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  1. I am also in WA and 3 weeks post op, my surgeon is Dr Tim Cooper. He has done wonders with my post 3 babes deflated chest! So happy, I have 375cc full height, full projection anatomical implants. Recovery has been great, enjoy this exciting time!
  2. Hey thank you! I am feeling more at ease today, just so worried about doing too much ( 3 kids and all!) how has your recovery been??
  3. Hi all, had my surgery yesterday at 1.30pm, woke up terrible, vomiting and bad nausea! Also think I was dehydrated.. Ended up staying overnight and came home this morning. Aside from all that I love my results already, perfect size and nice shape too. Fair amount of discomfort in chest, I am paranoid of a hematoma but just being silly..
  4. Good luck for your surgery today!!!

  5. Hi all, 5 more sleeps! Have been so busy with getting organised for Friday.. Lots of cooking done for freezer, starting to really sink in now! I also have been getting on top of a head cold, downing vit c and lots of water. Good luck to all girls this week
  6. Anatomical implants are a fair bit more $$ I too need anatomicals and paid $1320 for each implant! That might be where the increased quote has come from.
  7. What size? I am interested!
  8. Anyone have a list of things to do before BA?? I want to make some freezer meals for our family and have a mini spring clean, 3 young kids and a puppy there is always something that needs cleaning up. Need it order post op bra, Vit c and zinc tabs and pay balance for op this week. Totally of topic but we are buying a computer this week, want to go back to a desktop and leaning towards imac anyone have one??
  9. Thank you all for the input, made up my mind today to stick with 390's and just be done with doubting every little thing! I am so excited / nervous for my BA!
  10. Thank you all for the input, made up my mind today to stick with 390's and just be done with doubting every little thing! I am so excited / nervous for my BA!
  11. I too received a dr's certificate as hubby can get 5 days carer's leave. I am having a little panic about the 390 high profile anatomicals will be too big!! So hard to know.. I do trust my surgeon but I don't want my BA to be noticeable as I live in small country town! I am ordering post op bra next week, any recommendations?
  12. Thanks for all the replies. Feeling better about things this morning, I had 2 comments from friends yesterday saying wow that's big! But I know the surgeon decided on that size for a reason. I am getting high profile.
  13. Thank you, I have a fair amount of breast tissue but it has lost ALL volume from breast feeding 3 babies. I know I want to be able to put on clothes and not be all boob, I think I need to trust him! I had option of 370 or 390 I think I may call tomorrow and go with 370!
  14. Hi I am having my BA on the 31st oct, I am 59kg 171cm. I am worried 390 allergan anatomicals (dual plane) are going to be too big!! I want to have a natural look and my surgeon is very supportive and conservative in sizing but just freaking out that lots of people will know I have had a BA ( small town, know everyone!) I have my pre op in my gallery if anyone has similar stats can you reassure me?
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