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  1. Hi guys, Just wondering if any of you came across Dr Guy Watts in your research at all? I'm Melbourne based and considering maybe going to Perth to see him based on no bad reviews and beautiful before and after pictures but there isn't really many reviews on him. TIA
  2. Thanks for your response, very much appreciated. And thanks for clearing that up, my heart sank when I thought I'd gotten all my research, all wrong! Back to the books for me to study up on credentials and their worth! There sure is a lot to take in, and it is such a confusing journey. I'll definitely check out those blogs thanks for the mention!
  3. Edit: Mooney, pincock, marcelles and shahidi are NOT on the ASPS list. I guess that means they are only cosmetic surgeons, not plastic? I'm not sure? The very first thing we learn when considering plastic surgery is to find a board certified plastic surgeon and to steer clear from cosmetic surgeons.....I wonder why so many people rave review these 4surgeons, at least the 3 of them anyway......interesting
  4. Trying to narrow down a short list and figure out who is the best of the best in rhinoplasty Here are the names of surgeons I've compiled from my research. Hoping for input from others, whether that be from personal experience or from your own research. All input appreciated. Also if you think one surgeon is better than the other feel free to rearrange the list. 1. Dr Nettle 2. Dr ****** 3. Dr Mooney 4. Dr Southwick 5. Dr Greensmith 6. Dr Pincock 7. Dr Shahidi 8. Dr Hunt 9. Dr O'keeffe 10. Dr Marcelles Others worthy of a top 10 spot? (Tavokoli? Merten? Holmes? Callan? Webster? Layt? Zacharia?) Any others I've over looked worthy of an investigation? Thanks in advance!
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