine are too big, even taking swelling onto consideration. Haven't taken off the bra yet! Will upload pics tomor. Hope you get some sleep and we all continue to breeze through this :-) x
  4. Have a fab time in Bali, v jealous :-)
  5. Congrats! I'm the same slept so good last night and no nerves this mor. Can't believe how well it all went. Hope everyone's recovery goes well x
  6. Yay! So happy for you! I went bigger today 275cc. Think it was a good decision! So excited to see them in a few weeks not so swollen. My surgery was a breeze. Slight discomfort and nausea after but I'm so happy :-)
  7. Best of luck Kaaycee & Vivian (& anyone else today). I'm ready to go in. Bring on the boobs! :-)
  8. Yes, I heard that is the biggest regret too. Love that you seem to have a good relationship with your PS to make that decision. I'm going to contact mine again to try one size bigger
  9. This is awesome, thank you! Sorry I am not on this often so struggle to catch up with all the threads. Best of luck to everyone this month. Sooo exciting! x
  10. Good luck! Hope it all goes well
  11. Thanks Lillyw11, I did the rice sizers at the weekend and felt 250cc was as big as I wanted to go. Will do again tonight. I don't know my BWD but I can email the Dr to find out. Thanks
  12. Sorry, I've missed a lot of this thread over the last few days so just catching up. Had my consult with Dr Kwok this morning and I am even more excited now! He was very helpful and explained everything clearly to me. He seemed to know exactly what I wanted and was on the same page with me with regards to round, textured, behind the muscle etc. Only thing was I said I didn't want to go larger than 250cc. I tried on 240cc and looked good but he said (and my friends have told me this too) that a lot of patients are sorry that they haven't gone bigger once its done. Wondering if I should go bigger or stick with the 240cc. Agghhhh!!!
  13. Hi All, had my consult with Dr Kwok this mor and surgery booked in for this Friday. He was great this morning, very friendly, patient and seemed to completely understand the look I am going for. Will update after Friday
  14. Hi Zara111. Do you mind me asking what size you were pre op? I am a B cup and am opting for 240cc. I want to be a full C / small D cup as I am quite petite but I am starting to wonder if that is big enough for me. Thanks
  15. Hi PCOTP, I have sent you a FR, hope that's ok. I'm a June girl too, would love to follow how you go next week and beyond! :-)

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