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  1. em94, try citi bank, 8.99% interest rate, much better then MAC's (from) 11.99%. MAC credit wont tell you what interest rate youll be paying until you have already applied and get approved for the loan. i was going to go with mac credit but the fact that they wont tell you the interest rate kinda turned me off. Made me think why they were being very hush hush. my advice, do your research!!!!
  2. karababiee go get champix and there is another script for the green too. i know i wont be able to quit alone, ive smoke everyday for the past 8 years..... ive never gone a single day without a ciggie. Next best thing is to quit with the aid of a script, and boobs are my incentive to stick to it!
  3. oh gosh... 2 months before?! im going in Aug and im really worried now haha i turned to just green to try and cut it out slowly slowly but yeah..... ive never had surgery before, not even a broken bone!!
  4. oh my! i smoke too and ciggies, honestly, this is my worst concern!! I have to stop and quit before my ba too, smoking slows done immunity and recovery. So if we dont quit, were a higher risk to infection and slow recovery
  5. zedlet, ive worked in a bank, and you can do the balance transfer although after 12 months they will push up to a high rate, usually 19%, so just be careful and do your research!
  6. Hi Emii, i think im in the same boat as you, your situation sounds exactly like mine. i know what i want and what time-frame, but i keep searching for answers that make me feel ready to book the consult and procedure. No amount of information has settled my nerves, i think its just a personal thing were going through. Maybe were just searching for something to give us the green light, is what im trying to say lol
  7. Mumxofx3 how did you find your consult with Dr Tang? his my first choice at the moment.
  8. kmk227 i think i have boob greed everyday lol. Im very little so im a little worried i wont be able to attain the size/shape that i want, hopefully i wont be limited. Aiming for 400-500cc and with that, as natural as possible:rolleyes: (not that possible going from a deflated B:()
  9. Hi Ladies Just wondering if there are any other very petite women out there who have gone from a deflated B cup to 400cc-550cc? Any issues, complaints, feedback, reviews, regrets? anything helps
  10. Thanks kmk227! its good to hear happy results! tbh im very worried, im a deflated 10B and i used to have bigger boobs but they just all of a sudden deflated as soon as i hit 20yo. So im planning on going a little larger hopefully then usual. Did you find Dr Val comfortable using a 390cc? Was it your choice or did he talk you into this size? I was looking into the 450-500cc =/
  11. Awesome news! Mumxofx3 did you have yours done recently?
  12. Hi again Girls I'm going to book my consultation within the next couple of days , but just before i do, any feedback on the above Drs from TCI? Dr Tang, Val or Ali
  13. Dr Tav is one of sydneys Top BA drs
  14. I've never taken a loan out before and im just a little worried that ill end up getting burnt in the end. I've had a look at ANZ and gone through the personal loan section, they're interest rate is about 14%, a lot lower then MAC's 11% - I'm told though you only find out the interest rate after you've applied with MAC though? - Worried me a little =S
  15. Hi Everyone! My name is Samantha and ive just joined the forum! so if i ask any questions that have already been answered before on this site, sorry! Im 155cm tall, i weigh just under 45kgs and im 23 with a empty 10B I've been wanting to have BA for years now and ive just decided that enough is enough and its time to jump in and get my dream boobs finally. Im going to bali in the next few months and am 100% sure i need them done before i go (getting pretty sick of looking like a 12yo boy in all my photos) So has anybody got any feedback on MAC? I've read all the good reviews but find it a little difficult to believe there is not one bad review and why! I have a couple thousand saved up but need to finance the rest (cannot wait till i save it, itll take way too long) Tossing up between Dr Ali, Dr Tand or Dr Val. Any pro's/con's? Really starting to feel a little light headed from all the information, my partner is very worried and i need all the info i can get to calm him down a little
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