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  1. Hiya Auds, aww. That' sucks hey. Yeap unfortunately your $20k will not cover everything you need because you're 100% right, hospital fees are an absolute killer! .. esp private hosp bed fees range from $1k up out of pocket esp if you don't have private health.and even if you do opt for private health, you have the 1year waiting period to satisfy. Sucks hey. Possibly the $20k you have would most like only cover tt or ba with hosp fees. So basically one or the other? ... Have you tried looking oseas like Thailand ?.. Holla
  2. Hi aph, who is dr t?... Yeah u.s would be great lol.. Would be great if anyone on here who have had this procedure done could reply if it's really worth it. And yep I was the one who had the consult with dr Webster two years ago lol. His next appointment for consult avail is in Jul ugh.
  3. Am scoping out for Great PS who does great mummy makeover, aswell as fat transfer to buttocks. Was going to go to Vlad Milovic but he opts for buttlift and no fat transfer, Dr Richard Bloom is basically the same. help!?
  4. Hi guys, have been researching a lot on the net and on real.self and have discovered a lot of people fly over to D.R for their surgeries.... Has anyone in here been or know of anyone who has??
  5. Hiya Aphrodite! ...sorry as in the buttlift as in normal procedure where the cut into and lift right up vs the fat transfer method. I too liked the sound of this and another high profile surgeon in California Dr Repta who also recommends this method to increase buttock volume and in my case to reduce pear shape that I can improve on you know? ... But talking to Dr milovics team they go against it saying a lot of patients have gone thru the fat transfer method and have been left unhappy in the end because the lift doesn't last?? Prefers to give the buttlift via surgery method to give the patient better value for money and what not. Oh gees, and this is what I was worried about. 2 top notch surgeons in Aus who are also internationally well recognized but with totally different views and methods. Webster however was always classed as the top end in terms of price where as milovic I see on the 26th of this month. Ugh. Here we go hey :$ And hey Aph, Dr Webster didn't mention the longevity of the fat method ...
  6. hi guys, quick one, what does every one recommend (who have already have), have originally wanted a fat transfer for buttocks as per 1st consult with Dr Howard Webster, however going for my next consultation with Dr Vilad Milovic who opts for the traditional butt lift method. anyone out there able to help me please!! .. Cheers,
  7. Heya Aphrodite! thanks!! I'm trying to see if I can get an appointment with Dr vlad here in Melbourne..... Richard bloom hmmmm Kool...arc is more on the high end price side I'll see ...how you going you had procedures?
  8. Hi guys. Am from Melbs and wondering if I could pick your wealthy knowledged brains for a reputable Ps, who can perform tum tuck,thigh lift, arm lift, breast lift, butt lift..and with the butt lift I prefer the fat transfer method rather than traditional as I heard is better. Did have a consult with Howard Webster in hawthorn 2years ago he was good, price wise was lookin at $35k+... Just wanted to get a 2nd op and 2nd look at $$$ lol. Any feedback and suggestions is very much appreciated. Cheers!
  9. Hi there! I'm from melbs too (south east) and I was meant to post on the forum here aswell asking along the same lines lol. Not so much for a MM but similar. Tummy tuck,arm lift, thigh lift, butt lift & breast lift yikes! I had a consultation with dr Howard Webster in Hawthorn and he was great, but very pricey $35k+ for two sessions. Who did you consult with? I just needed recommendations for another ps to get another opinion and options $$$. An if there are other ps out there who do the fat transfer to the buttocks rather than the traditional method, cos I want the fat transfer method lol. Hoping I can get my $$$.funding soon so I needed to get a wriggle on the forum lol... I'm 35 btw and needed all this work done after weight loss and now battling the constant annoyance of excess skin :s
  10. Hey Pagey, hoping all went well with your confrontation email? Always sucks to hear 'gone wrong' stories when these kinds of experiences should be one of the biggest and best of them all. God Bless.. XXX
  11. Heyyyy oldmesurgery! Apologies for the late reply I never got this on my notifications ...and yes you're right I think? I was quoted around $35k for what I needed and howard's assistant tracey recommended I get $40k :s !!!!! Yikes man, have to win the lottery for that Lolllll! ...hence why I'm having trouble still with funds :$ how are you going with it all and you too Mezzy! Keep us posted :)
  12. Hey Mezzy! . Oh gosh I just saw this apologies! Lol. So you saw Craig R? How did you go? Aww still questions? Did he not answer all of them? Bugger! ..I've not heard of Southwick though but good luck! Unfortunately buddy like Dr Webster said to me we have to try and establish or get a good understanding of having scars as a small part of our lives when going thru something as huge as our desired surgery. I know it's hard trust me, I failed and know first hand cos I asked my poor mum to help me take a loan out for all methods non invasive such as iothermine and laser gadgets to Try and rid all my excess skin after weight loss and guess what? After $$$$ later, I failed miserably! ....nothing can rid and reshape to my goal body and the one I deserve without invasive surgery but it's soooooo expensive :'( lol. My downfall atm is funding for it, I did hear about maccredit but hear their interest rates are good golly miss Molly but then again I don't know. Hope you're going well and that your thoughts and concerns are at ease now??? ..holla back girl
  13. Hi girls just wondering how you all went with your loans and if you ended up having your surgeries..... Maccredit....do they loan out to ppl with not so great credit history...and if $30k+ is like suicide? Lol
  14. Hey gang any recommendations on highly recommended PS for BA BL TT TL rhino on the side as a whole In the Melbourne area? Also good on pricing with good rep as well. Any pics too please. God bless, Liv
  15. Oh gosh...sorry for the repeat question I asked Lolllll
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