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  1. When I was looking at options for my BA, I considered using an agency but when I read some of the reviews of other people that had bad experiences with agency reps that were only available up to the point of getting paid and some people getting dropped at the hospital and the rep never being heard from again and post-op complications where the agencies were of no help at all, I decided the extra cost wasn't worth it if I'd potentially be on my own anyway so I opted to book direct with the hospital myself and honestly I'd probably do it again.
  2. I'm another Dr Pornthep girl that had my surgery at BPK9. Bangkok is fine for hospitals with many great surgeons as long as you look for surgeons that operate at JCI accredited hospitals. I researched all the surgeons I could find on the Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons of Thailand website for ones that were board certified with at least 5-10 years experience in plastic surgery since many have other specialities as well. The hospital was clean, the staff were helpful and friendly and my PS was fantastic. I am extremely pleased with my results almost 2 years post-op now and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to Thailand if I needed something done.
  3. I am a 14 D/DD and got this one from seafolly.
  4. I agree. Probably nothing to worry about but if anything changes quickly, gets darker (ie more blood pooling) or hotter or the lump grows then call your PS again. Otherwise looking good there BB
  5. If you want to do things while you're there its best to do it before the surgery because you might be very sore afterwards and the first 3-5 days you'll be up and about but you dont want to over exert yourself. The pain meds will make you feel like you can do more than you should. Rest is key to a quick recovery. Last thing you want is to pop a stitch or reopen the wound somehow. Haha I had a pedicure and foot massage as soon as I could get free of the IV drip and out the hospital room on my own.
  6. Oh gosh yes. I was so sensitive for the first 4 or 5 weeks high beaming constantly. I eventually resorted to wearing nursing pads over my nips to stop them showing through the bra. They still have a mind of their own with one or the other high beaming for no apparent reason but no where near as bad as immediately postop.
  7. Thing is when implants are new the outer shell is relatively firm so the implant will feel harder in the beginning. Think of a hard rubber ball, when its new, its tough and not very pliant. Over time the ball (and the implant) will soften with more and more movement and compression. For the first 3 months or so I could definitely feel the bottom edge of the implants under my skin on the outer side but now I cannot tell where the implant stops and my natural tissue begins. Oh, and mine are squishy like Donatella's too
  8. Dont worry. They will soften, just be patient and tell hubby not to worry. Mine are unders and softened gradually for the first few months. By around 9 months they were really soft and now they're definitely not hard at all. If you're allowed to massage, keep doing it as I think that helped mine soften up slightly quicker. I did notice though that with my shoulders back, my pec muscle pulls tighter over the implants and that makes them feel harder than when I lean forward and they dangle a bit.
  9. Thats curious unless he has an unusual technique that he uses to close the incision. I had a very flat chest to start with and stitches to close the wound and I had no issues with separation or the skin stretching to hold the 600's I got so 300 seems a little odd. I would definitely query this although some surgeons are known to be conservative with their sizing so as to minimise risk of complications. If he doesn't want to go bigger and you can take a bigger implant you might consider getting a second opinion before you go over.
  10. Breast Width Diameter - The width of the breast pocket/envelope on each side from next to the sternum across to the outer curve of your breast. I have a broad chest so my BWD is quite big (14.5cm R, 16cm L). The BWD usually determines the maximum safe size implant that your PS could fit into you.
  11. When I had mine the costs for the hotel and hospital stay and surgery package costs were exactly the same as originally quoted. The only thing that was different was the cost of the actual implants because I was quoted for 400cc ones and in my consultation Dr P said my BWD was bigger than he had thought from my pictures so we went with the 600cc ones instead. The bigger implants were an extra 30k THB I think (130k up to 160k), somewhere around there but I had already been expecting to need to go bigger so I was prepared for it.
  12. I had Dr Pornthep Pungrasmi at Bangpakok9 hospital for my BA last year. I had a very easy recovery and am still very happy with my results from him. I did my research before my BA and looked at the Thai Board of Plastic Surgeons and there were a few Dr Pornthep's but my Dr Pornthep was the only one certified as a PS at the time. I couldn’t find many reviews of his work but since my BA I've seen a lot of mentions of him so he does seem to be well recommended. BKP9 hospital is away from the nicer side of Bangkok but it was clean and the staff were excellent and the hospital is JCI accredited.
  13. I went to Thailand on my own (Bangkok not Phuket). I booked my flights, hotel and surgery myself. You might have seen most of this before. I think its fairly easy to manage it on your own if you prepare well enough before hand. The Thai people are extremely friendly and helpful so you wont be left fending for yourself. Like HarpersBizzar said prebook your airport to hotel and hotel to hospital transfers. Make sure you have multiple contact numbers for the transport, hotel and hospital that side. I got there and had to wait for the airport shuttle and was unsure of exactly where to meet my contact although it worked out fine in the end after I spoke to an english speaking woman at the hotel who called the shuttle driver for me and got me to the right place. The hospitals and nurses there are top notch and the level of care generally is great so there is nothing much medically to worry about. WiFi access shouldnt be a problem either to stay in touch with those back home. There is often someone at the hospital that will take care of you and take you for the tests and checkups and generally guide you around. Post op you're going to be sore so take it easy. Pick a hotel that has good facilities and services. The pain meds will take the edge off and you'll feel pretty good by the end of the 2nd or 3rd day. By the end of day 3, I was moving around, making myself coffee and going to restaurants for lunch and dinner. By day 5, I went out shopping on my own so it shouldn't be too hard for you. Dont - Do Not - over stress yourself. Give yourself plenty of time to recover even if you feel good. Washing hair yourself might be difficult so think about maybe going to a salon to get it washed. For the first few days make sure you have plenty to entertain yourself in the hotel like books, magazines,movies music etc... Make sure you have sorted out how you're going to pay for everything, whether its credit cards, travel cards or cash and notify your bank ahead of time if you're using credit cards so they don't block the transactions. Decide if you'll take over dollars and change the money there or do it before hand (I did 50/50 before and after I got there) so you get good exchange rates. Oh and one last thing, you should get a letter saying you're fit to fly from your PS/PIAC. The airline might want to see it if they know you've had surgery. On the trip home and for a couple weeks after avoid lifting or dragging anything heavy including luggage so you don't hurt yourself. Good luck.
  14. I think I was at about 6-8 weeks when mine started softening after all the swelling went down and I got out of the mama bras. By about 6 months I couldn't feel the implant edges anymore. They're so soft and like butter now and feel amazing so you'll get there soon enough.
  15. Thank you T-Star You'll be in good hands for sure. At almost 14 months post op I'm still very very happy with my results and have had zero issues at all. Good luck hun. Wishing you all the best when you get yours done.
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