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    Breast augmentation
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    Dr Pongsatorn Sept 25th 2014
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    157cm, 55kg, 12B pre-op, hoping for D post op
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    Special needs education support

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  1. I'm booked in to have my BA sept 25th. We fly to phuket Sept 22nd. When are you going?
  2. Can you take different colored/cuts tops to try on with sizers at the appointment? Has anyone done this? Or is it common practice?
  3. That is a great suggestion, but The closest city to me is 6 hr drive away I think I'll have to risk it & wait to see Dr jib. From what I have read he is very conservative tho. Which does concern me. I'm only 55kg & wear a 10\12 B (which I don't fill very well at all) & I'm hoping to go to a full D, which is what I was whilst breast feeding. Brighteyes I can't wait to read how yours went!! It is so close! Mine feels forever away.
  4. Hi, I'm new here I'm having surgery in Phuket by Dr pongsatorn (aka Dr Jib) sept 25th. I'm wanting to know if anyone on here has had him as a surgeon? Also what amount of time do you spend with him for the first consultation? I'm worried it will be all rushed & I don't want that!! Thankyou I'm so excited but scared at the same time. I have a million questions!!
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