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  1. Oh I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates the Marena bra! Great for compression but so uncomfortable, I think I'll have to fork out and get a Carefix one as I've still got another 4 weeks of wearing it
  2. @kg95 ohh the bonds crop looks so comfy I'll have to get one, I love my calvin klein one and they look similar I went back to work today...so hard to get back into it after 10 days of laying in bed watching tv shows and movies haha and also had my first post op appointment! I'm very lucky and have had an easy recovery this time around (the pain from my first BA was horrible so I was little bit worried), the most painful part of this whole experience for me was getting the tapes on the incisions changed today...I may have nearly screamed
  3. I had my first augmentation done with a cosmetic surgeon because I was too impatient to wait and save for an extra year...ended up spending three times the amount I originally paid because I had to get a revision! (keep in mind revision surgeries are also more expensive than a standard augmentation as it is complicated to fix up someone elses work) Yes there are lots of happy patients from TCI but there are lots of unhappy ones too, there is just such a huge risk that something could go wrong or that you won't get good results. The surgery is not done at a hospital and they don't use general anaesthesia. After going from having surgery with a cosmetic surgeon to a plastic surgeon there is just no comparison between the professionalism and quality of care that you receive It is 100% worth the extra money going to a good surgeon, just keep saving and there are some really affordable ones these days
  4. Omg how horrible @jolive7 I had a similar experience with a GP a couple of years ago when I had my first op, I went to a crappy bulk billing clinic as it was late at night and I was worried about one of my incisions...the GP just shook his head and scoffed and said I was too young to be having a boob job and that I 'had no idea about the risks'. I was in shock at how judgemental he was and left the place not only feeling stressed but I was crying and felt really bad about myself. Some GP's really have no idea what they are talking about and I don't know how they became doctors :/
  5. Me too, even though I wasn't happy with the results from my first op they were still a big improvement from what I had pre op and I never thought it would possible to get my dream boobs but I'm so happy I went through with a revision!! @MissJulie my first op was with a cosmetic surgeon (big mistake haha) so was very cheap, around 6.5k at the time and my revision surgery with a plastic surgeon was about 11k all together so yes a big price difference (although if i went to him in the first place it would have been around 9k) but sooo worth it
  6. @jolive7 gosh they look amazing! you must be very happy I'm pretty sore today but it's still no where near as bad as my first BA! I think I'll have a pretty good recovery. the top of my boobs and nipples are completely numb at the moment. Can't wait to have my first shower tomorrow i'm really enjoying having time off work and relaxing too!
  7. If anyone is interested I have put a pic of my day 1 post op results in the gallery along with a day 1 post op pic of my first BA for comparison, man there is such a difference!
  8. Thank you! Im going to take it very easy and enjoy my time off work haha. even though I've got the high, swollen square boobs at the moment I can tell that they are going to look great and they have so much more definition than the old ones already ? Will post some post ops in my gallery in the next few days ? Also ended up getting 500cc hp (overs) instead of the 450 mod+, Not much difference in size but I'm happy I went that tiny bit bigger. I wanted mod+ but Richard said this brand of hp's have a lower projection than my old HP ones (which I hated because they made my boobs look pointy lol) but the mod+ in this brand and size looked a little bit flat for my body. the 500ccs will give me better cleavage which is what I want ?
  9. Update: had my revision today with Dr rahdon and the whole experience was amazing ? Richard, the anethestist and all the nurses were so lovely and caring and I woke up feeling great and had a very comfortable recovery for the hours following the surgery at the hospital! Pain is very minimal at the moment so I'm really hoping I have a smooth recovery. The whole experience was 100x better than my first BA and I can already tell I will be happy with the results!!!! Also turns out the horrible scar I had was most likely caused by an infection from my first op, I'm so lucky that I was able to get rid of it (unknowingly haha) because the previous 'surgeon' had no idea about it and thought it was just my bodys response to healing lol
  10. Good to hear that everyone went well today! ? I had the most pleasant experience and my surgeon, anethestist and nurses were all wonderful and the actual experience was basically pain free compared to my first BA!! Although a lot could change tomorrow...I'm really dreading the morning boob and sleeping on my back ?? Also ended up going with 500cc hp instead of the 450 mod+! ? My surgeon was going to use the 500 mod+ but he said they looked a bit too flat for me and explained the 500 were just a little bit wider than the 450s which would improve my cleavage and the projection of this particular brand isn't as high as my previous HP implants anyway (I don't really care about projection just cleavage and side boob haha). So happy with how they look so far and I can already tell I'll love them once they are healed ?
  11. There's soo many of us tomorrow hehe good luck everyone
  12. I'm an E so with 330 you would definitely be a D I think, sometimes I wish I went a bit smaller because I know that it would suit my frame better but I really love the size that they are! I'm sure yours will turn out great! And thank you, I'm so excited
  13. Ugh so I've been off Estelle and on femme tab for about 5 days and already have a huge breakout around my jawline for the first time in months ughhhh. My BA revision is tomorrow so hopefully the antibiotics I get prescribed will clear it up looks like I'll be getting a prescription for yaz when I've recovered from my op!
  14. So my surgery is tomorrow now, sooo excited even though I've been through it before I feel so much more comfortable this time and excited to hopefully get the results I've always wanted
  15. I got 445cc! Which was the biggest I could go at the time haha I think that's why I look a bit top heavy sometimes, oh and don't worry I have super short legs too as well as my torso! 330 will be perfect for you I think
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