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    10aa looking to go full 10c/ 58kgs/ 165cms

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  1. Cool have accepted. I went in thinking The worst pain possible, but once it was done it had hardly any pain at all! Was very suprised it's more just a tight and heavy feeling on your chest
  2. Hi I had surgery with Dr Tang 6 weeks ago. My scars are so thin and I hardly notice them at all! I have some pics in my week 3 album I think. I can put some more recent ones up if you'd like? Feel free to send fr
  3. I'm going well brought my first underwire bra! So much more exciting going bra shopping now. Bras actually look nice. My boobs are atill sitting quite high so have been trying to remember to do my massages more often. Also have to send my 6 week pics to Dr Tang for him to look at. But loving my new additions Glad your recovering well Newbs
  4. Hi there, leaving a FR! x

  5. Hey I went with Dr Tang and am 165cms tall and weigh 58kgs. He also reccomended 345ccs. I'm now 5 weeks po and love them All sizes look so different in each individual person. Feel free to fr if you'd like to see some pics
  6. Thanks feeling better about them now just have to be patient as it has only been 4 weeks since my op haha, me too Leigh will be amazing when they are fully healed. My nipples were so dry and super sensitive!! They have just come right this week, definately keep up the moisturising Leigh, is coconut oil helping? I have some but am unsure whether to use it or not. .
  7. Thanks girls I think it will also make a difference when I am able to wear a bra instead of just crops xx so glad I have this forum xx
  8. Hi ladies, I had surgery with Dr Tang 4 weeks ago. He was amazing and made me feel so comfortable and at ease and answered all my questions. He was also great at recommending a size that would suit my proportions and the 'look' I was after. Feel free to send me a fr if you'd like to ask more questions or have a look at photos
  9. Thanks ladies makes me feel better about them! My dr didn't say I was wide set pre op so I think I just have to give it time while the drop and fluff. I got 345cc unders. My skin is also still quite tight so think that has something to do with it aswell.
  10. Thanks Leigh Yeah I think my skin is so tight still because it has been so stretched. Think I just need to be patient! Haha not one if my best qualities.
  11. Hi girls, I'm currently four weeks po and my my boobs are still sitting quite far apart. I know they still have a lot of changing to do, but do you think the gap between them will get smaller? Will this happen as they drop and fluff? I'm happy with the size if them but just wish they sat a bit closer . . .
  12. Thanks Kim! I will go and see where I can find berlei here Summer is going to be amazing! Finally be able to wear a bikini and feel confident! At the moment I'm a little unsure about my breasts, I know they will still Change but they are sitting a bit far apart and so unsure whether they will Move closer to make the gap smaller. What so you girls think? I've attached a photo :S
  13. I'm one month post op today! Has gone so quickly quite happy with how my boobs are settling and dropping apart from I still have a bit if a gap so I hope as they settle, drop and fluff this decreases I totally can't wait to go and buy bras and bikinis, summer is going to be amazing! Have I try and restrict myself though as I've heard they still Change a lot from week 6(when I'm allowed to wear underwire) till week 12. So will treat myself to maybe 2 or 3 nice underwire bras while they're still changing. Also does anyone know what the best sports bra is? I have the zip front one from cotton on but it's not so supportive when I'm doing lower body work and walking a bit faster
  14. Yayy! So awesome to see everything's pics, they all look so amazing hope your all recovering well and loving your new additions x
  15. Thanks don't know if it's just at the moment when I'm only allowed to wear crops. Hope the get closer, how long did it take until yourselves closer?
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