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  1. Thanks melbba☺ hopefully some other girls can get some postive out of my negative experience, it wouldn't be a complete loss then i guess. Its so weird cause im normally like that 2! I originally wanted 2 go with dr. Tavakoli but heard so many good this about TCI and like you, couldnt find a bad review so i thought i'd be fine! thank God you were smarter than me, my boob greed just kicked in early lol
  2. Thanks hun. Your in such good hands, a few of my girlfriends have used tavakoli one was pretty complicated and needed fat grafting to her sternum to lessen the gap or something and hers look ahhhmazing! You will be fine hun, hes amazing ☺☺
  3. Thanks for the support girls! I wasnt going to write anything about it cause i was so embarrased but its so unfair for girls considering going with them, i think they need ALL the facts before making a decision if i knew all the facts before i honestly wouldnt have used them. Oh well coulda, shoulda, woulda..didnt😧 expensive lesson to learn i guess! I was 6 weeks post op (revision) on Friday, tci emailed me to try get me to come in for a checkup, I'm not even going to bother. I havent seen a plastic surgeon yet, i want to organise consults with Dr tavakoli and Dr Miroshnick. Argh so frustrating!
  4. Yea i figured they would have covered their asses 😧
  5. Omg, thats exactly what they do! First time i met him he was amazing, then when my revision was coming up and i didnt know wht was happening i wanted to see my surgeon before i had my op, they managed to fit me in for a consult 2 days before and then on the day called me to try and cancel it cause dr tang was sick, i said no as i was nervous and wanted to know what was going to happen and when i had my consult with him he seemed pissed and rushed me out within 5 minutes! If your booked in with a plastic surgeon hun you should be fine, it will always be a risk but your definately reducing the risk by using someone more trained and qualified. Just pick your surgeons brain apart, and if all you feel on the day of your op is nervous that's totally normal! ☺
  6. not unwelcome at all girls, its just other peoples experience. I think its important to know. I'm glad your ops went well for you ☺ but people just need to know the facts, all of them be it good or bad.
  7. Thanks hun, not fun especially when you have kids and recovery is much harder when you have to look after them. I waited i think 7 months before doing the revision when he told me i need revision for my left he said come back in 3 months. 3 times 2 do my boobs is crazy! Im so pissed off with myself for ever using them, im normally so much smarter than that i just got so excited 😩
  8. If i can spare just 1 person from the embarrasement, shame and disgust i feel caused purely from using this clinic then thats enough for me. I know plenty of people are happy, and every surgeon has bad reviews but this is my experience and the purpose of this forum is too help eachother out. If you haven't had your surgery yet, or are thinking about booking in with them i urge you to reconsider!! Before i went through with my op, i used this forum 2 find out if anyone was 1 year post op and happy with their results, no one responded. Should have been my first clue. Unfortunately i was to eager 2 get boobs i dismissed it. I was nieve and remember thinking "they do this everyday, they will know what they are doing, every surgeon has good/bad reviews (even though there were no bad reviews at this point, that should of been clue #2) and they wouldnt be in business if they weren't good." Everything i tried to convince myself not 2 be worried about came back to bite me in the ass. I had my surgery in Nov last year, my right implant was too high, i had a revision to just drop my right implant, sounds simple enough right? Apparently not. My right implant is now to low and looks deformed, my boobs are really obviously lop sided u can notice it in a singlet! I went back for my post op checkup and i was told i need 2 drop my left implant 2 match my right..i had no intention of using these idiots again, so i told them what i thought of them and i left. The past 3 days my scar has been aching and burning, right boob is looking deformed and im pretty sure its either infected or in the early stages of bottoming out. Its destroyed my confidence, my husband hasnt even seen my boobs since ive re done them! im so embarrased, i feel disgusting i really just want to get them taken out. Honestly ladies, They are great up until something goes wrong. I get it might not go wrong for you, but it could. How eager do you think you'll be for summer when your boobs are lopsided? I wont even get a spray tan because im that paranoid about it. I know every op carries risk, but you reduce that risk majorly when you use a plastic surgeon. All im saying is, Don't be fooled by the pristine white walls, friendly faces behind the counter, helpful nurses and informative surgeons, apperances are just that, apperances.
  9. Honeslty hun i wouldnt do it with them! My first op, my right implant was too high went in for revision, that was a miserable fail and waste of money! My right boob now is way 2 low, i went for my post op was told i need another op to drop my left and sometimes 'these things happen'. And just recently my scar has been hurting and burning im pretty sure its infected or is in early stages of bottoming out. They honestly are fucken useless once they've taken your money- the minute you have complications no one wants to be held accountable. Im furious, they expect me to do another op with them!? 3 times 2 do your boobs in less than 1 year! Ridiculous ! Im looking into legal options, but unfortunately i think it will be a dead end. Hopefully girls wake up and stop using these morons, wish i had. Its cheaper to pay more for a PS and do it the right way than it is to get cheap surgery and have it screw up. Ive paid 8k and im looking at close to 18k for a ps to fix their screw up. Cheaper isn't always cheaper ladies 😩
  10. No worries hun, ur in amazing hands with any of those surgeons! Good luck😊😊
  11. Hmmm i dont believe that article because tci don't do reductions or lifts
  12. Top surgeons def dr. Rastogi, dr tavakoli and dr miroshnick Id look in to them😊 Good luck
  13. Hey hun...if ur looking for reviews have a look in the revision forum, i wish someone had of told me that before i went through with mine..there are quiet a few girls in there who have used them and are unhappy..i had my revision with them 6 days ago and i still hate them. They are completely uneven and look ridiculous, honestly i would highly recommend going with a ps first time..im looking at $17,000 with a ps to fix there screw up on top of the $8000 i already spent at tci. Hope all goes well for u, best of luck
  14. yea the same surgeon as both my other ops, im pretty sure they will tell me to wait, its still early give it time blah blah blah...but if it needs revision again, I'll go to someone else Yours arent uneven though hun, they are different shapes at the moment but it just looks like ur left has d&f faster than your right, which is totally normal. I think yours will be fine! You'll see a difference in a few weeks and in a few months they should be perfect
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