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    Mummy Makeover! BA, BL and TT!!!
    375cc hp left and 350cc hp right
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    Dr Pornthep - 1st feb 2016
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    172cm, 70kgs currently a saggy10H (not for long!)
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  1. how exciting for you MissEB !!! have you asked to be added to the private forum on fb?
  2. i did! i went thru cosmeditour and had dr pornthep, my experience was amazing. i am now 5 weeks po and am healing really well and back to doing things i was doing pre op
  3. sorry i have been MIA i am back at work now! yeah no props! hayleyjadeqld@hotmail.com
  4. Hi Hayleysangel! How is your recovery going? 

    1. Hayleysangels


      hey hun, 

      recovery is going really well, i am in no pain at all and scars are healing really well.

      i am now back at work full time so have not had a chance to scratch myself since getting home from bangkok lol! 

      thanks for asking :)

    2. MrsA


      Hi Hayleysangel, just wondering if you had to wear an abdominal binder or anything like that for post TT? And if so where did you buy from?

  5. hi ladies, just thought i would touch base and say hi! i am now 3 weeks post op today and feeling fantastic! i got home from bangkok on saturday. i head back to work next tuesday so i have a week at home with the kids and to get them and me back into some kind of a routine lol! everyones pics look great! hope everyone is recovering well and loving their results.
  6. I am now 8 days post op and have been super active since 5 days post op! Lots of shopping and sight seeing!! Hahaha i go back to the hospital on Saturday to get my stitches out.
  7. I went thru cosmeditours and it cost me $12,490 for my mummy makeover, I got approved for finance on xmas eve and then my the second week in January it was all booked in! I had. BA, BL and TT with dr pornthep at BK9 hospital. I have been up sight seeing by day 5 post op! Really cannot fault the experience I have had.
  8. I am now 9 days post op from having my mummy makeover with Doctor pornthep in Bangkok!! I have had amazing results! He really is a genius!!
  9. I am feeling fantastic thank you! I left hospital on Friday and am now at the hotel, I have been out to the weekend markets and been to a strip club and seen a Muay Thai fight! Have been having a great time in Bangkok! Christian arrived in Friday night ... Was so good to see him! We arrive back in Brisbane on the 20th of feb! So still have a lot of sight seeing to do!
  10. Hope everyone is recovering well! All the best to the ladies with upcoming surgeries!! The emotional roller coaster will soon be over! Lol
  11. photos have been updated on my profile guys!
  12. i remember waking up in icu in excruciating pain and my whole body was shaking uncontrollably! i felt something stuck up my nose as well, i remember it hurting whatever it was lol! i have also come out of surgery with a double ear infection! ears feel really blocked and tender.
  13. i am staying for a little longer... my partner christian arrives tonight! i am so excited to see him! we are here in bangkok till the 19th of feb!
  14. hi ladies! i am now 4 days post op and i have to say i feel amazing compared to 2 days ago!! i finally got to have a shower today and wash my hair and put some clothes on! lol i ended up in icu after my op because they have a policy that any surgeries that go for longer then 6 hours are to spend the night in icu. i had a few spews post op and my catheter was removed as soon as i go back to the ward. my canular was also removed due to a blockage. i am just loading photos to my laptop so once that is done i will come back and load a few pics. i think my boobs are looking amazing! so is my tummy! hope everyone else is doing well pre and post op!!
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