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    Rhinoplasty - hump removal, narrowing bridge of nose. Still healing!
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    Andrew Greensmith - January 2017.

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  1. Yeah, I'm with Donatella on this one. Pictures of results is what immediately came to mind. Show him pictures of what the results can look like to show him how great they can look. There are so many great instagram accounts of local injectors with stunning results. He's obviously got a fixed idea of what he thinks will be the outcome (i.e. 'duck lips') - just reassure him that that's not necessarily the case!
  2. This definitely happened to me too! I broke out on my nose so badly as well as getting awful texture. I also broke out in between my brows. As for oil - the oil my skin was producing was insane. This is usual after rhino, rest assured. I'm really big on skin care so it's just been months of obsessively trying everything. The amount of products I've tried and tested to keep it in check is insane. I'm about 10 months post and I'm just now seeing a huge improvement in my skin. It's a long process, but it will get better, trust me! What worked for me was: Benzoyl peroxide (honestly this is an absolute lifesaver). I put it on as a leave on treatment before bed and it helps dry out pimples by morning Formula 10 Acne Blemish treatment is also another great one for drying out pimples. Witch Hazel toner Mario Bedescu drying mask + clay masks in general are great as a lot of the whiteheads you're seeing are from congested pores. And for texture AHA's are great. I've been using the Mizon 8% peeling serum and it's been working wonders. Also it's super affordable and accessible (Mecca stocks it). Paula's Choice also does a great one. Also serums are also great at dealing with texture + dry patches. Plus after using a lot of the products above your skin will be dry it will need the moisture! Again, the above worked for me, but everyone's skin is different.
  3. I don't think so. I would actually say that $12k is on the lower side of what is to be expected in Australia. Her budget is pretty realistic. Also I wouldn't recommend going to someone just because they are cheaper. Looking for a good surgeon is more important than looking for a cheap surgeon.
  4. Honestly after my rhinoplasty nothing worked for me like Vaseline did. As I wasn't able to breathe from my nose for about 2+ weeks my lips got super dry - never been so dry in my life! But Vaseline came through for me. Also it's what you leave the hospital with, so I guess they know what they're doing.
  5. Dr. Greensmith is in Melbourne @Rippy. Yes, the $15-16k figure is with everything included. Here's a break down of my costs with Greensmith: Surgeon's fee (rhinoplasty and septoplasty): $10,758 (he initially quoted me $11,758 but he personally took $1k off his fee before rebate) Hospital fee: $2,731 Anaesthetist fee: $1,800 TOTAL = $15,289 And that's all out of pocket with no private health insurance. Sorry I can't remember the exact medicare rebates. But the total above is minus all rebates.
  6. I used to order off boohoo all the time and you just have to hope for the best really because their sizing is so unpredictable I would just upsize because better a little loose than too tight. One thing for sure though is to always down size in their shoes. Without fail your normal aus size will be too big.
  7. Wow that price just seems crazy to me. Even Greensmith who isn't necessarily considered the cheapest is a good 5-6k cheaper. Have you looked into him? I had my surgery done by him and am pretty pleased with the results. He's definitely conservative but he achieves a natural look. Also I second the Dr Nettle suggestion. I looked into him for a good while before I went with Greensmith. He seems to have a great reputation online. His before and afters are certainly encouraging.
  8. I second @imperfectly_lou about the two weeks. I had my cast on for 10 days and had to tape my nose for 3 days after that. I had minimal bruising that was gone way before my cast came off so didn't need to cover anything up with makeup when I went out on day 13.
  9. Greensmith goes for very conservative and natural results. I'm pretty happy with my results - if what you want is improvement, he'll give you that. Nothing drastic - it'll be your nose, but better.
  10. Maira

    Eye creams

    Okay I've got a little list for you as I've been on an under eye skincare kick since about last year and have tried a handful of things. In terms of dryness nothing has worked as well for me as 100% virgin coconut oil has. Put the tiniest amount on your under eye area at night time and you'll feel the difference in the morning - I used to do this everyday but now I only do it 2-3 times a week. As for eye creams I've tried 4 just in the last year and my fave two are: Origins A Perfect World For Eyes eye cream - this one isn't necessarily mindblowingly moisturising but its what I use under makeup. I pop some on right before I put on my makeup and my concealer sits really well on top. Benefit It's Potent eye cream - this one is a bit thicker and lovely and moisturising for the under eyes. I use this one twice a day. Also in terms of good hydrating concealers - have you tried the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer? Cheap and works great.
  11. Maira

    Jan group

    Thank you so much for your words @NJoy. Honestly, the only thing that's giving me confidence right now is others telling me that they or someone they know had a similar experience. ^ This is definitely my mantra! Also @Holly101, where is that sheer bra from? And do they have it in black?!
  12. It's the same argument that men seem to have regarding makeup. Being someone who is an absolute makeup junkie and who genuinely loves the time spent on myself in the mornings putting on makeup I'm just like ... honey, really? You think I spend 30+ minutes putting on makeup in the morning, voluntarily spend hours watching youtube tutorials in my down time, spend hundreds of dollars on makeup (I mean, hello, makeup in Australia is freaking expensive) to get your attention? How ego-centrical do you have to be to think that I live my life to please you? That even a hobby I have revolves around you. Does your rock climbing hobby have anything to do with me? No. Your comic book collection? No. So the $75 of my hard earned money I just spent on highlighter is definitely not for you honey. You've probably never heard of highlighter. Walk right along. The same goes for cosmetic surgery. It's all so personal and about how it makes us feel. I want to take care of myself, be able to make these big decisions in my life, and in the end get the high from knowing that I have done it for me. It's something I'm not happy with about my body and I know if I change it I'll feel good about me. That's what's important to me. Knowing that I have the autonomy to do these things for myself. I am in control of me, not you. As to how I would respond I think I'd be angry. If it's something we had never discussed before/I had expressed no interest in/indicated no insecurity then what right do they have to suggest it? It's just plain rude. It's not hard to be kind, so just be kind.
  13. Maira

    Jan group

    Definitely keep us posted @Theloveofa! Hope all is well. Wow I love your results @NJoy! The size is PERFECT for your frame. Update on my swelling: I currently look like a chipmunk. My cheeks are so droopy and swollen. As for my nose - it looks bloody huge wider than before. But I know it's just the swelling and it'll go down. Although, I'm not going to lie, every time I catch a glimpse of it in the mirror I have a minor freak out like 'what if it doesn't narrow out nicely even after the swelling has gone down?!?!' Narrowing the bridge of my nose was one of the two main goals for my rhino (the other being hump removal) so I'm praying that that's been achieved. As for my hump, I can tell that my nose is now beautifully straight! YAY! I get my bandages off next Tuesday so I'm equally nervous and terrified of that. I almost don't want to look at it after they're off which is what's expected at the appointment. I can imagine being handed the mirror and me responding 'nah, I'm good'
  14. Maira

    Jan group

    Best of luck for tomorrow @DrMGirl2017!
  15. Maira

    Jan group

    The swelling is definitely worse today. My eyes and nose are so swollen. Like you said, I'm just trying to be patient. I'm actually avoiding mirrors as I think focusing on the swelling will get me down. I know this isn't my final look so no need to dwell on it Thank you for your kind words I was knackered the whole night from the GA. From what the girls have been saying on this thread it seems like everyone was able to be up and out a lot faster than me. Although I am only 5'2 and 44kg so that's probably why it hit me so hard. Even had to be given an icy pole like a kid to feel up to leaving haha.
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